Crisis Line of Will and Grundy programs.

The low income, homeless and residents in poverty can turn to the Crisis Line of Will and Grundy for information. Specialists at the center have details on a wide array of services that are available, ranging from Family Support to free food. Staff from the non-profit can also direct tenants towards affordable housing solutions in either Grundy or Will County, which can help people stabilize their living situation.

The agency is a call center. Staff from the center will direct residents to agencies that offer some or all of the services below. The exact make up of what is available from each organization will vary, but families may find some of the following types of assistance.

Anyone that is homeless in the community can first look for help from shelters. While limited in capacity, these can provide people a bed to sleep in for a night or two. In addition to that, meals are served to the guests as well as personal hygiene items. Food and clothing are offered, as well as other items helping families with basic needs.

The next step is a transitional housing site. The lodging may be available for several months. Not only that, at each location staff from Crisis Line of Will and Grundy or partner groups will help families by connecting them to educational and employment services. This is done as the purpose of the transitional housing is to provide the client a place to stay (or time) while they work towards long term stability.

Crisis Line of Will and Grundy advocates across the community too. They do this with other non-profits and government agencies. The goal is to develop permanent and affordable rental housing. Whether it is an apartment or shared housing, this is key towards families achieving self-sufficiency. The program offers assistance to  residents who have some access to income. All applicants will need to agree to case management services as well.

There are currently apartments in the region. They are income restricted, with a maximum ceiling. While the terms can vary, many of the tenants have an income of 60% of Area Median, though exceptions can be made. Some of the centers will also accept section 8 housing vouchers.




Staff from the Crisis Line of Will and Grundy work to address the needs of residents. Many of the people that use the affordable housing in Grundy and Will are often isolated from the community. They may be faced with educational or cultural barriers, or maybe they lack the skills for a decent job. Case management services engage adults in learning new skills. This will help them address basic needs such as rent and utility bill assistance.

Additional support from Crisis Line of Will and Grundy

There are services available that can help in a hardship. While the non-profit can direct residents to the housing programs noted above, many people from the community need other forms of help. So whether it is food or funds for utility bills, then the services below may be able to assist.

Family Support is when staff work with children from struggling households and really entire families in crisis. There is guidance for parents (including single moms) unable to provide basic necessities for their children and the vulnerable, such as the unemployed.

Crisis Line of Will and Grundy recognizes that every situation is different. So to meet the need of the community, they offer a variety of short and long term assistance programs. There is general counseling to increase problem solving abilities and ongoing support services. This is done as a sustainable home life is critical to success. As part of this, they offer a variety of programs providing families and individuals with resources that will help them find affordable housing, budget, or connect with other government or community resources as noted below.

Emergency Food Boxes are for households. The box will contain free food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it will depend on what has been donated to Crisis Line of Will and Grundy affiliated agencies. The food box is intended to supply a family with enough groceries to last for a few days.





The boxes contain mostly non-perishable grocery items. However, once gain, if other goods have been contributed to the pantry, then they may have diary products, baked goods, produce and other perishable items. The pantry relies on community support from both local grocery stores, restaurants, and food drives held by the community. So please donate if possible, as Crisis Line of Will and Grundy is an equal opportunity provider.

For those from the region who are seeking financial aid, case managers offer both Information and referrals as a form of assistance. People from the community can learn about grants from LIHEAP for energy bills, Senior Care, Health Insurance Counseling, or applications to Food stamps. This is available by appointment, and case managers can direct people to the correct application site.

There are one of two main phone numbers to call. Residents of Will County can ring 815-722-3344, while Grundy County families dial 815-942-6611.




By Jon McNamara

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