Carroll County Assistance Programs.

If you need help, the place to turn to is the local community action agency, the Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. They run their own assistance programs, and can also refer people to other local agencies, charities, and non-proft organizations. Find information below on how to get help with your bills, and how to deal with a hardship. Also locate the contact information.

Heating and utility bill help

The Carroll County heating program, known as the Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), is also run by the Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. People who rent, or own a home can apply for aid. The program is intended to provide low income, elderly and other qualified individuals with financial assistance for paying electric and heating bills. Another program is the Electrical Universal Service Program (EUSP), and this helps with utility bills as well.

If you apply and are found to be eligible, the financial grant will be paid directly to your gas or utility company. The money is not sent to the applicant. Regardless, the primary effect of the program is help lower the energy costs of qualified households.

Emergency and crisis aid for housing costs

The emergency assistance programs that are in place were created to provide emergency assistance and financial cash grants for low to moderate income Carroll County residents. The programs focus on housing related expenses and needs including:

  • If your heating or utility service was turned off, financial assistance can be used to restore utility service or prevent termination of service if you contact them before it is shut off.





  • Financial assistance to prevent an eviction and keep someone in their home or apartment.
  • Funds to pay for a housing or utility service security deposit.
  • Money for heating oil, fuel, kerosene, or other heating fuel.
  • While limited, there may be grants from HSP - Human Services Programs to help a Carroll County family pay back rent or some other form of housing cost.
  • There are several short term shelters. They are available for victims of domestic violence, single parents, and others that were recently evicted.
  • Click here to find addition Maryland mortgage and foreclosure programs.

Information, counseling, and referrals

One of the primary objectives of the agency is to listen to, and direct people to other local charities, non-profits, or Maryland or federal government assistance programs. They do this from the Family Links Program. The applicant will be assigned to a counselor, who will provide crisis counseling using empathy and active and compassionate listening skills. They will review their financial and personal situation and resources. The counselor will work with the applicant to provide an accurate assessment of the challenges facing each household and applicant who seeks help.





The well trained counselor will then help the clients of the community action agency will then assess their current situation and prioritize the individuals or families goals as an essential first step in addressing the client's needs and services that are required. The assistance program and Family Links service then uses a highly developed, comprehensive assessment tool to help direct clients to appropriate programs and resources that can help them with bills, rent, housing expenses, or even help with a personal crisis. The Family Links program counselor will then partner with the client to develop a plan of action towards helping them meet their goals, offer people case management and provide them with advocacy if required.

The Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc., which is headquartered in Westminster but serves people throughout Carroll County, can be reached at (410) 857-2999. More Human Services Programs of Carroll County.

Carroll County Salvation Army

This non-profit agency runs many programs, including Emergency Financial Assistance, Food & Nutrition Programs, Seasonal and Holiday Services, as well as Family Counseling. The Westminster based agency can be reached at 410.876.9358.

Food aid

Two places to get food include the Maryland Food Bank (phone 410-737-8282) as well as the Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. The assistance provided by the Maryland Food Bank help people strives to combat all types of hunger and other needed aid with programs that target hungry seniors, children, people living on fixed incomes and hard working adults, no matter where they live. The Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. provides food to children and other who are in a day care facility.



By Jon McNamara

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