Financial assistance from PECO in Pennsylvania.

A number of assistance programs are offered by PECO for low income customers. The energy provider is committed to working with as many families as possible to help them find solutions to any difficulties they may be faced with. PECO can provide both direct financial assistance as well as energy efficiency and conservation programs to customers. For example, cash assistance and grants may be offered as well as weatherization, discount rates, and efficiency programs. The main goal of these resources is to ensure as many people as possible have more time to get back on track with paying their energy costs.

Discounted rates – Qualified low income customers may qualify for a CAP Rate on their energy bills. This will offer individuals a significant amount of savings on a monthly basis. In total, up to seven discounted rates and scales are in place at different dollar amounts. The most substantial rate will provide 90 percent savings on monthly utility bills. Savings and reduced rates are offered to both gas and electric customers. The CAP Rate is for qualified low-income customers within the PECO service territory, and the deciding factor on amount of savings is the applicant’s household income. Call 1-800-774-7040

LIHEAP offers assistance and cash grants. The program is paid for by the federal government, and aid is provided for low income customers and seniors. The program may be able to help customers and provide assistance to those having trouble paying natural gas, electric or other energy bills. The LIHEAP program can provide PECO customers with both recurring cash and one time crisis assistance. All funds are paid out by a direct payment to a vendor and the money does not go to the applicant themselves.

PECO fully supports the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and this service also has a crisis component. Money may be allocated for emergencies including funds to pay bills in a crisis, cash for fuel payments to reinstate service that has been shut-off for non-payment, and money also for repairing broken furnaces and leaking pipes. LIHEAP provides help to tens of thousands of families each year. Dial 1-800-34-HELP-4

Matching Energy Assistance Fund (MEAF) – This is a donation/customer pledge program in which PECO matches donations for anyone who will contribute. All of the donated funds and matching contributions flow to qualified low income residential customers who reside in the service territory. A number of bill payment options are administered. Dial 1-800-774-7040 to apply or learn more about MEAF.





PECO Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) - This is a free program that is offered to qualified low income customers. The resource offers education and energy saving services to help customers lower their electricity and gas bills. Phone 1-800-675-0222.

CARES Services, better known as Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Services can help customers with a temporary financial or personal hardship that prevents them from paying utility bills. Those customers with a hardship may qualify for assistance from this program. This is an information and referral service that was designed to assist low-income customers as well as special-needs customers who are being faced with a crisis situation. Call 1-800-774-7040.

Community Outreach works with non-profit organizations and government agencies. So it is a resources that depends heavily on partners. The Outreach program by PETCO can provide non-profit and private community groups with information about PECO's customer assistance programs as well as how to get financial help with bills.

An internal team known as the Universal Services Outreach Department provides information about saving money on energy bills as well as free information and advice about PECO's customer assistance programs too.



By Jon McNamara

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