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Assistance programs in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Pennsylvania.

Low-income or struggling families in the Allegheny County area can get financial help as well as free items. Find grant money for housing costs (funds help pay electric bills, rent, or mortgages), free groceries from pantries, and much more. Locate a church, a regional charity or government organization that helps low income families. Find financial help near you in Allegheny County or Pittsburgh PA below.

Charities also offer free stuff. In addition to the food or meals from pantries, there is everything from Christmas gifts for kids to back to school supply assistance programs furniture banks and more. Most of the resources are combined with job training services (both paid and internship) as well as basic financial literacy workshops.

Financial help with paying bills in Allegheny County

The North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) organization has several programs that assist Allegheny county and Pittsburgh residents. There is grant money to help pay bills, programs that help single moms or dads in the county, food and more. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Automobile and cars - NHCO partners with Community Auto in an effort to make car and automobile ownership affordable (including loans) to low and moderate income families and individuals. As transportation is needed for employment, with help for people who are experiencing economic hardship. They will sell the cars at a lower cost, provide financing, and do what it takes to get people into an automobile. There even offer help in finding bad credit auto loans.
  • Utility and heating bill assistance - This program will help low-income families apply for and receive grants from the $1 Energy Fund and also Duquesne Light and Columbia Gas Customer Assistance Programs each year. Cash grants provided, which only go to current utility customers, can run as high as $1,000.
  • Emergency Financial Help - The NHCO organization also helps in financial crisis situations or emergencies. They can help pay a low income families monthly rent or a security deposit so as to prevent an eviction or homelessness. There will be money to  pay for car repairs in Allegheny County so that a person does not lose his or her job; pay for home repairs; cover the cost of prescriptions for an un- or underinsured person; etc.
  • In addition to these resources and services, they also have free stuff. This includes food pantries, credit counseling, free food aid, employment assistance programs, and more. A major focus is on self-sufficiency, which of course involves both financial literacy and job/career training to help people gain new skills. More on job training programs.




Contact them at 412-487-6316. They are located at 1975 Ferguson Rd. in Allison Park, 416 Lincoln Ave. in Pittsburgh, or the office c/o  Allegheny General Hospital, Suburban Campus, located at 100 S. Jackson Ave., 2 South, Pittsburgh, PA .

Allegheny County Department Human Services County Office - This government entity provides information on and access to a number of financial assistance programs. This includes public aid, cash from the government to help pay bills, welfare programs, Medicaid and social services. They are the leading organization to call for assistance if you are low income or struggling, with help also for disabled or unemployed people.

  • Get help with everything from free medical and grants to help with utility bills. There is also free food, vouchers for child care, and even transportation. They also offer unemployment applications, Medicaid health care, SNAP food stamps and more. Case managers can also help people find a job and gain self-sufficiency. Learn more on public help in Allegheny County.

Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh provides a number of services. One of them is emergency rental assistance and cash grants as part of the Housing Assistance Program. It is for those families facing eviction or the risk of becoming homeless. Funds may be used for paying security deposits or first months rent. There is also mortgage relief programs and homebuying services in Allegheny County.

  • A major focus is on employment and breaking barriers to poverty. Whether a minority, women, male, or anyone seeking new skills or a job, various agencies (such as the Urban League) and government agencies assist. Read about everything including jobs that can be done as a side hustle, free IT or computer training, workforce centers and more.

Other Urban League programs provide early childhood and youth development, education, health advocacy, hunger services, employment and job training. The address is 332 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Phone: (412) 227-4802. Learn more on the Urban League of Pittsburgh.





Just Harvest - Welfare Justice Project will help people apply for government assistance and government benefits including food stamps. It will help individuals file taxes, understand the state of PA Human Services / welfare system, and assist individuals and families. Get help with applying for summer food and other child nutrition programs.

  • The agency will also work with individuals that are having problems with the Department of Public Welfare. They are a non-profit public policy advocacy organization that helps people understand the welfare system and their rights. Location is  317 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, call (412) 431-8960

Association of Churches of Allegheny County - Apply for help from the faith based charity known as AVAC. Access free gasoline vouchers, grants that can help pay rent, heating and utility payment assistance. There are also free hot meals as well as emergency free food. The agency may also have clothing and shoe vouchers, referrals to charities, bus passes, prescriptions and health care. Dial 724-226-0606, or find help from Allegheny Valley Association of Churches.

Pittsburgh Presbyterian Lazarus (call 412-323-1400) - Get a few hundred dollars to pay rent, mortgage, or medical bills. They also provide low-income families with free material support, such as clothes for work or school, furniture, and hot meals. The charity is at 901 Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233.

Holy Family Institute provides access to a variety of energy assistance programs, including those run in partnership with Duquesne Light. They include Customer Assistance Program (CAP) and Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Service (CARES). The non-profit also helps people apply for and screens for Dollar Energy Fund, weatherization, and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). There is even details on water bill assistance in Pennsylvania. Call (412) 244-8010.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Inc. helps the low income, elderly and vulnerable. They offer comprehensive services for families and individuals with the goal of stopping the cycle of poverty/need. There are also resources for immigrants and single parents.

  • Catholic Charities runs a free health care clinic. It provides medical and dental care for people without health insurance and also low income individuals. There may also be medications, medical bill advocates and other resources.

The non-profit can provide a variety of housing options for vulnerable populations. There is emergency assistance with utility bills, budgeting and financial literacy, community referrals, and senior programs. Address 212 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15222, call (412) 456-6999. Learn more Catholic Charity Pittsburgh assistance programs.

St. Vincent de Paul and the Tangible Aid program helps individuals and families with one-time needs, such as rental assistance if faced with an emergency or eviction. A number of churches and other organizations work with the Society of St. Vincent too. Additional resources can include food, shelter, rental assistance, and more. They help the homeless, working poor and others with immediate financial help and social services. Call 412-321-1071, or click here SVDP Allegheny County.







Focus on Renewal only offers support to Sto-Rox Neighborhood. Some of the services include emergency food assistance, family support centers, as well as low-cost day care. There is a free luncheon program, crisis care, credit repair, housing for low-income elderly, and adult literacy. The center also serves as a screening agency for Dollar Energy Fund. McKees Rocks Pennsylvania based. Call 412-771-6460 or (412) 331-1685, and the address is 420 Chartiers Ave, McKees Rocks, PA 15136.

Funds for paying rent and housing costs, such as security deposits, are available in the county. Non-profits agencies can receive grants from the federal government and use that money to provide help to residents facing eviction that are faced with a one time crisis. Find additional agencies and programs that focus on Allegheny County rent assistance.

  • Short term housing and emergency homeless shelter are available from charities and non-profits such as the YMCA, Salvation Army, and many others. The Allegheny County area centers will also offer other support, such as free meals, information on employment opportunities, and clothing. Also, many guests can work with staff on locating transitional housing or a new, permanent home or low income apartment. More information on short term housing and shelters in Allegheny County.

Garfield Jubilee Association – Can help people apply for utility and heating assistance for Equitable Gas and Duquesne Light Company. Other assistance includes free financial and housing counseling, such as prepurchase, delinquent mortgage, and budget counseling. Call 412-665-5200

Goodwill of Southwestern PA - Southside CAP Office helps low-income, working poor, and payment troubled customers of Duquesne Light establish payment plans. They also help with employment needs, whether it is free uniforms for work or access to a computer or training. The non-profit is at 118 52nd Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Phone: 412-481-9005

EECM - East End Cooperative Ministry focuses on the eastern portion of the county as well as city of Pittsburgh. The three main focuses are on offering free food or meals, low income housing, and case management. They offer job placement and training from the Community Connections Center, the Short-Stay transitional housing or apartments, and more along those lines. Find East End Cooperative Ministry programs.

Pittsburgh Community Services - This is mostly a referral service for residents of the city and immediate suburbs. Households can learn about programs for paying heating bills, such as LIHEAP. There are also job placement and GED education services available as well as HUD certified foreclosures.

  • The Community Services centers in Pittsburgh are also a great place to call for referrals and information on longer term solutions, such as job training. The locations can also help people apply for government assistance programs, including LIHEAP or food stamps. Get more details on public aid in Pennsylvania.

Other low income programs are offered as well as help to senior citizens or disabled adults. Community services will also provide linkage to food pantries clothing closets, and other support services. More on Pittsburgh Community Services.




Petra International Ministries – Has information on financial assistance, including Dollar Energy Fund. They are based at 235 Eastgate Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. Call (412) 243-7225. There is grant money to pay light bills, rides to a job or interview, and other social services.

Allegheny County Salvation Army Social Services include a number of emergency services. They provide free clothing, free daily food, and other services based on need. The non-profit faith based charity can provide referrals for utilities, rent assistance, housing & shelters. Case workers also help with applications to state of PA benefits, such as such as SNAP food stamps.

  • Free Christmas meals and gifts may be offered too from programs such as Treasures for Children, which is the local version of Angel Tree. Corp centers are located at 6017 Broad St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206, (call 412-362-0891); 300 Holland Avenue, Braddock, PA 15104 (dial 412-271-2407); and 1060 McNeilly Road (phone 412-207-2127). Read more Allegheny County Salvation Army.

Churches - Anyone in need can try a parish for help. They support immigrants, Spanish speakers, the poor, homeless, and many others. Allegheny County faith based groups can provide the following.

  • Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches, and other items.
  • Volunteers can drive people to work or medical appointments in a crisis.
  • Some money may be issued by a church for critical needs, including heating or gas bills, rent, and other costs.

There is emergency help, including financial, for people of all faiths. Many other services may be offered. Read Allegheny County church programs.

Winter heating bills in Allegheny County - It can be expensive to pay your energy and heating costs during the long winter months in Pennsylvania. The government and various utility companies offer financial assistance to help pay your bill, payment plans, and provide methods to save money. More Pittsburgh heating bill assistance programs.

Most Pennsylvania utility companies also offer financial relief. This can range from payment plans to free conservation measures, disconnection prevention programs, funds to pay a deposit and more. Locate Pennsylvania utility company financial aid programs.

Union Aid Society can help qualified people in Quaker Valley School District. Explore programs for emergency funding for medical bills, rent, food and utilities. There are also free Back to School supplies, Thanksgiving and Holiday gift card programs, and affordable apartments for low income seniors. Location is 601 Thorn Street, Sewickley, PA 15143, telephone 412-741-9240.

Volunteers of America helps veterans, the homeless and struggling families in Pittsburgh, Sharpsburg and the county. There are transitional housing programs, job programs and training centers, affordable and low-income subsidized housing(including for seniors) and other resources. More on Volunteers of America assistance in Pittsburgh area.

Jewish Family and Childrens Service may be able to help with emergency needs. The non-profit offer referrals to financial assistance programs for rent, housing, medications, or utilities. In some cases they have some funding on their own. The Critical Needs work from the Pittsburgh agency can also refer the disabled to programs, offer food from a pantry, and senior care, among other resources. Click here for information on Jewish Family and Childrens Services programs.





Wilkinsburg Community Ministry - May be able to provide bus tickets to individuals who need to go to doctors' appointments, work, and caseworker appointments. Other resources include Meals-on-Wheels program for the elderly; center serves a screening agency for Dollar Energy Fund and food stamps (SNAP); and emergency food pantry and clothing assistance. Location is  704 Wood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15221, dial 412-241-8072

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Program is a countywide service. Homeowners in Allegheny County are able to get free help from a housing counselor in renegotiating their home mortgage terms. The mortgage counselor will also help with setting up payment plans to cover delinquencies, and will also provide other assistance to help bring their mortgage current. Red more about mortgage counselors that are available across the county. Find locations of Pittsburgh housing counseling.

  • The mortgage counselor will work closely with the homeowner to establish a course of action, which could include modified home loan terms. Or the process may result in a payment plan, or even a possible bankruptcy filing, as well as all other options with the goal of saving the home.

The goal of this Allegheny Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Program is to try to get homeowners relief before a sheriff's sale takes place. When that occurs there is little that can be done to save the home from the process. Dial 1.866.298.8020 to learn more or ask for help. Or continue with mortgage help in Pennsylvania.

Free items in Allegheny County area

Free household goods, clothes, school supply assistance and other resources are offered from Allegheny County clothing closets, furniture banks and thrift stores. Families of all income levels can buy gently used goods at a low price or low income families are given free items, including back to school supplies.

Help with food is offered. There are agencies, distribution centers or charities to turn to for groceries, meals and personal stuff. There are free food pantries as well as soup kitchens and government programs.

  • A large number of additional food banks, soup kitchens for meals and distribution centers operate in the County. They can also help families, including the elderly, apply for benefits such as food stamps or Meals on Wheels. Get details and information on more Allegheny County free food pantries.

Free back to school supply, uniforms, and backpacks - Multiple agencies and charities help students from low income households. Or there are free school supplies for families in a crisis. Whether clothes, writing material, electronics, book bags or backpacks, support is offered. Find Allegheny County free school supply programs.

Charities and non-profits for free holiday programs - There are places to contact in Pittsburgh and the county for free toys, hot meals, and gifts. A combination of private donations and contributions are used to help children and seniors get a free gift, present or meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas. More on free holiday programs in Allegheny County.




Free health, medical and dental care is offered. In addition, there are a number of free medical clinics located around Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. the local United Way has a listing of the agencies. Contact the Allegheny County United Way at 412-2551155 to learn more or get medical care. Or find a listing of free Pittsburgh community clinics that operate in the region.


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