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Assistance programs in Anne Arundel County.

Find help with paying bills in the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County area. Low income families, military member/veterans, and others can get financial assistance with their housing costs (rent, mortgage, or security deposits), grants to pay electric bills, free food, and more. Get financial help near you in Anne Arundel County.

The government programs, charities, and even churches offer financial help or free stuff to low-income households as well as parents, even including free daycare vouchers or grant money. There are a wide variety of financial stability resources as well, whether that is budgeting or debt payment help, grants to help pay medical bills, or something else, the goal is long term stability.

Grants and financial help from Community Action Programs

Get information on various programs that can provide help and access to assistance. Once place to turn to is the Anne Arundel Community Action Partnership EOC, Inc.

  • Housing, mortgage, and rent assistance is offered. If you are facing an eviction, foreclosure, or need housing help, the agency provides access to several services and resources. Those families or individuals who are facing evictions from their apartment or home, who are undergoing mortgage defaults or a foreclosure, someone interested in reverse mortgages (62 & older) or even a first time homebuyer can get access to housing assistance programs.
  • They can explore their options with free HUD Certified Housing Counselors. The counselor can provide access to rent programs, mortgage assistance, and foreclosure help, including Maryland foreclosure mediation programs. Grants and loans can help pay for housing in Anne Arundel County.
  • Free debt and credit counseling is for long term success. The Anne Arundel Community Action Partnership EOC, Inc offers programs that people can use to get out of debt, pay car loans and other bills. For those people who are unfamiliar with finances and budgeting, counselors that provide advice and hugely beneficial. They provide assistance with the process.




  • Income tax filing help is arranged. In addition, filing state of MD and federal taxes can be challenging, and it is important to understand, file, and properly prepare tax documents. The process can be burdensome and complicated. Read more on Maryland free credit counseling.
  • Heating and energy bill programs include payment plans and government grants. Families who are struggling with paying heating and energy bills have several options for financial assistance.
    • Fuel Fund - This program will help individuals and families pay their heating and energy bills. The goal is to help keep people warm, safe, and cool, and also their homes well lit. Many people can receive aid, but the fuel fund focuses on people with disabilities, seniors on fixed incomes, individuals and families that may barely be making a living earning the minimum wage. Substantial aid is also available for those people who have lost their job, are faced with imminent job losses, hospital bills or medical emergencies, and many others. In addition, find information on the Oil Heat program, which provides free heating oil.
    • Maryland Energy Assistance Program - Elderly, low income families and the disabled can find assistance for paying their home heating bills through The Maryland Energy Assistance Program. This program, known as LIHEAP, is funded by both the federal and state government of Maryland. Grants can be used to pay utility bills. In addition, limited cash assistance is available to replace broken or inefficient furnaces and heating units.
    • Electric Universal Service Program - This program provides cash grants and other forms of financial assistance with paying utility and electric bills. Qualified Maryland electric customers may receive help to pay their current electric or utility bills, or assistance with paying past due electric bills. The agency can also provide referrals for government programs as well as energy efficiency measures to reduce future electric bills by helping people conserve.

Contact the Anne Arundel Community Action Partnership EOC, Inc. in Annapolis Maryland at (410) 626-1900. Or click more details on assistance from Anne Arundel Community Action Partnership.





Emergency financial assistance for bills, rent, free food and other expenses

Lighthouse (Annapolis) runs a free food pantry. In addition to offering free groceries or meals, they offer help for paying bills. Assistance is provided on the 1st Monday of each month. The programs offered will assist with paying rent, provide eviction prevention or utility turnoff. This financial assistance program will pay the last $100 of the bill as funding allows.

  • There are also several homeless shelters and transitional housing solutions available, such as the Willow House for women. Lighthouse takes a holistic approach to preventing homelessness in the county and Annapolis MD, and providing clients with the resources they need, whether medical care or something else. Phone (410) 263-1835, or click here Lighthouse financial aid programs.

Salvation Army (phone (410) 768-0477 or (410) 768-3482) provides free emergency groceries, holiday assistance, free food vouchers, and limited financial assistance. There will be hardship funds for paying rent, heating and utility bills, and other expenses. They have a branch in Annapolis as well and other regions in Maryland as well as the county. The main location, including a thrift store, is at 511 Crain Hwy S, Glen Burnie, MD 21061.

  • Low income families in Anne Arundel County, in particular single mothers, families with children and senior citizens, tend to be the main recipients of the financial help. Some examples of other services provided include meals from a soup kitchen, thrift stores, summer camps, and free holiday assistance including Christmas toys. Students of all grades can also get free school supplies, with maybe even laptops or uniforms offered. If the corp center can’t meet your needs they may have referrals. Read more on Salvation Army Anne Arundel County programs.Financial help Anne Arundel County

Severna Park Assistance Network - The charity will offer help paying bills. There are funds available to help stop legal evictions, money to assist with heating and utility turn-off notices and disconnections, and free vouchers for prescriptions. They also offer budget and credit counseling, and a food pantry. Call (410) 647-0889. The address is 400 Benfield Rd, Severna Park, MD 21146.

Better Bedrest, Inc. can help pregnant women that are on a doctor mandated bed rest. Receive referrals to community resources and ongoing support. The non-profit may also offer an emergency, small dollar amount cash grant to pay bills such as utility, daycare costs, rent, and even medical costs. The non-profit is in Savage, Maryland. Call 410-740-7662.

Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County provides short-term rental assistance for working poor, seniors, and qualified low-income persons who are homeless. There are also no wait list housing units or apartments for low income families or have critical housing needs and are facing an eviction. Any type of help provided is for up to 12 months maximum.

  • There are also section 8 HUD housing choice vouchers offered for private rental homes in the region. This can include luxury or high end properties too. Location is 7481 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, Glen Burnie MD, 21060-0370. Dial 410-222-6200. Read more on section 8 luxury housing programs.




North County Emergency Outreach Network - Anne Arundel County residents can get emergency funds and financial assistance to help prevent utility turn-offs. There are grants or loans for rent help to stop legal evictions, prescriptions, money for water bills, and up to 50 gallons of fuel oil or propane. NCEON also partners with churches on transitional housing and other shelters services. Call (410) 766-1826, or find more details on assistance from NCEON.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Anne Arundel - Get emergency food, produce, Ensure for seniors and household supplies, including baby food and diapers. Also, help is offered for paying utilities (the applicant does not have to be MEAP eligible), heating and fuel oil or power bills. There is also emergency rent assistance for eviction prevention, prescriptions medications and vouchers for free short motel stays for the homeless and transients.

  • The charity organization, its churches, and volunteers offer several other services to the poor, homeless and unemployed too. This can include free seasonal programs, like Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gifts, as well as winter coats. Case managers from the agency will also provide housing assistance, job training, referrals and other support. Dial (410) 647-4884. Or more on St. Vincent programs in Anne Arundel.

Community United Methodist Church - Phone (410) 255-1506. Help is offered for residents of the zip code of 21122. The center provides financial assistance and emergency food. Get prescription medication, and money to pay rent and housing expenses. There are also free Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets.  The address is 8680 Fort Smallwood Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122.

South County Assistance Network, which is based in Lothian Maryland, can assist with paying heating costs from October to February for BGE, fuel and propane bills. They also distribute free food from a pantry, offer emergency housing, and other support. Dial (410) 867-4923 or (410) 867-2838, or learn more on South County Assistance Network.

Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services can provide government assistance. The organization provides emergency cash assistance to low income, qualified families with children. Some of the support can help with evictions, utility cut-offs, foreclosures, and even burial assistance. Emergency assistance, disaster funds, and people in public housing can also benefit. They also encourage work by coordinating free, or subsidized child or day care for low income parents. Learn more on free daycare near you.

  • Free food benefits, including SNAP, is provided monthly to eligible low-income households. They help Anne Arundel County families get an EBT card, including online.
  • Financial assistance including temporary income support and cash grants may be offered to members of the community. This includes free money from TCA. Additional support services may be offered to help people remain independent and help people maintain self sufficiently. More on TCA applications in MD.
  • Housing is also a focus of DSS. The homeless, or families that need to relocate to a more affordable apartment or home, can look into assistance for paying a security deposit, and that can be met by RAP or other resources. There may also be loans and low income housing available in Annapolis and the county.
  • Social services can also address health care issues. The government can coordinate medical benefits for immediate and long-term health, dental and medical needs. The main goal is to help people with paying their medical bills if they are low income or uninsured. Programs may also pay for all or part of nursing home or domiciliary care.







There is everything from emergency SNAP food stamps to Medicare or Medicaid applications, free daycare vouchers, cash aid and other time limited, low income programs. Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services is located at 807500 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061. Call 410-269-4500, or find more details on public assistance in Anne Arundel Countyl.

Statewide resources - There are many other government and public benefits available, and they will mostly be run by state of Maryland agencies. Each will be focused on very low income families, children, or maybe the disabled. Or click here for more information on Maryland public assistance.

Federal and state funded homeless prevention programs combine cash grants with case management. Money from the government may pay for housing costs or moving expenses. There is a focus on the elderly, disabled, and renters with children, such as single moms.

  • Annapolis area residents may receive a grant for rental costs as well as other living expenses that renters may have. These may be utilities for water or heating costs, transportation costs for a job, credit repair and others. Free motel vouchers, including for a motel 6 or red roof inn, are available too. More on eviction prevention and rehousing in Anne Arundel County.

Crofton Christian Caring Council is a partnership of local churches and religious groups. Assistance is offered for people in Gambrills, Crofton, and Crownsville. Any cash and funds are combined by the group of churches, and people can only receive help from one charity.  There are also free items such as clothes, furniture vouchers and other items.

  • The council of churches in Anne Arundel County may be able to provide everything from free food to holiday meals and clothing. Any money available for expenses such as heating bills or housing will be the result of donations from the community. Call 410-721-2881, or find additional help from churches.

St. James Church may have emergency funds for the low income. If funding is available, at most $200 can be provided to pay rent to prevent an eviction, pay for prescriptions, gas bills, and utilities. Or get a free box of food or meal from a coup kitchen. Applicants need to go to Community Action Partnership for a referral. Location is 5757 Solomon Island Road, Lothian Maryland, 20711, telephone 410-867-2838.

Non-profit rent help - Agencies in Anne Arundel County, some of which partner with the government, may offer emergency funds for paying housing costs such as a security deposit or other, one time rental assistance. The goal is to prevent homeless and evictions, and find more details on rent help in Anne Arundel County.

  • Free rent homes and apartments are available for veterans, the homeless as part of Housing First and others in need. There are units in the county and state, with some having various numbers of bedrooms offered. Read more on free housing apartments near you.

Catholic Charities offers several resources in Anne Arundel. While a focus in on providing help to senior citizens and older adults in the region, they do administer other assistance programs. Some examples of housing programs include Sarah’s House and emergency homeless shelters. There are also resources for disabled people as well as women facing abuse.

  • Catholic Charities will also offer seniors free meals, food, and they partner with non-profit senior centers and agency on aging locations. Numerous resources are targeted at helping the elderly in Maryland. Learn more on Anne Arundel County Catholic Charity assistance programs.





Legal aid and free lawyer consultations are available for seniors and the low income. Legal Aid Bureau, Inc., Anne Arundel County Office (call (410) 263-8330) has pro bono legal programs. Lawyers provides free legal services and referrals to low income and other eligible persons. The following types of legal cases are accepted: Foreclosure prevention or get free Credit and debt advice,. There is help for people who have denial of unemployment benefits; mortgage support, garnishment; domestic violence; landlord/tenant disputes; and Medicare applications.

    Lawyers can also help with clients who have denial of social security benefits. Or get a free consultation online for certain types of custody cases; evictions, or help with abused and neglected children. Pro-bono attorneys also help with migrant farm workers; welfare and repossessions; senior citizen matters; special education/disciplinary. The location is  229 Hanover St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Learn more on free Maryland legal advice.

Free stuff in Anne Arundel County for low income families and those with no money

Veterans will get free or low cost items, both online or from the government. This will also be accessible for their families, including spouses or kids. The main option is known as Shop my exchange, which is available to former military members. Learn how shopmyexchange works.

Free clothes, household supplies, furniture, and free school items may be provided at no cost to qualified families. There are over 10 clothing closets, furniture and low cost thrift stores in the region which residents can turn too. There can also be furniture for a new apartment or back to school uniforms for children. Read more on free clothes, furniture, and school supplies in Anne Arundel County.

Free programs can help families save money. Several non-profits in Anne Arundel County, including credit counseling agencies, work with community action and local companies to help households budget, save money, and improve their finances. Everything from applications for smart phones, workshops on shopping smarter and investing and more is offered. Learn more on how to save money fast.

Find places that serve holiday meals or provide free Christmas gifts to children as well as seniors. The programs, such as Angel Tree as well as Adopt a Family, are often used, but charities provide other assistance as well. Anyone that is struggling to buy gifts or obtain a gift card may be able to qualify, and locate free holiday assistance in Anne Arundel County.




Free foreclosure prevention and debt management in Anne Arundel County is available from Consumer Credit Services of MD. Provides free foreclosure counseling towards mortgage delinquency prevention, loss mitigation, foreclosure prevention. No fee is charged. Click here to learn more on Maryland foreclosure programs.

  • Pre-bankruptcy counseling and advice is offered to help consumers navigate the process. Or low income families can enroll into a debt management program in which financial counselors will contact client's creditors, including credit card companies, and assist client in developing a plan to pay down debts. Call 800-642-2227

Food banks, hunger prevention and food assistance programs in Anne Arundel County

Dozens of charities, churches, and non-profit food pantries are committed to helping the low income, unem,ployed and homeless. Free groceries, hot meals, and other items such as clothing or baby formula may be offered. The centers will try to never turn anyone away from receiving help. Faith Baptist Church Pantry (phone 410-761-5346) as well as the County Food Bank (dial 410-923-4255). are two of the leading groups to call.

There are additional food banks in the county. Each has limited resources and different hours of operation. There are also soup kitchens and client choice food pantries. Or find more free food banks in the Anne Arundel County region.

Free or low cost health care

The following free community clinics, hospitals, or health care providers help the uninsured, people with no income or those on Medicaid. The centers may offer free or low cost health care including eye exams, dental cleanings, root canals, medications and more. Call them to learn the specifics of the medical programs offered.

  • Bay Community Health is an income based clinic at 6131 Shady Side Rd, Shady Side, MD 20764. Call (410) 867-4700
  • Stanton Community Center has on occasion a free medical and dental clinic. Call in advance. The location is 92 W Washington St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Dial (410) 295-5519
  • Residents Access to a Coalition of Health - A partnership of local doctors and medical professionals. They are part of Anne Arundel County Health Department. Patients call (410) 222-4531.

People's Community Health Center, Odenton Center provides medical care. The health center can offer adult medical care as well as pediatric care for children, substance abuse treatment & referral, OB/GYN care, and HIV/AIDS treatment. Mental health services are offered too, including counseling.

  • Medical professionals including doctors who work on a sliding fee scale also offer case management services to adults, children. The medical center can also provide on-site resources such as eye exams, free or low cost prescription medications, and even emergency dental care. The clinic is located in at 1370 Odenton Road. Dial 410-467-6040 for intake.




Dental needs can be met too. There is support for the low income, children, adults, and Anne Arundel County families with no insurance too. Cleanings, exams, emergency oral surgery, lab work and more can be offered. Continue to find free dental clinics for the uninsured in Maryland.

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