Payment plans from UGI Utilities and assistance programs.

UGI Utilities of Pennsylvania administers a number of financial assistance, grant, and payment plans for struggling and low income customers. Some examples of the resources provided include LIHEAP, the Customer Assistance Program, and Operation Share. However those are just a few examples, and customers have additional options available, including government aid. Each program has qualifications that need to be met, and the demand is high and funding is limited. Most of the financial assistance is also offered on a first come-served basis.

Payment plans and programs are offered by UGI if/when a customer is temporarily unable to pay their monthly bill. In order to learn more, including qualifications, or to apply for help, you need to call the UGI Customer Information Center. They will review your account and explore any and all options that you may have. Some may be offered by referrals, and other programs are administered directly by UGI. Representatives and specialists will provide customers with information on a variety of energy bill assistance programs, establish payment arrangements, offer referrals to local agencies, and sign up people for participation in fuel funds. Call 800-276-2722.

Another payment plan can be set by the state of Pennsylvania and is the Customer Assistance Program. This is a state resource that will establish the customers payments based on a percentage of your household size, gross income, and overall energy usage at the property. It can help make someone’s UGI bill more affordable. In some cases this so called CAP program can even waive a portion of a bill.

Weatherization/Low Income Usage Reduction Program will offer qualified low income families, disabled, and the elderly with free energy conservation improvements and updates. The resources will measure a homeowner’s usage and really provide low income households the ability to save money on their energy bills. Possible energy saving measures made to a home can include, but are not limited to, ceiling insulation, floor, caulking, duct and hot water pipe insulation, weather-stripping, CFL bulbs, water flow restrictors, and gas heater repairs.

Operation Share Fuel Fund is for people who were impacted by an emergency, such as sudden death or serious injury/illness of the household's main income provider, disability, unemployment, or a sudden loss of income. Individuals can receive help for paying their heating or natural gas bills.





C.A.R.E.S., or Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Services, is mostly a source of referrals. Learn about government and social service agencies that offer programs such as LIHEAP, budget counseling, Salvation Army centers, and Office of Aging centers and programs. Call (800) 844-9276.

The LIHEAP program is funded by the federal government, but this is the state of Pennsylvania’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. It can assist income-eligible energy consumers and families with paying their heating and/or utility bills through energy bill assistance grants. Customers do not need to have to have an unpaid bill in order to receive cash grants or energy assistance. If you do apply and receive help, then you will not need to repay anything…so this is a true grant program and not a loan. If you sign up and are found to be eligible to receive a LIHEAP cash grant, a cash payment will be sent directly to UGI on your behalf and it will be credited to your natural gas bills. Crisis grants can be paid out to people if you are out of fuel or are faced with a disconnection.

Most LIHEAP aid is for people with broken heating equipment or leaking gas lines, people faced with termination, or those in danger of being without fuel or having your utility service disconnected. Crisis funds are available most days of the weak, and you can contact your county assistance office in Pennsylvania for more information.





By Jon McNamara

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