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Utility and energy bill assistance programs in Pennsylvania.

Find a listing of utility, heating, gas, and electric bill assistance programs in Pennsylvania. Get help from government grants or free energy conservation / weatherization measures. Low income families can also get emergency financial assistance, hardship funds, or payment plans directly from utility companies in In Pennsylvania. Find details below on financial help for utilities or power bills in PA

Also discover how non-profits and charities may also help prevent disconnections. Families that are behind on paying their monthly utility bill, or that expect a future hardship, can apply to one or more of these programs as soon as possible. Seniors, the elderly, disabled and working poor often get priority for any electric or power bill help. Emergency financial help may help pay electric, light, gas or heating bills. Government LIHEAP grants are offered, and there are also payment plans as well as abatements.

Government assistance for paying utility bills or conservation

Low Income Energy Bill Assistance and Free Weatherization - Grants from your local county assistance office and/or community action agency can help with paying heating and utility bills. Funds are offered to the state of Pennsylvania from the federal government LIHEAP block grant program.

LIHEAP is often combined with free home improvements to help the Pennsylvania homeowner save money on future energy or heating costs. Insulation, roof improvements, window replacement and other updates may be offered as well. More on Pennsylvania LIHEAP.

$1 Energy Fund - The $1 Energy Fund, Inc. was created by a coalition of non-profits, concerned community, religious, and business leaders, and the program was started in 1983. The fund has now has grown to become the fourth largest fuel assistance fund that operates anywhere in the country, both in clients served and dollars granted to those who need help. Call (800) 683-7036

Customer Assistance Programs - All of Pennsylvania’s major electric and gas utility companies are required to provide Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs), which are mandated by the state government.  CAPs generally provide local residents with a percentage of a bill plan or a percentage of an income payment plan, so that low-income customers’ utility and gas bill payments are based upon their total household incomes and/or dollar amount of utility bills.




Each utility may have their own version, as some assistance programs include utility arrearage forgiveness; others provide flat rate discounts or bill credits. Contact your local utility company and refer to this option.

Pennsylvania Dollar Energy is a government/charity partnership. This is the state of Pennsylvania largest hardship fund. It is providing grants to help residents pay for utility, cooling and heating bills. Each and every year hardship program is expected to provide emergency financial assistance to thousands of low-income Pennsylvania families, many of them who are close to disconnection. Click here for Pennsylvania Dollar Energy Fund.

Find financial help for energy bills from utility companies in Pennsylvania

Adams Electric Cooperative Project Helping Hand - The less fortunate in the community can get help from other co-op members who are unable to pay their electric bills. Call (717) 334-2171 or 1-888-232-6732 to apply or learn more.

Allegheny Power Assistance (First Energy) - This program works with low to moderate income customers to waive late payment charges. Call 1800-207-1250 or 1-800-720-3600.

Aqua Pennsylvania - This company provides water services to dozens of counties in the state. Financial assistance and help in paying off older water bills is provided from programs such as Helping Hand. More details on assistance from Aqua Pennsylvania.

Central Electric Cooperative Family Fund Energy Assistance Program - Matching funds from local donations may be able to assist member-families with paying for their heating bills. The Family Fund will match whatever the member is able to pay, up to $200, during a twelve month period. Of course qualifications need to be met. Dial 800-521-0570 or 412-350-3911

Citizen's Electric $1 Energy Fund - Qualified families and individuals need to must apply for all available energy bill assistance programs grants before applying to the $1 Energy Fund. So they need to apply for federal government and state of Pennsylvania assistance programs first. Also applicants need to meet the grant program guidelines that include making a sincere effort of payment for their bills. Phone - (570) 524-2231





Claverack Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up - The assistance program may be able to help low-income and in-need families in the Claverack service territory.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Emergency Repair Fund - This utility bill assistance program is designed to address emergency situations that involve unsafe service conditions for residential heat customers with low incomes, and the applicant needs to own and be living in their home. Dial 1-800-537-7431

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Warm Choice - This is a free weatherization program that first identifies an energy picture of your home, determines the customers usage and then takes action to seal up areas where heat escapes and help people save on their utility bills. This free assistance program is designed for customers with low incomes and high gas usage during the winter. Call 1-800-537-7431

Columbia Gas provides individuals with other emergency assistance programs, such as Dollar Energy, LIHEAP, weatherization, and cash grants. Read more Columbia Gas assistance programs.

Dominion Energy - Peoples Assistance - This program waives late fees for overdue bills for qualified customers. Call 1-800-688-4673

Duquesne Light Stay Warm Programs - The Stay Warm program was designed to extend the social services safety net during the cold weather months (Dec. 1 through March 31) by helping disconnected, low-income customers have their service reconnected so they can stay warm. In addition, the program also provides other working low-income customers credits of up to $150 on their bills to offset arrearages on their accounts. Call your local Salvation Army branch, and the program is administered locally. Call the company at 412-393-7100 .

Duquesne Light - Several other payment plans, government assistance (such as LIHEAP) and crisis programs are available. Most of the aid is focused on low income people who are most at risk if their power was to be disconnected, such as senior citizens, the disabled, and children. Continue with Duquesne Light assistance programs.

Duquesne Light Stay Smart Comfort - Customers can receive a free energy audit, free weatherization measures and improvements, energy education and services and measures to reduce your electric use and lower your monthly heating and energy bill.




Met-Ed WARM Program - Met-Ed partners with local charities, non-profits and community-based organizations and energy conservation contractors who perform energy-saving home improvements and energy education for customers, and people can save money on their utility bills. 1-800-207-9276

National Fuel Gas Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund - The fund is created by donations and supported by customer donations, employee and even utility company shareholder donations that are used for cash grants to prevent the disconnection of utility service. The program will reduce the number of shut offs. The Heat Fund will help pay current or past due energy bills or purchase home heating fuel or oil of any kind. Phone - 11-800-365-3234

National Fuel Gas Low Income Residential Assistance Program (LIRAP) - This gas bill assistance program offers reduced billing based on a percentage of the household's income and arrearage forgiveness on past unpaid bills. Call 1-800-365-3234 to apply.

National Fuel Gas Elderly, Blind or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance - This program was created to assist low income as well as so called payment-troubled customers who are at least 62 years of age, blind or disabled.  This assistance program can provide a lower monthly gas rate, emergency heating equipment repair or replacement, debt forgiveness and reduction, and conservation and weatherization measures depending upon individual circumstances. Call 1-800-365-3234.

National Fuel - A number of other resources and programs are provided, in addition to those listed above. Customers can receive financial aid to pay their bills, budgeting plans, conservation programs, and more. Click here for details of financial help from National Fuel.

Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative Member to Member - Another program that is supported by donations. Co-op member donations are matched by other agencies, and the funds will be used to help local member who are struggling to pay their electric or heating bills. Call 1-800-352-0014 to find an agency where to apply at.

PG Energy Partners Program - This program will set up affordable monthly energy bill payments for low-income customers based on percentage of income, and arrearage forgiveness.

Penelec Warm Program (Penn Power) - Penelec also has programs that partner with community-based organizations, government agencies and energy conservation contractors who perform energy-saving home improvements and energy education for Pennsylvania customers. Call 1-800-207-9276

Pennsylvania Electric - They focus their resources on low income families with children, the disabled, and seniors. Services include payment plans, government grants, and energy conservation. Almost ten different programs are administered by Penelec. Click here more on Pennsylvania Electric financial aid.

Penn Power WARM program - Free weatherization as well as home energy education assistance is offered to help eligible low-income customers save on bills.

Penn Power also offers payment plans, government assistance such as LIHEAP for heating bills, and more. They also can direct low income customers to state of Pennsylvania resources such as the CAP / Customer Assistance Program. More on heating and utility assistance from Penn Power.





Pennsylvania Power Company (First Energy) Reach Hardship Fund - Payments for qualified clients are currently being made directly to energy vendors of low-income customers to help with paying for their energy bills. The funds are administered by the Salvation Army in your town or county. Dial 1-800-720-3600, or contact your local Salvation Army in Pennsylvania.

Peoples Gas (formerly Equitable Gas Hardship Fund) - This assistance fund provides supplemental cash grants and payments for the repair and/or replacement of defective heating equipment or gas lines. Dial 1-800-764-0111 or 800-654-6335

Peoples Gas - (formerly Equitable Gas of Pennsylvania) Energy Assistance Program (EAP) - This affordable monthly assistance  program permits qualified low to moderate income customers to pay a portion of their household income for gas bills.  Also Equitable provides information on conservation techniques and weatherization. Dial 1-800-764-0111 or 1-877-577-8735.

Peoples Gas - (formerly Equitable Gas) administers several other payment programs for low income customers in Pennsylvania, seniors, and those in a crisis. Some are funded by the government and others directly by the company. Call 1-800-764-0111, or click more details on assistance from Equitable Gas.

Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund - This assistance fund was created to help prevent disconnections. The Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund was originally formed by local business leaders, utility companies, public officials, and local non-profit and community organizations in response to increased terminations of electric, gas, and water service in the area. Call (215) 972-5170

PPL - Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) OnTrack Program  - This statewide energy bill assistance program features a special payment plan for qualified individuals that offers reduced monthly payments on their bills, protection from shutoffs, and debt forgiveness of outstanding balances. Call 1-800-342-5775

PPL Operation Help - Funds may be used by Pennsylvania families and individuals to pay any type of home heating or utility bill, including electric, fuel oil, natural gas, or even coal expenses. Funding for this assistance programs comes from PPL, its employees, customers, and retirees. In total, a network of 16 community groups, charities, and local social service agencies across eastern and central Pennsylvania administer the program for low income customers and people who need help. Dial 1-800-342-5775.

PPL Operation Share - This service provides emergency financial aid to pay heating bills during the winter for families with short term financial hardships. Similar to some of the other programs and resources mentioned here, a network of local community-based agencies processes applications for assistance to families with financial hardships because of hardships such as large medical expenses, unemployment, disabilities, and other reasons. Call 1-800-652-0550 for more information.







PPL Electric - Programs are offered for the unemployed, families that meet low income guidelines, senior citizens and others. Resources range from payment plans to cash grants to pay the arrearage on your account. They also offer severeal conservation and weatherization type programs. Click more PPL electric assistance programs.

PG Energy Inc. Project Reach - Resources and services offered include shareholder, employee and customer contributions and special fund raising projects. Payments for utility bills are applied to customers' gas bills. Call 1-800-490-8605.

PECO Matching Energy Assistance Fund - The MEAF Pennsylvania program is an energy bill assistance program that enables PECO Energy to assist low-income, disabled and other struggling residential customers in its service territory with bill payment. MEAF is a customer pledge or donation program in which PECO matches customer contributions. Call 1-800-494-4000

PECO offers several other financial assistance and grant programs for low income customers. Read more PECO assistance programs.

Pennsylvania Power & Light WRAP - Customers of this utility company may qualify for energy-efficient appliances, energy education, and home weatherization services such as caulking and insulation.

Peoples Natural Gas - Learn about ways to save money on your energy and natural gas bills, as well as get information on emergency assistance programs. This energy company also offers families in Pennsylvania with several different discount programs and resources, including reduced rates for seniors and people with medical conditions. More details on assistance from Peoples Natural Gas.

Philadelphia Gas Works Customer Responsibility Program - Low income customers may be able to get help from CRP, which is PGW's customer assistance program that can people afford and pay for their their PGW energy bills and maintain their gas service.  CRP may provide discounted utility and gas bills for eligible customers. CRP customers pay a budget amount based on their gross household income.

 Among other features of this particular service, this assistance program offers forgiveness of 1/36th of a participant’s pre-program arrears each month, if applicable, if the participant keeps his or her payment on bills going forward current. Call (215) 235-1000 or (215) 684-6100.

Philadelphia Gas Works Conservation Works - The PGW Conservation Works Program (CWP) is designed to reduce energy usage and in effect help people save money on their bills, and help make energy bills affordable for low-income and/or elderly households in Pennsylvania. Currently, the CWP is targeted to gas-heating customers whose usage is average or above average and who are also currently enrolled in the Customer Responsibility Program. Services offered may include, but not be limited to, a home diagnostic audit, energy-related home repairs, energy education, and more. Dial 215-235-1000

Philadelphia Gas Works - In addition to the resources listed above, the energy company offers other cash grants and weatherization type programs. If you are faced with a disconnection or are struggling to pay your bills, call to learn about payment plans, LIHEAP, and other emergency financial assistance programs. Find additional Philadelphia Gas Works assistance programs.




REA Energy Cooperative Members Sharing With Members Fund - People who are faced with an unexpected loss of income due to a family emergency, illness, or other financial situation may be able to get help for electric bills. Call 1-800-211-5667

Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative Lights On - This program helps low-income families with their electric bills. Lights On is funded by the voluntary contributions of members.  Call 1-800-443-4255

Spring City and Royersford Project Outreach - This is a one-time-per-year emergency assistance program for Royersford and/or Spring City Pennsylvania residents. The program will provide up to 150 gallons of heating fuel or oil per household to residents. Dial 610-948-5111

TW Phillips Gas & Oil Co. Energy Help Fund - This assistance program serves low-income families. Call 1-800-222-5101

UGI Utilities Inc. - Gas and Electric - The customers monthly energy bill payment will be based on a household's total income rather than gas usage. When LISHP bills are paid on or before the due date the difference between the amounts billed and the actual amount used will be forgiven for the applicant to the program. In addition, past due balance may be forgiven on the customers account.  Call 1-800-844-9276 to apply or learn more.

UGI Utilities, Inc. Operation Share - Through UGI's Operation Share assistance program, customers of the utility company can help troubled Pennsylvania families meet their energy needs. For every $2 donated, UGI adds another $1 of funding, up to $4000 per year. The Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO) administers this particular program and determines eligibility for assistance. Call Electric Division: 1-800-962-1212. Get additional financial assistance from UGI Utilities.

Wellsboro Electric Company $1 Energy Fund - Provides grants and financial assistance to low-income residential customers for paying electric bills. Call 570-724-3516

If your utility company is not listed, click here for additional information on programs and resources for electric bill help. As there are many ways to get utility bill help.

Low income and working poor households also can get additional help during the cold Pennsylvania winter months. Find information on how to get free heating oil.

Grants and discounts for water bills

Low income residents, seniors, and people facing a short term crisis situation, such as a medical emergency or reduction in work hours, may be able to qualify for help for their water bills. A grant program, that is mostly funded by donations, is administered across the state by the Dollar Energy Fund. Locate information on Pennsylvania water bill assistance.


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