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Will County Illinois assistance programs.

Find where to apply at, and how to get financial help from charities, churches, and non-profits. Get grants or loans for paying utility or electric bills, rent or mortgage payments, and money for paying other bills. The direct financial aid or government assistance is combined with free stuff, ranging from medical care from clinics to food from pantries. There are even resources for free clothes, Christmas presents for kids, and school supply programs in the region.  Find the main resources below in Will County Illinois that help with bills along with employment programs, debt reduction services, and more.

Find resources and programs that can assist you will bills

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling to make it by in this weak economy, you may be able to find help from local non-profits or the community action agency. The goal of the Will County Center for Community Concerns is to assist both low and moderate income families and individuals in Joliet and Will County. They help them obtain the resources they need to make it through short term emergencies, and at the same time provide them with resources that are needed to prepare themselves for self-sufficiency over the long term.

Some of the programs offered are below. The Will County Center for Community Concerns is located at 304 N. Scott Street, Joliet, IL 60432, and the phone number is 815.722.0722.

Grants and Funds for crises and Emergency Services
The Emergency Services Program will provide assistance and possibly grants to families or individuals who are facing an imminent eviction. They can also aid people who are threatened to have their water, utility, sewer, or heating service disconnected.

Illinois Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
This federal government funded program was created to assist Will County and Joliet low and moderate income households with paying for winter heating and summer cooling bills.




  • The LIHEAP program will provide a one-time cash grant/benefit to qualified households, and the funds are to be used for paying energy bills. The amount of the grant provided to an applicant is determined by household income and the size of the family. An shutoff notice or overdue energy bill is not required to apply. In addition, you do not have to own your home or be responsible for paying energy bills directly to be eligible for LIHEAP. Your source of fuel also does not have to be electricity or natural gas in order to receive assistance. This assistance provided to qualified applicants may be either paid as:
    • A one-time cash grant that is paid directly to your gas and/or electric company.
    • In addition, the Illinois LIHEAP program also includes an Emergency Furnace Component that will either replace or repair non-operational home heating systems.

Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program
Reduce your heating bills and receive free upgrades. Low income Will County residents will reduce their energy bills, save fuel and also conserve energy while increasing the comfort of their homes. The Program evaluates and will upgrade a homeowners heating system, insulation of exterior walls, floors, and attic areas, caulking, weather-stripping, and more.

Mortgage and Housing Counseling
The Mortgage and Housing Counseling Program will provide counseling and training to low-income renters and home owners. Some of the resources offered to them include Mortgage Default help, landlord/tenant relations, budgeting, family and life skills, debt counseling, foreclosure prevention services, Pre-Purchase, Homebuyers Education, Pre-Foreclosure, and HECM (Reverse Mortgage), and Post-Purchase support. Find other Illinois foreclosure programs.

CSBG Scholarship Program
If you need help for school or paying for an education, the CSBG Scholarship Program awards grants and scholarships each year to low-income and disadvantaged students of high academic potential or achievement. Students who apply need to be enrolled or enrolling in an institute of higher education somewhere within the state of Illinois.





Prescription Drug Assistance
Get free medication or save on your prescriptions from the Prescription Drug Assistance Program. People can get vouchers for prescribed medications, and they can be used by qualified clients at participating pharmacies for free or discounted medications. Call them find more information on medications.

Employment Support and Help finding a job
The Employment Support Program will assist Joliet and Will County heads of households with either obtaining or maintaining employment with such items as transportation, daycare, and even work supplies and clothing.

The agency, also known as WCCCC can provide other support as well to the low income. One focus is on addressing housing needs and preventing homelessness in Joliet and nearby towns, so to this end funds for paying rent, transitional housing services, and help for security deposits is available. Since funding is limited, in some cases a loan is issued for those expenses. Also get referrals to government subsidies, such as HUD section 8 vouchers.

All of the services mentioned above are operated by the Will County Center for Community Concerns. Phone 815.722.0722. Click more details on Will County Center for Community Concerns assistance programs.

Programs for rent and housing help

Daybreak Center provides emergency assistance and cash grants that can be used for food, heating bills, rent expenses, etc. and more. The aid is available in order to prevent homelessness and utility service disconnections, and it also offers Transitional Housing for single mothers and parents in the community. (815) 774-4663. It is run by Catholic Charities of Will County and Joliet Illinois.

Will County and Joliet Illinois Salvation Army

This local branch of the Salvation Army ((815) 726-4834) provides help to Will County and Joliet families. They are a great place to call for referrals and case management type services. Some of the other programs they administer include a free food pantry and soup kitchen, which only operates on Monday from noon to 3pm. The financial  assistance they offer is focused helping with paying Illinois American Water bills as well as energy and heating expenses from Nicor. Interested parties should call in advance to learn what paperwork and support is needed for any programs. Call the firm at (815) 727-5123.





Social workers from the Salvation Army also offer low income families advice, case management, and information on job training and employment programs. The goal of the agency is to help a family facing poverty pay their immediate bills (Nicor gas and America Water), but even more importantly get back on their feet. Other programs offered include free Christmas assistance, winter coats, hot meals, school items and more, as funding allows. Get more information Salvation Army Will County.

Legal aid

If you can’t afford an attorney, non-profit law firms exist in the area that may be able to provide you with free advice and court representation. Prairie State Legal Services/Will County Legal Assistance has attorneys and other legal professionals who can offer free help. The programs are provided without charge to help low to moderate -income persons, the elderly, and seniors resolve important civic legal problems such as stopping family abuse, preventing foreclosures and evictions as well as preserving housing and similar urgent needs. (815) 965-2134.

Financial assistance for rent, heating, and utility bills, as well as free food

Catholic Charities runs a service known as Daybreak Center. It is fairly extensive, and both offers its own financial assistance and resources, and they are a great place to call for referrals. Some of the programs offered include.

  • Emergency Services/Homelessness Prevention Program -This provide financial assistance for paying rent and/or mortgage. They may be able to help people and provide additional ways to get mortgage assistance.
  • Free food - Get access to groceries and food vouchers.
  • Clothing, household items, and furniture.
  • Health assistance, in particular funds for prescriptions and information on medical programs
  • A number of other services are offered in Will County Illinois. Read more Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Funding is limited, but call them at 815-774-4663

Will County Community Development Division of Land Use - Helps administer the government Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). This can provide financial assistance to people to help them stay in their homes and prevent an eviction. Also get help for security deposits and other housing expenses. Joliet Illinois. Phone (815) 774-7894

In addition to the resources above, several other options exist for housing and rent help. Some agencies may have government funds from the emergency solutions grant program, or ESG. Other services for tenants includes eviction prevention help, no interest loans, and one time financial aid. Read more Will County rent assistance.





Housing for women and disabled - The non-profit Lambs Fold offers many housing resources. The focus is on victims of domestic violence, women, single parents, and individuals with a disability. Some of the programs are as follows.

  • Transitional apartments, and help in locating a permanent home is available.
  • Trinity Services is the agency that offers solutions for the disabled, including referrals to rental programs and grants in Will County.
  • Job training, education, and case management, services will help women gain stability and employment. A focus is on addressing the cause of a hardship.
  • Other support is provided by Lambs Fold. Click more information Lambs Fold housing programs.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Holiday help - Families can apply for assistance from a number of charities. There are programs for the elderly, immigrants, single moms, and unemployed among others. Clients can be given free Christmas toys to present to their kid or a box of food with meats, vegetables and more to prepare a holiday meal. Continue with free holiday help in Will County.

Department of Human Services in Will County administers benefits for low income residents, the disabled, and working poor. Any type of grant or cash assistance available will be contingent on the client attending job training or self-sufficiency services.

Some of what DHS will provide includes vouchers for groceries from SNAP food stamps, emergency rent rent as part of EFSP program, loans or cash from temporary assistance for needy families or GA, and low cost medical care. Many other resources are available as well, and find public aid in Will County.

Referrals from Crisis Line - A center operates in Will County and the specialists direct the less fortunate to a number of programs for their needs. The service has information on everything from emergency financial aid to applications to public benefits, such as food stamps or disability applications. So a wide range of services are administered, and read Will County Crisis Line.

Will County household goods, including clothes, are offered based on donation levels. Some of the agencies ramp up during the fall or holiday months to also offer assistance in acquiring school supplies or they run Adopt a Family Christmas programs. Find free clothes, school supplies and household goods in Will County.

In a last resort, borrowing money can be an option. Regardless of credit, there are private lenders, online payday type loan companies, banks, and other organizations that may offer emergency funds. The interest rate will vary, nut the cash can be beneficial in a crisis. Read more on emergency payday loans.

In addition to the clothing closets and furniture banks above, many Will County charities give out free school supplies. Students from elementary, kindergarten, middle and high school age (K-12) can get what they need. Whether writing material, backpacks, laptops or chrome books, or clothes, it can be offered. Continue with free school supplies and uniforms in Will County.





Find free food programs

There are dozens of pantries in the county as well as national non-profits such as Feeding America that support families from Joliet and other towns. The locations will offer everything from groceries to clothing and USDA food stamp applications Other support may be meals for children that are out of school and free Christmas food and gifts.

Peace Community Church is in Franfort Illinois. Volunteers offer an emergency box of food to clients. Call 815-469-2868.

Catholic Charities, which can be reached at (815) 774-4663, runs a food bank and clothing closet in Joliet Illinois.

Levy Center - Meals on Wheels and healthy food is for senior citizens and their spouses. Or applicants can learn about home care programs. Dial (630) 759-3411.

St. John The Baptist operates a soup kitchen and food pantry. For information, call (815) 727-4788.

If those locations can’t help, low to moderate income families have many other options. Some of what is available in the county includes free soup kitchens, groceries from pantries as well as applications to government aid including food stamps. Find emergency free food pantries in Will County.

Will County assistance programs and agencies that help anyone in Illinois

Get information on programs and services that help anyone across Illinois, including in Joliet and Will County Illinois.

There are also national organizations as well to try, that have operations in Will County. Examples include programs that offer financial help to people on FMLA. This is a major resources for the sick and injured. Grants are offered for financial aid. In addition, find a number of other resources, including HUD housing programs.

Medical care

If you are low to moderate income, do not have health insurance or if your coverage is limited, the Will County Community Health Center offers high quality, free or low priced preventive and primary health care services to the medically under served individuals and families of Will County. (815) 727-8670.

Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive health care, medications, and social services for family members of all ages. Medical care is offered to all who qualify, regardless of age. (815) 768-8750.





Will County Community Health Center offers both primary and preventive health care services to the medically under served, unemployed and low income patients of Will County and Joliet Illinois regardless of age, sex, color or their ability to pay for the medical bills. They also help with dental needs. Find other ways to get help with medical bills, or call them at (815) 727-8670 to make an appointment.

Last, but not least, the Will-Grundy Medical Clinic ((815) 726-3377) can also help the underinsured and others on a limited income. It provides comprehensive dental and medical care to the uninsured residents who meet income guidelines and have no other access to health care or the ability to pay for it.

Catholic Charities (phone number above) also provides financial assistance for prescriptions and medications. 815-774-4663

Child care expense assistance

A local non-profit, Child Care Resource and Referral, helps Will County Illinois families and individuals in locating childcare, it will also help eligible families with paying for their childcare bills, provides consultations to childcare providers regarding early childhood issues, and the organization also offers professional opportunities for childcare providers. Dial (815) 741-1163.

Senior programs

The Peter Claver Center ((815) 722-6361), which is headquartered in Joliet, serves low income people who are 50 years or older. It provides them with educational opportunities, humanitarian assistance, recreational services, and job training and placement.

By Jon McNamara

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