Receive free gasoline from Free Gas USA Inc. and other non-profits.

This is a nonprofit corporation that is based in Michigan that was created to provide free gasoline to families and individuals who are struggling with paying their everyday bills. The grants and assistance is provided nationally and is not just limited to the state of Michigan.

Free Gas USA Inc. was created in 2008, at the peak of the spikes in gas prices and at the height of the gasoline crisis. The organization works closely with a wide variety of private, public, philanthropic and some religious organizations to help provide for and resolve the daily transportation needs of low-income, disabled, and elderly American consumers.

Baptism USA Ministries created the Free Gas USA, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary in 1998.

How does the free gasoline grant program work?

Grants for free gasoline are provided in denominations that range from $50 up to $1200 dollars.

There are some conditions to the grants. Among them include some of all of the following. They are restricted to fuel purchases only, and the grants are provided on an as needed basis. Recipients of the grants are assigned coded fuel cards thus limiting their purchases to a certain dollar amount, and it also ensures the money is spent just on fuel purchases and not for other goods.

The gasoline purchases from the program are permitted to provide people with the means to fulfill basic necessities such as employment, medical and educational conveyances. A focus in on meeting employment needs, whether it in an interview or gasoline to make it to a new job. In addition, fuel acquisitions for grocery shopping is also permitted in the program and is actually strongly encouraged.

The grants for free gasoline are awarded monthly by Free Gas USA. Fuel cards will be distributed based upon the donations received, the location(s) of participating gasoline distributors, and also the geographical restrictions of funds processed. Apply for free gasoline grants by contacting the non-profit organization.




The gasoline grant applications are not distributed via United States mail. If you are interested in the program, applicants must obtain an application via their website. ( More information on program terms can also be found there. In addition, all applications to the program need to be submitted with an agency referral form or they will not be processed and will be denied.

Additional options for gasoline

The non-profit freegasusa is one organization to contact for assistance. But the number of applicants that can be assisted is minimal. However the demand for gasoline and overall transportation assistance is very high, in particular when considering the ever increasing costs of fuel and the weak economy. So the more places you contact the better your chances of getting help.

Another non-profit to contact is your local Salvation Army. From time to time they may be able to distribute vouchers for free gasoline if someone is faced with an emergency or if they need help in getting to a job interview or doctor appointment. Read more on free gas vouchers and how the Salvation Army may be able to help you in your time of need.

The non-profit Salvation Army organization has limited funding, and it will vary based on city, town, and county. They will do their best to support those who are struggling the agency does not discriminate based on religion, age, or gender. However only a small number of requests for gasoline may be fulfilled. Continue reading on assistance from Salvation Army.





Small amounts of cash assistance may be available from Saint Vincent De Paul for gasoline, car repairs and maintenance expenses. The charity works with thousands of churches across the country. Find more information on gasoline from your church.


By Jon McNamara

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