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Assistance programs Spokane County.

Find financial assistance, grants and loans from charities, churches, and the government DSHS in Spokane County. Funds can help with paying energy or heating bills, rent, and other housing costs. Agencies also offer free health care, grants for job training or educational needs as well as ongoing credit counseling to address the long term needs if the client. Or find free “basic needs” such as food, educational or school supplies and even Christmas toys for children so they can celebrate the holidays.

The goal of the charity or government run programs is to both (1) offer emergency, short term financial assistance as well as (2) provide stability in the form of employment or money management in Spokane. Those two resources can lead to success. There are even a number of free government and non-profit job training programs.

Free grants, advice, and support from Community Action

The Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs offers residents several programs and resources that they can take advantage of to help them through difficult times. The non-profit, sometimes called SNAP, is the local non-profit Community Action Agency. The locations offers free grants, information as well as financial resources to Spokane County residents, career and employment programs and other support. More on free government and charitable job training agencies near you..

The primary goal of the Spokane Neighborhood Action Program is to assist both families and individuals with paying their bills, and they help struggling people make a successful transition from dealing with a crisis to self-sufficiency over the long term. The resources they offer are below. There are additional programs as well. Contact them at (509) 456-7111 to learn more about these or other programs, or to apply.

  • Utility and heating bill assistance is available. The SNAP organization has distributed over $2 million in assistance to low and moderate income households in Spokane County. The money has been distributed over the last two months, and the amount paid out will usually increase over the winter. The assistance is to help people pay their heating and utility bills. Almost 8,000 families across the county have sought help with paying heating bills.
  • Utility service disconnection support can stop the shut off of power, lights, or even heat. The non-profit helps households that had received a shutoff notice from their utility company, or those who have run out of firewood or heating oil. Financial aid is offered in the form of emergency grants to help them keep their utility service on. This is a separate program, and it has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars of emergency aid. Also find utility disconnection laws, which can help keep the lights and heat on. The rules, regulations and laws also apply to Washington.




  • Project Share is yet another energy bill program that is available by SNAP. Project Share is a local fuel fund that that was created from donations from customers and utility companies themselves. The program was established to provide emergency energy bill assistance to those people and individuals who are not otherwise eligible for energy bill assistance. It will also help those people who have exhausted all other available energy assistance sources, including government assistance.
    Payment from Project Share is limited to the minimum amount that is needed to address an emergency for electric or gas bills, 100 gallons of free heating oil or propane, one ton of pellets or one cord of wood, and the total monetary value of the aid provided can’t exceed $300 for any assistance. People can use this program only once per year. Other programs provide free heating oil.
  • Weatherization Program is a free government service run by the Spokane County community action agency. This is an energy efficiency program offered by SNAP. The program is free to qualified families, and it targets low and moderate income residential and multifamily housing units. Both owner occupied homes and rental homes are eligible. The weatherization services provide a wide variety of energy conserving measures that encompass the building as a whole, its cooling and heating systems, electricity consuming appliances, and its electrical system.
    Some of the free upgrades completed to a home can include installation of extra insulation in ceilings and attics, basements, and exterior walls, repair windows and doors, install or repair water heaters, pipe, and duct insulation, and caulking.
  • Minor home repair program is offered countywide. Struggling as well as low income families may be eligible for repairs and updates to their homes. This program will replace and/or repair items that pose health or safety hazards to individuals and families. This home repair program will focus on those minor but essential repairs such as no water, lack of heat, and low-cost plumbing issues. It can also include furnace repairs, appliance repairs, hot water tanks, faucets, and other items. Find other ways to repair your home for free.

Contact the Spokane Neighborhood Action Program to learn more about these programs, other services they offer or to apply for aid. (509) 456-7111

Financial assistance and advice in Spokane County Washington

Rent help is available from Spokane County Community Services, which can be reached at (509) 477-5722, offers Housing and Community Development. The assistance program provides both rental and utility bill assistance to Spokane County’s low and moderate income residents. The program is open to individuals, families, singles and even couples without children However qualifying candidates must be a county resident with an income under 50 percent of the Spokane area median income.





Find a number of other non-profit organizations to call for rent help in Spokane County. Families with children, seniors, and disabled are given priority, but all low income individuals are free to apply for assistance.

Salvation Army - Citadel Corps. which is based in Spokane County (at multiple sites) and can be reached at (509) 325-6810 is one of the leading agencies to call for help. Use them to find information on both Washington and federal government programs, information on local charities and non-profits, and other financial aid. They may even have, from time to time, limited financial assistance that they can offer people on a select basis.

Crisis and emergency programs are administered by the Salvation Army from multiple locations in Spokane County. Some of the services offered include emergency utility bill help through a partnership with Avista, free  food, holiday meals and free Christmas gifts for children. They also give students of all ages from back to school supplies and clothes. However case management is one of the primary resources, and is required of most applicants. This includes Life Skills, food, housing stabilization, and other community services. More details on Spokane Salvation Army.

Goodwill of the Northwest and Spokane County can assist HEN eligible families. There may be financial assistance (though funds are limited) for paying rent, move in as well as security deposit help, and grants for utility bills. The office is at East 130 Third Avenue. The charity may also help with other needs, ranging from issuing free bus passes for work to toiletries or meals. Dial (509) 462-0518 for details, including on house. Or for those who need it. Read more on financial help for paying rent.

DSHS - Community Services Office - Eastern Washington (Spokane Washington (877) 501 - 2233) runs the government Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), State Family Assistance (SFA), or Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA). Applicants and people who want help must have an emergency housing, utility, heating or other financial need; and the applicant also needs to have a good reason that you had insufficient funds to pay your housing or utility bills.

The government agency also provides other forms of assistance. They help low income families obtain nutritional support from SNAP food stamps, and also offer services to the disabled. DSHS offers many other public benefits in the county as well. Continue with Spokane public aid.

Medical Lake Outreach Center provides rental assistance when funding is available, as it is limited. Medical Lake Washington. Phone (509) 299 - 3819

Catholic Charities may offer some short term financial assistance. The non-profit charity may provide emergency utility bill assistance or rent help for low income and poor families in the Spokane County region. The agency will request that people get referrals from other social service agencies and partner with other churches.

A focus is also on households with young children and seniors. The charity, and partner churches, will also direct families to self-sufficiency resources such as job training. Address is 12 East 5th Avenue, Spokane, Washington, 99202. Call (509) 455 -4963. More on Eastern Washington Catholic Charities programs.

The City of Spokane Human Services Department offers government benefits and public aid. This can include  limited financial assistance, housing stabilization, and applications for programs such as SNAP food stamps or Medicaid. LIHEAP can help people with heating costs as well. The main office is at 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. And dial (509) 625 – 6130.





New Hope Resource Center has emergency assistance for utilities. This includes water and electric bills. 4211 East Colbert Road, Colbert, Washington, 99005. Call (509) 467 – 2900 for intake.

Northeast Washington Housing Solutions runs the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This will help low -income and working poor families. They can get assistance in obtaining safe, decent and affordable housing in Spokane County. Clients will need to pay a portion of their income towards rent, however they can select any pre-approved housing that they want to live in. 55 West Mission, Spokane, WA, 99201, (509) 328 - 2953

Spokane Valley Partners - Contact them for help, as they provides emergency financial assistance, support, cash aid and referrals to Spokane Valley residents. The agency assists with energy shut offs, emergency food assistance, rent evictions, transportation for employment, and some prescription medications. A free food bank is also open a few days per week, and they offer payee services for senior citizens in the county. Call (509) 927 - 1153, or find assistance from Spokane Valley Partners.

Volunteers of America of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Provides help with paying utilities, city water bills, gasoline vouchers, 2-hour bus passes, and personal hygiene items. They also administer both emergency and low income housing, including Crosswalk, for families, including veterans and single parents.

Many other services are available from VOA in Spokane. Case managers will help with employment or educational needs, such as GED training. They also operate a thrift store, and all money raised is used to fund their services, such as provide loans for paying rent or other needs. Phone (509) 624 - 2378, or read more on Volunteers of America of Eastern Washington.

Our Place Ministries of only supports a limited area. It includes West Central Spokane, North of the Spokane river, West of division, and South of the 2400 block. Phone (509) 326 - 7267. They can help pay an utility bill if a customer has a disconnection. Read above, at the top of the page, for information on utility disconnection laws.

St Vincent De Paul Spokane District Council - The non-profit Society provides qualified individuals with emergency free food, clothes, or basic needs. As funding allows, there may be financial assistance for rent, travel, utilities. Or some of the SVDP parishes help arrange medical care. prescriptions and address other requests. There are other parishes as well in the Spokane Washington area. Learn more on Society of Saint Vincent de Paul emergency help Spokane County.

Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center offers a Family Emergency Services Program and other resources. This can offer free back to school supplies and holiday assistance to MLK clients, referrals to financial aid including rent assistance, information on budgeting and more. This is only for qualified families within city limits.

The agency does offer Utility bill assistance for Avista, and city water bill for people in 99202 and they have to have at least one child in the home under 18 years of age. They can use it once per year. This organization can also provide only information on emergency rent help, eviction prevention grants. Applicants to the program must also be employed or on unemployment. 845 South Sherman Street, Spokane, WA, 99202. Dial (509) 455-8722, or find details on Spokane Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach.

Cancer Patient Care – Patients diagnosed with cancer and their immediate family members may qualify for financial assistance for items such as utilities or basic needs. For example, the non-profit provides up to $100 cash grant to be used for assistance on electric/heat and/or water bill every three months. 1507 East Sprague, Spokane, Washington, 99202, call (509) 456-0446

Apply for emergency rental assistance from the Spokane Homeless Families Coordinated Assessment. This program is paid for by Spokane and the federal government but is administered by Catholic Charities churches in the region. Financial assistance, vouchers, case management, and resources for finding a new home or all offered with this service. Hundreds of residents have receive rent assistance or temporary housing from the program. More information on Spokane Homeless Families Coordinated Assessment.

Holiday meals and Christmas gifts are available to the very low income of Spokane County. Qualified individuals may be given some or all of the following, based on qualifications and donation levels. There may be free toys; Thanksgiving food baskets; clothing; or home delivered Christmas meals for the homebound. Many other programs may be run too. More details on Spokane County free holiday programs.







Caritas Center – Organization provides emergency assistance for paying utilities and some other basic needs for those who qualify. Address is 2919 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA, 99205, (509) 326-2249

Cheney Outreach Center – Services offered at the center can provide basic emergency monetary and financial assistance for low-income individuals and families and the working poor. In addition they also offer information and referral to members of the community for government assistance, charity programs, and other local resources. Aid is only for Cheney school district families. 423 N 6th Street, Cheney, Washington, 99004, telephone :(509) 235-8900

Spokane County assistance programs and services that are available across the state

Below is information on Washington non-profits and programs that help people across Spokane County. Get foreclosure counseling, help with utility bills, legal aid, and other aid.

Other nationwide agencies also help Spokane County residents. There are churches, government grants, cash assistance programs, and housing resources (among others). Assistance is for the homeless, single moms (or dads) and the most vulnerable. Even locate how to get rent help as a single mother.

Grants for eviction prevention

Funds that can be used to prevent an eviction and for rental assistance are available for Spokane Washington residents. Any form of government support is for tenants who are facing an eviction or having trouble paying their rent. The City of Spokane has received almost $2 million to assist households with remaining in their current apartment or rental home.

The funds are a result of the city of Spokane’s Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program. The aid is known as the Moving Forward program. The City of Spokane is partnering with four local agencies and charities, including Catholic Charities, Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners, Volunteers of America, and the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium. The Moving Forward program will provide outreach, cash grants, case management, and housing location assistance to help keep individuals and families in their homes.

Rent funds from Moving Forward will help people who have been impacted by a job lay off, Loss of business income or business closure, or a reduction in income as a result of a Reduction in hours or household income. Other situations may apply as well.

Not only may money be available for paying rent or other housing costs (such as utilities or water bills), but the vulnerable such as single parents or seniors can also receive placement into a home. Call 509-455-4965 to learn more or apply for rent or eviction help, or click more information Spokane county eviction prevention assistance.

Veterans assistance

Contact the Spokane County Veteran Services, which can be reached at (509) 477-3690. They offer several different assistance programs to military veterans. They provide food assistance, and they can also provide what is known as travel assistance. Travel assistance is either a bus pass or free gasoline so that veterans can get to and from work, job interviews, and other important appointments.





Some of the other assistance they can provide to veterans and families includes some rental assistance if they have an eviction notice or are behind on rent, and they can also help with paying heating and utility bills if they have a turnoff notice. They can also refer people to government assistance programs that help veterans with rent.

If somebody were to come in for rent assistance, while the organization can’t pay their entire rent, or they can’t pay their entire utility bill, Spokane County Veteran Services can at least pay enough of their rent or energy bills to keep it from getting turned off in most cases, or to keep the person from being evicted from their housing.

Groceries and free food

Second Harvest Inland Northwest distributes food and groceries to local charities, pantry, and non-profits. Call them at (509) 534-6678 to find a distribution center near you.

All Saints Lutheran Church (Spokane (509) 838 - 4409), Audubon Park United Methodist ((509) 325 - 4541), The Greenhouse (Deer Park (509) 276 - 8224), and New Hope Resource Center ((509) 467 - 2900) are all agencies, non-profits, and charities that offer free food, vouchers, groceries, and possible other forms of help like clothes. You need to call them to get the specifics. Residents have other options, and find food assistance programs for your family.

Or if these two locations are out of funding or can’t meet your needs, then there are many other pantries, soup kitchens and non-profits in the area. Find free Spokane County food pantries.

Foreclosure prevention and mortgage delinquency counseling

Solid Ground - Housing Counseling and Homelessness Prevention is a non-profit agency that helps Spokane area homeowners keep their homes through mortgage default counseling and foreclosure prevention solutions. Most of the services are free. Housing counselors may include negotiating repayment plans or forbearance agreements with banks and lenders. Provides information on the foreclosure process and loss mitigation options available to avoid the loss of the home, including government mortgage programs. Find resources that help with mortgages.

In addition, the agency offers assistance in developing a budget to get and stay current with lenders and bills they have, and can help reduce debts. Targets clients who are behind or chronically late on mortgage payments.  Also provides referrals to other community resources, government programs, charities, and other non-profits and may have limited mortgage assistance. Availability of funds varies throughout the year. Call (206) 694 - 6766

Medical care from community clinics

Christ Clinic (phone (509) 325 - 0393) provides acute and chronic primary health and medical care for men, women, and children by a family oriented doctor. Find information on programs such as free medications.

East Central Community Center - Spokane provide primary medical care and no fees are charged. Phone (509) 625 - 6699.

Spokane Falls Family Clinic - The community clinic offers services on a sliding fee scale, and they can provide a full range of medical and health care services, including prenatal care and delivery. Four family practice physicians are on staff as well as three nurse practitioners, two dentists and two residents and other professionals. There is an on-site medical laboratory and fully stocked pharmacy for use by the clinic's patients. The staff will work with you to make your care both high quality and affordable. Spokane Washington (509) 326 - 4343.

If one of the centers mentioned above can’t provide the health care you need, then find additional Spokane County free clinics that may be able to help you save on medical bills.


By Jon McNamara

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