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Assistance programs Horry County and Myrtle Beach.

Senior citizens, retirees, and low income families are the main beneficiaries of the financial assistance in Horry County. Churches and charities provide help with rental or mortgage payments, a free box of food, as well as dental or medical care. There is also prescription drug vouchers, grants for mortgages as well as foreclosure counseling and other social services in the community, including resources for gig workers.

In addition, there are charities that offer free stuff, including school supplies, prescription drugs (including for seniors), and transportation. Or contact a charity for free furniture for a new home or Christmas gifts for a child. Learn more below.

Financial aid for a crisis

Get help with bills in Myrtle Beach and Horry County from the charitable North Strand Helping Hand (NSHH). They are an organization that provides a variety of relief programs. They have held a mass food distribution in Atlantic Beach, and they provide food assistance to anyone who needs assistance. In addition they provide household linens and other services are available.

They may also be able to offer financial aid with a variety of other financial requests. The recently unemployed often have a need for rent money, food or clothes, utility bill help, and more. The North Strand Helping Hand (NSHH) may be able to support them.

Some of the money is provided directly to the families landlord or utility company. For example, in many years thousands of dollars in cash vouchers is given to to Grand Strand Water and Sewer, Santee Cooper, landlords, Horry Electrical Cooperative, and similar essential support elements and companies. The NSHH may be able to provide you with aid, or at least direct you, so you can find help. Call them at (843) 399-0862.

If you need short term or emergency assistance, Churches Assisting People (CAP) offers several resources and services to those people in need. Some of the programs offered to Horry County and Myrtle Beach families include




  • Food aid: The agency will provide at least three days of emergency food and groceries to individuals and families in need of help.
  • Utility and cooling bills: CAP will also help with paying utility bills and intervene for the client with the utility companies. They will help people who are faced with a disconnection.
  • Gasoline: The Churches Assisting People organization can even provide free gasoline. It is mostly got work related reasons. Click here for additional free gasoline programs.
  • Prescription medicines: The churches and other local agencies can provide vouchers, which can assist with non-narcotic prescriptions and other medicines.
  • Infant and children programs: The agency provides formula and diapers in an emergency or crisis, with the goal of keeping a supply of baby food on hand for those in need.

For more information, call Churches Assisting People (CAP) at 843.488.2277. A number of financial and material assistance programs are run. Learn more on assistance programs from Churches Assisting People.

Three other local charity agencies that can help Myrtle Beach families include the Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach (843.448.8451), the Horry County Salvation Army (843.488.2769) and the South Strand Helping Hand (843.238.4594). All of these agencies can assist low income, the unemployed, and other struggling families and individuals from the South Strand who are facing a crisis. All of these non-profit agencies can provide, as funding allows, rent and mortgage help, local disaster support, emergency aid for such expenses as electric bills, crisis intervention and referrals to other South Carolina and federal government programs.

Veterans Affairs offers advocacy, help in applying for government benefits, and information on resources such as SSVF. Assistance is only for military members, veterans of the armed forces and their immediate family members. Eviction prevention services are administered as well as support for the homeless too. Telephone - (843) 545-3330.

Friendship Place provides coverage to Horry County too. Services includes homeless shelters, transitional housing, food, and meals. Clients may also get information possible financial assistance or loan programs to pay a security deposit or first months rent when they leave any short term housing. Job training and transportation to clinics may be offered too. (843) 545-1115





The Salvation Army, which is based in Conway as well as the city of Myrtle Beach, is a leading social service agency. The charity covers the entire Horry County South Carolina area from a Myrtle Beach Family Center. They can provide free food, clothing, household items and financial help for paying rent and utilities. One of their services in highest demand is utility and electric bill assistance, especially during the summer. Read more on summer programs, including free fans in Horry County.

The Myrtle Beach Salvation Army offers other social services too. Among them include Christmas and Thanksgiving programs such as meals and toys for children. Or get information on case management and employment assistance. They also offer seasonal support ranging from free school supplies in the summer to Easter food or Christmas toys plus gifts for kids and the elderly in the region. More assistance from Horry Salvation Army.

Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach may be able to offer assistance with paying cooling and utilities, and rent help, bus tickets, a free food pantry, free gasoline and vouchers, prescription medication expense assistance and referrals to other charities, helping agencies, and South Carolina government assistance programs. Click here for more details on Helping Hands in Myrtle Beach and Georgetown County, including phone numbers.

Horry County Council on Aging, Inc., based in Conway (phone (843) 248-5523) provides several services for senior citizens. They can provide meals and recreation activities. Transportation to a medical appointment or shopping may be coordinated. They also help operate senior centers in the county and Myrtle Beach area.

Many retirees in Myrtle Beach also work part time, or at gig type jobs. the Agency on Aging has resources for this as well, whether information on how to find gig jobs or job fairs, interview tips and more. As flex type jobs are always a great option in a service area like Horry County. Locate more resources for gig workers.

There are many other Council on Aging, Inc programs, whether financial or recreational. The goal is to help older people pay the bills as well live a fulfilling life. More South Carolina agency on Aging programs.

Christian Missions, Inc. - Get free food, clothing, household items, and furnishings for a home or apartment. The non-profit church assists those that may not qualify for help through other government programs or agencies. The Mission will also partner and cooperate with other agencies assisting with utilities, emergency lodging, medicine, etc. Call (843) 291-2411, or find more information on Christian Missions financial aid programs.

Social Services Department in Horry County helps those facing poverty and the low income apply for government aid. There is also help for seniors. The main programs include Medicaid for health care needs, Family Independence can provide cash grants for paying bills or food, and social workers from DSS offer referrals to resources such as SNAP food stamps or free summer meals. Much more is provided too, and learn more Horry County public aid.

Myrtle Beach Housing Authority - Programs include housing choice vouchers from section 8 as well as low income apartments or homes for the disabled. They also operate their own service, known as Alliance Inn, however almost all of the housing programs have a very long waiting list. Continue to find details on Myrtle Beach housing authority resources.





Free clothing closets as well as furniture banks operate in the coastal region. The centers can provide free vouchers to the working poor and very low income families in Horry County. Others can shop at the centers, or thrift stores, for free goods. Receive shoes, belts, notebooks, light coats, desks, computers, beds, household furniture and more. Additional resources are provided to the senior population in the region. Get more details on free clothing closets, furniture and school supplies in Horry County.

Recurring monthly income opportunities are available. Many residents in the county live on a fixed income, including seniors and the disabled. Many jobs are lower wages income positions. There are many job programs, gig jobs, and even in effect “free recurring” income opportunities. Find details on making a passive income.

Local holiday and Christmas programs are for struggling households and children in the county, whether Myrtle Beach, Conway, or another town. Various gifts, presents, and meals are passed out. Find information on the free holiday assistance programs in Horry County.

National and regional Christmas and free Holiday programs support both the elderly and children. There are many charities as well as fund raisers held for toys, clothes, and more. All of these organizations ensure low income families have some form of holiday joy. Find details on free Christmas gift programs for kids.

HUD funding - Each year non-profits in Horry County may be allocated money from the federal government for addressing housing issues. Based on the agency and the terms and conditions, there may be the following.

  • Grants for utilities that are due and that could result in homelessness. There may be funds for water or electric bills.
  • Moving and rehousing costs.
  • Low income families may be given an ESG grant for housing expenses that can arrange a lawyer to help them, cover rental expenses, and more.
  • Money is for the unemployed and families in poverty too. Read Horry County eviction help.

Horry Catholic Charities provides support to the low income. They are part of the wider Pee Dee organization, and they may have referrals to free food, diapers, cribs and more from the Children Ministry. There may be occasional limited financial aid available. More on the Horry County Catholic Charity services.

Emergency rent help, shelter, and low income housing - Whether you need to find low income housing, need cash to pay rent in a crisis, or some short term shelter, the Horry County area has a couple dozen organizations that focus on helping people meet their housing needs. Find a full listing of rental assistance in Horry County South Carolina, including phone numbers and addresses.

Horry County Community Action Agency is a region non-profit for Conway, Myrtle Beach, and the entire county. Low income, the elderly, jobless, families with a reduction in income, and the disabled can turn to the Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council, Inc. for help. Phone number is (843) 234-4100. Some of the services offered include:

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - This is a federally funded energy program that provides cash grants that are used for both emergency and non-emergency household energy assistance and will prevent a disconnection.
  • Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) - Another federally funded government program that provides energy conserving improvements and other assistance with reducing household energy bills and consumption. The program applies energy conservation measures, and the program is free to applicants.
  • South Carolina Project Share - Donations are used to fund this energy assistance program. It provides for the assistance from Progress Energy, Santee Electric Cooperative, and also SCE&G. The funds are used to supplement LIHEAP and are offered to low to moderate income customers.
  • Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) - Qualified applicants are provided direct assistance and case management services. The aid is used to encourage and maintain self-sufficiency. The services provided from this community action program include Employment and Housing, General Emergency Assistance, Cash Grants, Youth Employment, and Jon Finding Services.
  • Several other resources are available. Read more on Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council programs.







Horry County will often receive emergency grants from the federal government. Local charities as well as non-profits administer it. The money that is being provided to Horry County if often given out to families through the Myrtle Beach and Conway Housing Authorities. Or the United Way has referrals to it. The funds will provide residents help paying with their rent, energy bills, and prevent evictions.

To be eligible for this assistance program, a household's total income needs to be at or below 50 percent of the area's median income and the household must be at risk of losing its housing or they need to be currently homeless. The housing assistance program will not help pay for a mortgage but it can help pay for any type of housing assistance, including rent, utilities, security deposits, and more.

Contact the Myrtle Beach or Conway Housing Authority ((843) 248-7327) for more information. Or locate and read about additional ways to get rent help.

Payday and short term loans

South Carolina, Horry County, and the Myrtle Beach area in particular have numerous payday lenders that provide residents with short term cash to pay bills. A payday lender may not always be your best option. Find payday loan alternatives.

If after exploring all other options and programs, if you still have no other choice but to use a payday loan to pay an expense, at least look into consolidating them so you can pay them off sooner. More on payday loan consolidation.

Help for senior citizens

Caring and Sharing Inc., (843-558-7966) is another local charity organization that provides both senior citizens and disabled individuals with assistance. They can get free food, financial help, debt counseling, and other types of aid. Learn more on debt paying assistance programs.

One of the greatest needs being experienced by Myrtle Beach and Horry County families is the need for utility and heating bill help. They can offer resources and refer people to energy assistance programs.

Retirees and senior citizens in the county often need further support too. There are many programs for senior citizens, ranging from financial to medical, home care, and more. Some are free, others provide lower prices to the elderly in the Horry Coutny region.

Foreclosure and housing counseling

The following HUD approved agencies can help people who are struggling to pay their mortgage, or who may be facing a foreclosure n Myrtle Beach or Horry County South Carolina.

South Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Program - Call (888) 320-0350 to review strategies to stop or prevent a home foreclosure.

Another housing agency is Family Service Center of South Carolina. Phone (803) 733-5450.







Free medical clinic in Horry County

Find ways to get help with paying medical bills, or contact Friendship Medical Clinic and Pharmacy is based in Conway SC and is a free medical clinic and medication assistance program. Call (843) 347-7199.

There are many other free clinics and healthcare centers in Horry County and the state. They give free (or low cost) basic medical care, dental cleanings or oral hygiene, prescription drugs and other assistance. The low income, unemployed, as well as uninsured can get help. Find free community clinic health care centers in your region.

Food assistance, free meals, and groceries

Whether you are faced with a short term crisis, or need support during a transition period, families can contact a local food bank. The centers offer meals, government surplus food, perishable groceries, and much more. Many locations may even have clothing or case management. Three of the leading non-profits to call are noted below, but there are many other free food pantries, and find other free food pantries in Horry County SC, as there are additional locations.

  • Churches Assisting People - Partners with local churches and religious centers. Dial (843) 488-2277
  • Horry County Branch Food Bank - Has a listing of centers in the region, as this food bank provides groceries to them. Call (843) 448-0341
  • Caring and Sharing - (843) 558-7966


By Jon McNamara

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