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Anne Arundel County public assistance.

DSS in Anne Arundel County provides income qualified residents with help from a number of public and government benefits. Applicants will need to contact the Department of Human Services and seek assistance, but if found to be qualified the county will do its best to provide some form of support.

Most of the aid in the area is either state of Maryland or federal government funded. The county will also often be able to provide referrals to non-profit and charity organizations as well, such as food pantries or public housing apartments. So the amount of assistance available is extensive, and some of the main resources are noted below.

The Food Stamp or Supplement Program will help pay for a portion of a household's monthly grocery bill. Clients will be provided a debit or EBT card as part of this, and it can be used to pay for a wide range of products. Food stamps can assist with obtaining milk, fresh perishable items, meats, and much more.

Cash assistance in the county is known as TCA. This form of public aid is for families with children that are out of options. This can also help single parents too. The money can be used for basic needs such as energy bills, medications, or even housing expenses. Or in some cases, an applicant will be given a very short term, welfare avoidance grant.

Anyone that enrolls will also be provided advice by Human Services. They will also need to commit to obtaining employment in short order, or maybe attending aggressive job training. TCA is intended to be a short term bridge, and the county will want clients to gain independence and in effect get off welfare.

Disability payments are provided by SSI as well as a statewide Temporary program known as TDAP. The public assistance can be used for living expenses as well as any other bills that the resident is faced with.

The County Housing Office can provide information on section 8 rent subsidies, and this will pay a portion of a very low income families housing expenses. This benefit will often have a waiting list in place, and only a small number of applicants in Anne Arundel County will be able to enroll.





Public aid can be used to pay for utility bills, with a focus on heating costs during the cold Maryland winter months. The very low income, with a focus on senior citizens and the disabled, can receive a grant for their energy costs.

The main resource available in the Annapolis area is MEAP, or the Maryland Energy Assistance Program. Not only may funds be offered for the bill itself, but there is also often help in paying for furnace repairs, tune ups, and other types of fuel such as propane. Human Services, partnering with the Anne Arundel community action agency, can help families apply for this benefit.

Another main program is Electric Universal Service. This one has an added benefit of paying for past due utility bills and maybe even reconnection fees. It will even assist homeowners or tenants that are currently without some type of electric or heating service.

Holiday Sharing and Back-To-School programs use donations from the community to help the less fortunate. There may be free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals or toys passed out. Or, during the summer or fall, notebooks and clothing may be offered to students from low income families.

There are a few main medical care programs in the county. They include one for medications, the Children's Health Insurance program (CHIP), and also the state and federal run Medicaid. It relies on publicly issued funds.

  • CHIP provides full health and dental benefits for children up to age 19. The family will need to pay a portion of their bills, but it can help the youth access medical care.
  • Medicaid – Using state and federal funds, it will help pay health costs and ensure coverage for income qualified residents of the county, including the disabled.
  • Pharmacy and Medication Program – Prescription drugs may be issued at reduced rates for patients that meet terms.
  • Medicare supplements – Services such as Qualified Medicare Beneficiary will help the elderly pay for a portion of the constantly increasing expenses they are faced with.

There are several other public assistance programs in the county of Anne Arundel County. The main ones are below, but the number of available resources can change. Also, as noted, social workers from Human Services can always provide referrals as well, as needed.





  • Funeral costs – This is only for the indigent, or very low income. Department of Human Services may be able to help pay for a small portion of any expenses incurred. Find other government assistance programs for funeral costs.
  • Child care – Parents that are in job training or working in Anne Arundel County can get a portion of their costs paid for. The county can also provide information on certified day care providers in Anne Arundel as well as which allow a subsidy to be used at.

The Anne Arundel County DSS is the government agency to contact for more details. The address is 80 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. Call them at (410) 269-4500.

By Jon McNamara











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