Penn Power assistance programs.

If you need help with paying your Penn Power utility bill, then you have a number of options available to you. The company provides financial assistance and conservation programs. Or qualified low income, seniors, or poor customers can explore a number of government administered resources. Customers can access programs to address medical needs, budgeting, weatherization, or cash grants.

Extended Due Date and Payment Plans are available as well. The due date is good for people that live on a fixed income, some type of pension, or disability check. This is effective for seniors or retirees too. It will allow customers to be billed by Penn Power when they receive their income or pension payment every month. While similar, the Payment Plan has many key differences. This will allow people to keep their utilities on while they make payments on their account that are more suited and timed to their current financial condition and income levels. The company won't indefinitely keep your power on, but customers need to come up with some type of long term solution in partnership with Penn Power customer service representatives.

Project REACH is available in an emergency to those Penn Power customers that are facing a crisis/hardship. It is a short term, temporary program that is offered by the Salvation Army working in partnership with Penn Power. It relies on donations from customers, company employees, and local fund raisers. A one time grant may be provided to those who are qualified, based on income, and that are also facing a crisis. Dial 1-800-720-3600.

All Penn Power customers can enroll into the Budget program or Equal Payment Plan. There are no income or other restrictions in place. It allows customers the ability to make the same monthly payment on their account throughout the year, regardless of the month or season. The budget amount will be trued up both quarterly and annually. This allows people to budget and plan their expenses much closer and more accurately over the course of the year. They will not be hit by the usual spikes that occur in their bills during the winter months. This is a free service that is offered to all families that receive their energy from Penn Power.

Government programs for Penn Power customers

The company also recommends those that are struggling explore all federal government and state resources. The primary assistance programs are noted below.




CARES/Customer Assistance & Referral Evaluation Services is a short term, crisis program created by the state of Pennsylvania. It is for those households that are considered “payment-troubled”. Customer service representatives and staff will provide referrals to charities, community action agencies and other social agencies in your town and county. This is an option for Penn Power customers that are senior or disabled. Or if you have a serious medical condition.

Families with a household member serving in the armed forces may benefit from the Military Deferred Payment Program. Your family member must be serving active military duty. If you are found to be qualified than Penn Power will allow you to postpone all or part of your monthly bill. Then, when the family member returns to the states and home, a payment arrangement will be entered into.

The Customer Assistance Program can place certain qualified customers onto a payment plan. Call 1-800-720-3600 for details. It will require that they make a regular monthly payment on their Penn Power bill. The amount they need to pay going forward will be based on a discounted rate. Some of the benefits on CAP include it can reduce electricity consumption and improve a customer's ability to make their payment. Of course it should reduce the chance for a shut off of your electricity service as well.

Explore the weatherization as well as LIHEAP programs. The federal government, state of Pennsylvania, and your local community action agency all work together on these two programs. There are several components to it.

  • LIHEAP is a cash grant program. It provides very low income and poor customers one time, annual financial help with paying their heating bills during the winter. Penn Power may sometimes provide them a credit for their LIHEAP funds. A crisis portion can also help prevent a disconnection of your electricity.
  • Weatherization is a conservation program. It is free to income qualified families. The focus is on those homeowners that pay a large percentage of their income for their utility bills. The federal government measure can pay for extra insulation, caulking, and other energy saving measures and improvements.




By Jon McNamara

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