Lambs Fold housing and assistance programs.

Lambs Fold provides programs to homeless women and children as well as victims of domestic violence. The non-profit works to provide them shelter, permanent home placement, food, case management, and other support services. There is also assistance for the disabled which is offered from partnerships with groups such as Trinity Services.

A key service is the Lambs Fold Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing Program. Most of the units and apartments are offered as part of the so called scattered site leasing program. They are located in Joliet as well as the greater Will County region. Much of this is paid for partially by the federal government HUD program.

The disabled can also get housing help from Trinity Services, which is a key partner agency. Not only will a women and their children get a place to reside, but other services offered to them include personal care items, food, clothing, and household supplies. They will receive advice and support from a dedicated case manager.

Other self-sufficiency programs for guests include educational classes and vocational training; tutoring; food and Nutrition; resumes and job coaching; transportation; life skills classes such as Parenting; and Child Development. Staff work with them on financial issues, including Personal Finance as well as record organization. When the single parent or female leaves the center, they can also explore various options for paying the rent on a new home.

The reason the above services are available is because residents are encouraged to become as self-sufficient as possible and increase their education levels. There may even be transportation offered by Lambs Fold to a training or job site.

Additional housing solutions are available. Lamb’s Fold will rent out apartments and homes to residents. The units will be subsidized, as well as the utilities on them. The non-profit also offers diapers, food, clothing, furniture, household goods, personal products and more. These items will help make the person feel at home. Food is given to them too.





Much of the housing is focused on women, especially single moms. There is a service available that will refer the client to emergency grants for paying their rent, as this will in effect prevent the women from needing to move to one of the apartments referenced above. Lambs Fold staff have extensive information on all resources available in the Will County region. So they can link single mothers to rental assistance programs.

Case Management will help people identify assets and overcome challenges. Together the women and the professional address various issues. They include school enrollment, ensuring access to proper medical care, obtaining appropriate affordable child care and more. There is also help in apply for disability benefits and other entitlements, such as section 8 or rent help. Case managers work with the client to ensure the goals are competed too.

The client needs to gain self-sufficiency over the long term. To meet this goal, employment is a big focus of the program. Lamb’s Fold works with other non-profits and Will County employers to assist residents in job coaching and search. As part of this process, women have the opportunity to work with staff to utilize the internet for free job searches and develop/update a resume.

Case management also touches upon education. This is obviously an area of strong focus. Social workers encourage every resident to get a GED or a high school diploma. They are supported and encouraged to move on to higher education as appropriate. The staff will also ensure each resident has received education in each of the areas which would most benefit the women and her children.

Tutoring is also a key component of the education classes. The agency can arrange for group or private tutoring by qualified volunteers from the community. This can be arranged at the Lamb’s Fold offices or at a resident’s home. Personal tutoring has been credited to helping residents receive their GED and gain other skills.




A key goal of case management is for those women without a high school diploma, Lambs Fold will enroll her in GED or high school classes immediately. Those without proper job skills are encouraged to work with non-profit agencies in the community to increase their marketability.

Together the student and the Lamb’s Fold teacher or staff will explore scholarship programs, school clothing and notebooks, and other items. If someone needs books or a uniform, then help may be offered for that as well. There may also be state of Illinois or federal government financial aid or grants available to pay for education.

Advocacy, including help applying for public benefits is coordinated by Lambs Fold. Case managers work with clients to ensure they get the support they need. This will include successful completion of applications for entitlements such as SSI/SSDI applications or food stamps.

They can get information on other benefits in Lake County. Or explore scholarship applications or job training resources in the region. Staff work with them on interactions with other Will County Illinois agencies.

A part of Life Skills, a curriculum is developed for the parent, women, or child. The workshops offered touch about nutrition, health care, parenting classes, child development, personal finance and budgeting, workforce development, obesity prevention and others.

During these session, residents enjoy the opportunity to meet professionals and health care specialists. Some of the classes include Healthy Moms and Healthy Kids; sessions for Interview Preparation, Exercise, and Disease Prevention.





The onsite Resource Center is open to women, including the homeless. There may be a computer, printer, email, and fax service available. There is also on site staff who will help with employment searches. This Lambs Wolf Resource Center is also available for school-aged children for competing homework and research.

For more information on any of these resources, or the availability of emergency housing, dial 815-723-5262.


By Jon McNamara

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