Assistance from Peoples Natural Gas in Pennsylvania.

Western Pennsylvania customers of Peoples Natural Gas can look into emergency assistance programs, energy conservation, and other financial aid. The company can direct families to government funded and organized programs, or individuals can apply for help directly from Peoples Natural Gas.

The main federal and state of Pennsylvania program is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This is available for very low income customers, seniors, people on a fixed income, and the disabled. Many applicants have special needs or would be at risk if their power was to be shut off. LIHEAP is a federal government funded program that distributes cash assistance and grants to low income Peoples Natural Gas customers who meet qualifications.

The enrollment period usually begins in October or November of each year. Renters and homeowners can apply, and provided an applicant meets guidelines they may be qualified to receive grants from the program. There are other forms of assistance available as well from LIHEAP, provided their income does not exceed agreed upon guidelines. You can dial the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, your local community action agency, or call -866-857-7095 for more information or an application.

The Customer Assistance Program is offered by Peoples Natural Gas. Customers who meet certain income guidelines can enroll into a special payment arrangement. This can provide them with additional discounts, time, or other aid in order to help them get back on track. In general, what CAP will do is it will allow customers the ability to make more reasonable and affordable payments on their gas service by paying between 8 and 10 percent of their total monthly income each and every month. By calling 1-800-400-9276 you can see if you qualify and/or get more information.

Many customers who are enrolled in LIHEAP will also be automatically enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program. This service, known as CAP, will often go through improvements in how it is administered, including how it is communicated. For example, customers who were enrolled in CAP had changes made to their bills to provide more details.

The Dollar Energy Fund operates in all parts of Pennsylvania. Financial assistance is provided from this nonprofit organization, and it supports families across the entire state. It has provided financial help and support to low income eligible and special needs customers who live in the Peoples Natural Gas service area if they are faced with problems paying their utility or heating bills.





The non-profit Dollar Energy Fund relies on donations and contributions from the community, and the program is supported by utility customers, local charities, and shareholders from energy companies. The goal is to help people stay warm during the cold Pennsylvania winter and home heating season. Dial 1-800-764-0111 for a list of Dollar Energy Fund agencies to apply at.

This is also a donation program that allows you to Help Your Neighbors Stay Warm. If you are interested and able, people can add a dollar or two extra when they pay your monthly gas bill. Call 1-800-764-0111 to enroll and to make a pledge. All funds will go towards the needy in your local community, and donations can be tax deductible. The Pennsylvania Department of State can also offer information on the Dollar Energy Fund.

Energy conservation and weatherization is offered by the Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP). Support will be provided based on the applicants total household income and energy usage. Qualified customers may be eligible to receive conservation and improvements such as insulation, heating system retrofits, weather-stripping, caulking, tune ups, and other energy-conservation measures. When you save energy, you will be able to reduce the amount of your bills, and therefore make them more affordable.

Peoples Natural Gas customers who are going through a difficult period, and say who are unemployed or struggling, may be able to receive help from the Customer Assistance Referral Evaluation Service. This program will offer assessments for low income and struggling customers who require financial assistance, such as the jobless, unemployed, or those people with certain medical needs. There is support for families who live on a very low, fixed income, or frail or sick older adults.



By Jon McNamara

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