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When facing a crisis, Jewish Family and Children Service of Pittsburgh is available as a resource. The non-profit does its best to meet the needs of the less fortunate. Both basic needs can be provided as well as emergency financial assistance, as funding allows. While some of the programs are open for people regardless of their religion, others are focused on Allegheny County residents of the Jewish faith.

When requesting emergency assistance, clients will need to meet with the non-profits Social Service & Critical Needs Coordinator. The agency will offer advice, guidance, and support, if the applicant is qualified. Both short term aid can address the immediate crisis and offer long term self-sufficiency.

If and when it was determined that financial assistance is necessary, then the agency will look to local non-profit community resources and charities. So using the resources of a partner is the first priority, however when that is not possible, the Pittsburgh Jewish Family and Children Service SOS Pittsburgh fund is a possibility.

In some cases, limited financial assistance and grants are available to help pay for various short term emergencies. Examples can include money to pay rent to prevent an eviction, transportation for work reasons, past due utility bills, medical needs, food, critical home repair or warm clothing. Emergency food and groceries is also available through JF&CS's Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry.

A screening and intake process is done by the Social Service & Critical Needs Coordinator. This will occur at the JF and CS's Squirrel Hill Food Pantry. Any aid paid out is a last resort. Call 412.422.7200.

Senior and elder care will help seniors live independently, take medications, and coordinate care. Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Pittsburgh is a staunch advocate and protector of older clients' well-being and offers assistance for both in home and institutional care. Among other things, get help and referrals to government benefits, non-profits, and more. Some of the programs are noted below.

-Care Management and Coordination is available from clinical social workers who are trained to plan, assess, coordinate, provide services, and monitor older adults, caregivers, and their families.




-AgeWell Pittsburgh is a key JF&CS partner. This is really three different agencies offering a number of services and assistance for older adults. Resources are available across Allegheny County.
-Caregiver Connection addresses home care for the elderly. The goal is to keep a loved one safely living at home. The non-profit offers trained, fully-screened, and experienced caregivers for short- or long-term assistance.
-Planning from Pittsburgh’s JF&CS's Family Consultation will put together a plan for the aging loved one. This can also coordinate counseling and support groups if needed.

The Pittsburgh operation of Jewish Family and Children's Service runs the Career Development Center (CDC). This is based in Allegheny County and is a full service career counseling organization. It offers the unemployed and those seeking training with access to a center that has more than 25 years' experience. CDC has helped thousands of individuals and families obtain meaningful employment opportunities and they have also helped local Pittsburgh employers find employees.

For those newcomers to the workforce who are just starting a career, the recently laid off, residents considering a job/career change and others can get help in finding a quality job. Jewish Services also runs special programs targeting job seekers with additional challenges including at-risk youth, mature workers, legal immigrants, and people with mental health issues.

Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry offers support, help, and groceries to maybe thousands of families that need free emergency and supplemental food. People can get food assistance without regard to religion, race, color, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, familial status, age, sexual orientation, handicap or disability.





Disability programs are run by Jewish Family and Children's Service. They oversee Special Needs Services and provide access to experienced, compassionate advocate who can help you navigate the medical, legal and educational systems that can be overwhelming to understand. They address behavioral issues related to ADHD, physical disabilities that impair mobility, and developmental disorders, among other diagnosis. The Pittsburgh Jewish Family Services offers referral services, information, counseling and support groups, advocacy, community outreach programming and other aid.

It a main goal of theirs to advance equality, quality of life, dignity, self-determination and freedom of choice of lower income persons with disabilities. Get access to activities, services and government and state of Pennsylvania benefits to which you are entitled. They also work closely with community-based organizations to coordinate programs.

Both Immigrants and Refugees can get help from Jewish Family and Children's Service. Examples of what may be offered include help on becoming a citizen from the Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited Representatives.

Some other Immigration-Related Legal Services include support for legal matters and Naturalization Services. Many also need employment, and JF&CS of Allegheny County can help with that too, including the career center referenced above. Staff work to resettle refugees into the local community, and provide for basic needs. Another resource is the Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic, or LITC. This can include information on credits and even help in preparing a return.

Other resources may be administered as well. Jewish Family and Children's Service of Pittsburgh is located at 5743 Bartlett Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217. Call 412.422.7200.



By Jon McNamara

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