McKeesport assistance programs.

Help with bills from government grants

Over $500,000 is being provided to McKeesport to help residents pay various bills, such as rent, security deposits, and utility bills. Qualified city residents can apply for this assistance program.

Some of the financial aid being provided can be substantial. For example, McKeesport residents can receive help for a period of time of up to 18 months. When they apply for the program they will need to provide their utility service shutoff or eviction notices, provide proof of income, and they will also need to sign a certificate saying the information they're providing is accurate in order to receive assistance.

The program is also flexible. For example, if people have not been able to pay their rent for the past few months or so, and if their landlords have been working with them to allow them to stay, then the applicant may be able to receive a housing grant to help them pay their back-due rent, thus stopping an eviction.

McKeesport will work with local agencies, such as the United Way, and Salvation Army (phone (412) 673-6627), to ensure the aid gets to where it needs to.

Additional programs, including food and emergency aid

Sonshine Community Ministries Food Pantry can provide for basic needs for individuals going through a very difficult time. They run a hot soup kitchen for the low income and homeless. Other support can include clothing, refer people to a 12-step addiction group, and tutoring. 908 Evans Avenue. McKeesport, Pennsylvania 15132. Call 412-672-6711

LifeSpan, Inc. Mon Valley Center is another of the leading non-profits. They offer tax assistance, hot lunches, and some basic education. Most of the services they provide include information and referral to state of Pennsylvania or federal government assistance. Case managers can also help people apply for health insurance or entitlement programs. The center is at 624 Lysle Boulevard. Phone 412-664-5434





Allegheny County DHS can help the unemployed, working poor, and seniors in McKeesport. The location is the leading center to contact to apply for public assistance. Some of what is offered from the office includes the following.

  • LIHEAP heating bill assistance - This is the main federal government program. Applications are processed starting in November, and the government can help pay for utility/gas bills during the winter, spring and late autumn months. The Low Income Energy Assistance Program does not require that the applicant have past-due bills. There is also an emergency component. This is for customers with a past balance on their account, and who are facing disconnection or are out of fuel. Grants are issued from this program in a shorter time frame. Dial 1-866-857-7095.
  • Another option is EAP, or the Energy Assistance Program. It too will help low-income individuals in McKeesport that are facing a temporary financial crisis. Some of the Pennsylvania EAP services may include budget management, reduced payments, and home visits.
  • SNAP/food stamp applications can be issued. This will help low income families buy the food that they need to feed their families.
  • Some of the following may also be available. Apply for government health care such as Medicaid or Medicare. The TANF cash assistance program is administered, which can help pay for basic needs. Also learn about senior assistance programs or rent vouchers from section 8 housing.

The county Office of Community Services, which runs the programs indicated above, can be reached at 412-562-0330. Dial to make an appointment for intake.

Produce to People of McKeesport is involved in distributing fresh perishable items and produce and other grocery items to at-need families monthly. The program only operates on Saturdays. 412-460-3663

The Salvation Army is located at 821 Walnut St., McKeesport. Various social services and emergency aid is offered from the location. While financial assistance for expenses such as rent is rare, they may have food, clothing, case management, and Christmas assistance. Referrals and guidance is always offered to those who are struggling. (412) 673-6627





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