Financial assistance programs from Pennsylvania Electric.

Below you will find information on a number of Pennsylvania Electric financial assistance programs as well as resources provided by the federal government. The government as well as Pennsylvania Electric wants to help as many low income individuals and families as possible keep their utility service connected. So several different grant programs, energy conservation services, and other resources are offered to customers. Details and phone numbers of the various energy assistance programs are below.

The federal government Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is offered to all utility companies in Pennsylvania. It is run from a large network of community action agencies. LIHEAP can provide qualified low income customers help with paying their heating bills as well as summer cooling bills. Grant money can also be used to pay an electric bill too. Often times LIHEAP is offered in partnership with the weatherization program, which can help people save money and conserve energy.

LIHEAP CRISIS funds can help Pennsylvania Electric customers who are faced with a disconnection, and can help prevent a shut off of their utilities. Money can also be used to restore utilities during the winter. The second option is CASH, which can give a monetary payment to pay regular monthly bills.

The Pennsylvania Electric Customer Assistance Program can help eliminate their past-due balance as well as assist customers with maintaining utility service. The so called CAP program offers a reduced utility bill that is based on debt forgiveness as well as a percentage of income. Credits on bills from debt forgiveness are applied directly to a Pennsylvania Electric customer’s account. Goals include making an attempt to reduce electric account debt, improve a customers’ ability to make a payment, and reduce energy consumption. Call 1-800-545-7741.

The statewide Dollar Energy Fund is run by a non-profit organization and is an emergency financial hardship fund that was designed to help residential customers. A focus is on those who need temporary help in paying their electric bill, and who have suffered a recent financial hardship. Penelec employees, customers, and FirstEnergy shareholders all pay for this option, and money is distributed by community action agencies, social service organizations, and non-profits like the Salvation Army.





Get referrals and information on local assistance programs from CARES, or Customer Assistance & Referral Evaluation Services Program. Pennsylvania Electric customers can get aid from this service, and customers can get referrals to social agencies, charities and individuals can get information on appropriate company and/or external financial assistance programs.

Priority is given to any customer 60 years of age or over, a handicapped or disabled person, a family with a seriously ill family member who resides in the household, and very low income families with a child at risk. Call 1-800-207-9276

Pennsylvania Electric offers payment plans to qualified customers. These programs, which can also include extended due dates, waivers, fee reductions and other options. Call to speak to a customer service representative.

An Extended Payment Plan is offered for people with a short term financial hardship who are having difficulty in paying their bills on time. This service allows customers to keep their power on while they make payments to catch up.

An extended due date is offered or customers who are 60 or older or the disabled. People need to receive a disability check or Social Security or pension check, and if these customers need more time to pay their heating or electric bill based on the timing of that check, then Pennsylvania Electric may allow this.

Customers, or their families, who serve the military may be able to benefit from the Military Deferred Payment Program. Dial 1-800-962-4848 for more information or to apply for help. This financial assistance program was designed to assist Penelec customers who are in the military, or their immediate family members, who are having financial difficulties with paying utility and heating bills because their family members have been called to active military duty. Pennsylvania Electric customers who are participating in the program may elect to defer paying either all or part of their monthly electric bill until their situation improves. Then, when the family member in the military service returns home to the state, the account will be reviewed and payments will need to resume in full, and/or arrangements need to be made to get back on track.



By Jon McNamara

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