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Rental assistance in Spokane County.

Find charity organizations, churches, and government agencies that provide rental assistance in Spokane County Washington. There may be financial help for low income tenants, the homeless and/or families that are facing a crisis, including for back rent or a security deposit. In addition, learn about other options such as low income housing, lawyers that fight evictions or section 8 government vouchers. Get rent assistance near you in Spokane County.

Most of the Spokane Washington organizations can provide some form of emergency short term assistance, and at the same time they want to work with clients to ensure long term success. While funding is always limited, people can apply for money to help with paying security deposits, back rent, and maybe even moving costs. There will also be case management, referrals, or counseling. Staff also give ideas on longer term solutions to help with both paying rent and staying current on monthly housing costs, including utilities.

The bottom line is these places in the city as well as County of Spokane want to help people avoid evictions and prevent homelessness. To this end, grants, loans, free legal aid, and other forms of short or long term rent help may be offered, including to people with past evictions. Find more details on houses for rent with bad credit/evictions near you.

Organizations that help with rent in Spokane WA

Saint Vincent de Paul Society has several parishes and churches on the county. Based on funding, apply for emergency rent help, travel for transient individuals in Spokane County, free furniture and other support. Volunteers contribute and process applications. Any funds may also be offered for utility or security deposits and/or first months rent.

Parishes include Mary Queen (dial 509-671-6424) or St. Thomas More parish at 509-466-3811. SVDP in Pasco is St. Patrick (phone 509-544-9315) or try St. Mary in the county at 509-362-7621 for emergency rent help. 

Spokane Valley Center (Partners) is based at 10814 E Broadway Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 .The housing organization can provide low income housing and rental assistance to low-income families, disabled, and the elderly or handicapped persons. Food, basic needs and other aid is offered. In some cases, they have referrals to funds for paying security deposits on low income housing. Call (509) 927-1153. More on rent help from Spokane Valley Partners.




Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest helps veterans using SSVF grants. The address is East 130 Third Avenue, Spokane, WA, 99202. Phone number is 509-828-2449 or (509) 462-0517. Any rent or housing assistance as part of HEN or SSVF is limited. But there may also be basic needs given, including bus passes or referrals to shelter, to clients in Spokane County. This is a state of Washington as well as federal government funded housing, homeless prevention and rent assistance program.

Spokane Resource Center - Poverty and Homelessness Task Force site. The location helps city residents only. Staff work on poverty issues, homelessness and welfare reform. There are referrals to low income housing, rent grants, storage fee help and more. The address is 130 South Arthur Street, 2nd Floor, Spokane, WA 99202. Call 509-867-8188. They may offer referrals to emergency rent help in one day.

Northeast Washington Housing Solutions, also known as Spokane Housing Authority - Address: is 25 W Nora Ave, Spokane, WA 99205. Phone number - (509) 328 - 2953. Rental assistance subsidies are provided from the section 8 voucher program. Families will still need to pay a portion of their income towards their housing costs. Assistance is also for the disabled, families on welfare-to work, and the poor. A waiting list is in place, but there are emergency section 8 HUD programs in Spokane.

Spokane County Community Services - They offer various housing resources. There may be one time rent help for low income families, including single moms or dads or even tenants without children. Other resources may be free motel vouchers, grants, utility bill help, referrals to low income apartments and much more. Rental assistance can be offered as well. More on Spokane County Community Services assistance programs.

Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium (SLIHC)  - They do not offer funds for paying rental arrears, but rather the organization has a listing of available apartments for rent for low income families as well as housing that has a waiting list. The office is at 907 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 Dial (509) 325-3235.





Catholic Charities Eastern Washington (which covers Spokane). It is based at 1219 W. Pacific Ave., Spokane, WA 99201. Anyone that is requesting rent or housing assistance can try the Catholic Charity Church for Spokane County. Financial help for the homeless, tenants facing eviction, and other services foe low income people in rent arrears is not directly offered but only from people referred to Catholic Charities. They also empower families who are in need of temporary assistance. The Homeless Families Coordinated Assessment phone number, which is the number for shelters, housing, and other resources, is 509 358-4250.

Coordinated Housing and Homeless Families Assessment of Spokane runs various programs in the community. Most are in partnership with churches and charities. They offer rapid rehousing (including funds for security deposits or storage fees); emergency homeless prevention (loans or grants to pay rent); job placement; referrals to homeless shelters; and more. Call 509-325-5005, or more on Spokane Homeless and Housing Assessment.

Medical Lake Outreach Center - Address is 207 S Washington St, Medical Lake, WA 99022. Call (509) 299 - 3819. Has limited funding, but as resources allow, they may offer loans or financial aid for paying rent, late energy bills, and other expenses that could lead to homelessness if not paid.

Northwest Justice Project has free lawyers for renters and the low income. The office is at 1702 W Broadway, Spokane, WA, 99201. Free legal support is available for housing issues, including landlord and tenant mediation. Or attorneys can resolve disputes over security deposits and unsafe housing or help prevent evictions. Call ((509) 324-9128

Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center operates a Family Rent Assistance Program. Address is 500 S Stone St, Spokane, Washington 99202. The non-profit only supports tenants in zip code of 99202, and they need to have children. Single mothers can get help too. There may be financial assistance available in the form of a small amount of help for paying housing or rental expenses. Call (509) 868-0856.

Volunteers of America is at 525 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, Washington 99201. They help the homeless, elderly, and others. Whether a bus pass, or a few dollars for rent or a deposit, various social services are offered. A major focus is on basic needs, including housing.  Call (509) 624-2378




Spokane County - Community Services, Housing and Community Development Department is at 312 W 8th Ave, Spokane, WA 99204. An agency that runs a number of social service programs as well as referrals. The resources available are for for people needing assistance with human services, housing, and other support groups. Information is available on government aid, such as emergency solutions grants for paying rent and other costs. Phone (509) 477-5722.

Spokane Neighborhood Action Program, or SNAP, is a community action, poverty fighting group. They have multiple offices. The main intake number is (509) 456-7627. Runs a program and offers resources to try to increase the availability of housing,. There is rent help and economic opportunity for senior citizens, veterans and low income people.

Salvation Army housing and social services are based at 222 E Indiana Ave, Spokane, Washington 99207. This charity organization partners with and is a clearing house for churches, non-profits and other agencies. Families and renters in the community who need assistance are referred to the non-profit and they screen each request. There may also be free motel vouchers, transitional housing, and some emergency funds for back rent or utilities. Call (509) 325-6810.

Caritas Outreach Ministries is at 1228 W Nebraska Ave, Spokane, WA 99205. Various emergency assistance programs are offered by the non-profit. Tenants, the unemployed, immigrants and others can explore housing, utility or water bill help (to stop homelessness), rent funds, public aid, referrals to low income apartments and more. Call (509) 326-2249

Rental assistance Spokane CountySpokane County Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing is available from several organizations. Groups such as VOA, SNAP, and others provide grants for rent or past due energy bills. The homeless, single parents or disabled can get help with moving costs and placement from DSHS. This includes free vouchers for hotels or money for rental or utility deposits. Continue Spokane eviction help and rehousing.

Spokane and Washington State DSHS- Community Services Office - Eastern Washington
Apply for financial assistance and cash aid. Get funds for rent/mortgage, energy bills and other housing costs. Programs include housing assistance, career training and placement, and much more.

  • 1313 North Maple, Spokane, Washington, 99201. Call (877) 501-2233
  • 8517 East Trent, Spokane, Washington, 99212, telephone (877) 501-2233

Cheney Outreach Services only helps people from the Cheney School District excluding Airway Heights. The center which is a partnership of local groups, provides emergency assistance for rent, electric bills, transportation and other needs from 616 3rd Street, Cheney, WA 99004. Call 509-235-8900.

Information and referrals can be obtained from the state. Call 1-877-678-4428. Low income families, those living in poverty, and struggling tenants can learn about charities that offer one time rental assistance. A combination of government grants, financial help from non-profits, and donations assist with back rent, deposits, paying motel expenses or moving expenses.

Family Promise Of Spokane provides referrals
For referrals to local financial help only, call 509-747-5487
Appointments are needed, and all resources are limited. The clearinghouse gives information on emergency financial help for rent and bills may be offered on a case by case basis. They also have information on homeless shelters, motel vouchers, and other financial resources.







Spokane County Veteran's Service - 1117 N Evergreen Rd, Spokane Valley, Washington 99216. Veterans, active military members, and their immediate family members, such as spouses and children, may qualify for emergency aid. One emergency program, known as SSVF, addresses medical concerns, provides loans, application for public benefits, and offers other support on housing and rental needs.

  • There are housing programs, including for rent or utilities. Or learn about free motel vouchers, no wait list housing and other resources in Spokane for veterans (or their families). Call (509) 477-3690.


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