Christian Missions social services and emergency programs.

Arranging support for the less fortunate in Myrtle Beach and Horry County, Christian Missions is involved with helping people help themselves. The assistance programs are focused on partnering with clients so that they can achieve self-sufficiency. This often includes tasks such as increasing their income or maybe addressing credit scores.

There are numerous services administered from the main office at the faith based group in Myrtle Beach, ranging from free food from a pantry as well as USDA resources to electric bill assistance. For families facing eviction, they will try to provide grants for paying rent from the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program or coordinate transitional housing solutions. More information on each of these resources is below, as well as some details on the application process.

Sponsors such as the federal government Emergency Food and Shelter Program as well as the United Way of Horry Carolina and the Low Country may provide some funding to Christian Missions. Any money given to them will be limited though, and it goes quickly. But the funds can be used for financial support.

When it comes to utilities, there may be funds for electric gas, and heating bills. This is only offered to individuals with a disconnection notice that was caused by a short term emergency. Utility bill help is only offered as funds are available.

There may be some resources to pay for shelter expenses. This may be a portion of rent or mortgage payment. Similar to above, Christian Missions is more likely to assist tenants or homeowners facing a one time crisis. They also need to have the means to pay future expenses on their own as well. Due mostly to the fact that resources are limited, some clients will be issued a zero or low interest loan.

Short term shelter and transitional housing can be arranged in Horry County. When available, this will last for several months. It allows time for homeless families or those in poverty to get on their feet. The housing may also be for victims of domestic violence, single parents, seniors, and other vulnerable residents. The transitional housing may also incorporate day care for children so parents can seek work, classes to families on finance and family dynamics, and also tutoring for students.




Food is obtained from donations as well as partners such as the USDA or Feeding America. The staff at the church will try to offer, at a minimum, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) surplus commodities to the low income in the community.

The pantry may also use money donated from the community to purchase additional food to try to ramp up their operations. While in some cases, the goods passed out by Christian Missions will “only” be canned items, they will try to provide a more balanced menu to clients. So that may be fruits, vegetables, dairy items, and more. There may also be frozen food items around the holidays.

There are income and other conditions that need to be met by applicants. In order to receive a free bag of food from the charity, the household or individual must present a photo identification card, Food Stamp-SNAP status letter, current rent receipt or utility bill within the past 30 days, and proof of income for all household members.

The Transportation program is a combination of a volunteer based as well as shared ride service. It was designed to provide low cost door to door transportation for the physically, elderly or mentally challenged individuals across Horry County. It can also include a ride to a job while the person is waiting on their first psych, or medical appointments for seniors.

Buy gently used clothing from the Thrift, or Christian Missions family store. There is a large selection of clothing (babies, men’s, women’s, children’s and infants) for sale, and the center will also sell a wide variety of small household items. There may be low cost books, notebooks for school, kitchen gadgets, linens, table lamps, utensils, cribs and seasonal items.





Find help at Christmas and Thanksgiving time. Not only is there the thrift store indicated above, but there is also a selection of toys, games, holiday apparel, and gifts. The pantry may also have special holiday food baskets for meals.

Christian Missions Case Management will allow clients to gain stability. The program is dedicated to helping families, the unemployed, and low income work together in order to achieve self-sufficiency. There are many services coordinated so clients can strengthening themselves and work as a team to achieve economic stability. Specialists will work with people to help them, budget their money, find better jobs, and locate a better place to live. This will also include applications to financial aid, range from rent subsides from Section 8 to applications for the affordable health care act and more.

Senior citizens and their caretakers can look into Community Care services. In some cases, the support from the agency can serve as an alternative to nursing home or institutional care. This is for people over the age of 60 and even the disabled may benefit. There is everything from phones from Lifeline to Emergency Alert Response, Home Delivered Meals, Respite Care, and Home Care for the Elderly.

The church will try to help the vulnerable regardless of their religion. Christian Missions can be reached at (843) 291-2411, and referrals may be given.




By Jon McNamara

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