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Eviction and homeless prevention programs in Anne Arundel County.

Homeless prevention and rapid rehousing in Anne Arundel County is used to assist at-risk families or individuals. The federal government and also the state of Maryland provide funds as part of Emergency Solution Grants or the statewide Rental Allowance Program (RAP). The two programs provide everything from security deposit help to motel vouchers for the homeless, foreclosure counseling, and many other eviction prevention services in the city of Annapolis and the entire county.

There may be a few different agencies that participate in this program. The list, as well as availability of funding for homeless prevention, may change each year. But some of the non-profits or government organizations include the following. Health Care Access of Anne Arundel County (which is for the disabled), Annapolis Area Ministries, the Anne Arundel County Economic Opportunity Committee, or the Community Action Agency.

Each one of the agencies previously mentioned has a focus. Some provide grants for paying rent deposits or past due housing costs. Some can enroll tenants or homeowners into emergency crisis MEAP, which is for utility and heating bills. The community action agency will focus on process applications for the RAP - Rental Allowance Program. Other homeless prevention just includes counseling or helping a client rebuild their overall financial condition. More information on all of these options are below.

Eviction help from grants or loans – When that is available, it will only be for income qualified tenants. There may be emergency eviction assistance given to families with a pay or quit notice or more long term guidance is arranged. While both scenarios may be eligible for help, the Anne Arundel County Economic Opportunity Committee will always tell people to ask for support early.

Money may be issued issued to the tenant as a last resort, when it will make a difference. The funds can cover everything from water or heating bills to rent or legal costs. Also, homeless prevention may also assist the family with moving into either a motel (so vouchers are used) or a short term transitional housing apartment.

As noted, this is a last resort. The applicant needs to have applied for assistance from everyone from friends and family to their local church and charities such as the Salvation Army and others. Documentation proving that these tactics did not work is required by charities, including the Annapolis Area Ministries.





Also, money for eviction prevention will be used only when it can prevent homelessness. The tenant needs to have a source of income so they can pay their future rent and living expenses (food, gasoline, utilities, etc.) on their own. Also, if the Anne Arundel County family is just way too far behind on their bills, then no amount of money will help them. Therefore the homeless prevention program will not cover this need. Instead the person should look for alternative arrangements, such as shelters.

The Anne Arundel County Rental Assistance Program (RAP) is another way to stop evictions. In some cases, it can also help with a mortgage. The community action agency runs this for the city and county. Qualified applicants that have an income less than 50% of the median average can be given a cash grant from RAP.

Anne Arundel County homeless residents can seek rehousing assistance as well. This will provide both loans for paying security or utility deposits, government grants as well as ongoing tenant support. Note that some of these agencies, such as Behavioral Health (410-649-0529), assist the disabled or those with a mental illness. Others, including the rapid rehousing programs from Anne Arundel County Community Action Agency support people of all backgrounds.

The purpose of rapid rehousing is to bypass the shelter system when possible. So families that qualify may be placed directly into new, private housing. This will usually be effective if the applicant does not have a past history of multiple evictions. So in other words they need to be homeless for an unexpected reason.




When permanent housing is not available, or the shelters in Annapolis Maryland are full, then free motel or hotel vouchers may be given. This can keep families with children as well as single moms and dads get off the streets, in a safe home. Then rehousing will eventually assist them with moving again.

People in danger of becoming homeless (either from an eviction or foreclosure) should call the Anne Arundel County eviction and foreclosure prevention referral line. The intake number is (410) 626-1900, and the main office is in the city of Annapolis.


By Jon McNamara














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