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Utility and energy bill assistance programs Washington.

Find how to get help in Washington with paying your utility and energy bills. Financial assistance programs listed below will help the low income, senior citizens, and disabled make it through a difficult period. The government provides emergency money or free grants for paying energy bills and utility companies offer payment plans, discounts, or other forms of financial help. Get utility bill help in Washington.

In addition, save money on your energy bills from free weatherization services or several different discount programs in Washington state. There are also free windows provided, air conditioner, insulation or roof repairs, as well as home energy audits in WA to help people save money. Or look here for a free window replacement service.

Most of the Washington PUDs have some type of assistance programs or offer utility bill relief or forgiveness. Customers can also contact non-profit organizations, charities, and government programs for hardship grants. While most of the financial help provided is targeted at the low income, elderly or disabled, tens of thousands of households receive some type of assistance every year.

Government assistance programs to pay utility bills in WA

The following government funded programs are offered across Washington to all qualified families, regardless of utility provider. Many other resources and services are also listed.

Washington state senior, low income, and disabled discounts - All of the Public Utility Districts  and utility companies provide discounts on utility and energy bills for low-income, seniors or disabled customers. While the exact amount of savings will vary, in general discounts offered will range from 5% to 40% of a customer’s utility bill.

Washington Energy Matchmaker conservation program – Provides energy saving measures to homeowners. Measures furnace modifications and repairs, attic, wall and floor insulation, weatherstripping and more. Call your local community action agency.




Low income state of WA and federal government funded government assistance - The primary programs are LIHEAP energy bill assistance and weatherization. There are government grants to pay energy bills, in particular heating costs. In addition, free energy conservation services are available for struggling and lower income families. Click here Washington LIHEAP and weatherization.

Get utility, heating, and light bill help directly from Washington utility providers

Avista - Project Share is a community assistance program that is run by community action agencies in Washington. Grants and financial aid is available to those in need without regard to their heating source. Contact your local community action agency to apply.

AVISTA Utilities – LIRAP is run by communication action agencies and is a low income assistance program. Another option is the Senior Energy Outreach. This program provides financial assistance and grant for both heating and cooling expenses. This is open to low income seniors.

Avista administers other emergency financial assistance programs as well. Some, such as payment plans, are offered directly by the utility company. Other services, such as weatherization, are run in partnership with local community action agencies and non-profits. Read more on financial assistance for Avista bills.

Benton Co. PUD – A program known as Low-Income Senior and Disabled Discount can provide a 15 to 20 percent discount to low income customers who need certain poverty levels. Applicants to the program must be 62 years of age for the Senior Low Income discount, or have a disabled household member. To apply or get more information, call the Benton Franklin Community Action Committee at 509-545-4065.

Cascade Natural Gas – A program known as Winter Help is administered by Washington's Community Action Agencies. It can help pay gas and heating bills.

Cascade Natural Gas - Lower income customers have several other emergency assistance programs offered to them, including disconnection prevention, LIHEAP, and weatherization. The energy company recommends families call for help. More assistance programs from Cascade Natural Gas.





Chelan County PUD - Low-income disabled and/or senior citizens may be eligible for a discount on their monthly utility or electric bills. The discount can range from anywhere from 5 to 30% on your monthly energy bill, depending on your exact financial situation. Dial any of the following. City of Port Angeles - 360-457-0411. Leavenworth 509-548 -7761. Wenatchee (PUD Headquarters) 509-663-8121. Chelan 509-682-2581

Chelan County PUD – Using government (state and federal) funds, they provide weatherization assistance. Leavenworth 509-548 -7761, Wenatchee (PUD Headquarters) 509-663-8121, or call Chelan 509-682-2581.

Chelan PUD - Helping Hands is a program that is offered by the Chelan/Douglas Community Action, and it can provide support to qualified families. Call the main number of 509-662-6156, or dial Leavenworth 509-548 -7761, Wenatchee (PUD Headquarters) 509-663-8121, or Chelan 509-682-2581.

City of Port Angeles - Pass the Buck is a donation program that may be able to assist low-income city residents with paying their utility bills. The Olympic Community Action Council runs the program. Call the Olympic Community Action Council at 360-452-4726.

City of Richland – A program known as Helping Hands can provide up to $100 to help customers pay energy and utility bills when they are out of options. Call 509-942-1104

City of Richland - Low-Income Rate Discounts are offered for seniors and disabled. In addition, they may be eligible for a variety of utility services at discounted rates. Call 509-942-7390

Clallam County PUD runs the Neighborly Assistance Program, which can make funds available to help qualified low-income residential customers pay their monthly electricity bills. Call your local community action agency.

Clallam County, which can be called at PUD 1-800-542-7859, also offers a Senior Citizen Discount as well as a Disabled Discount. For people who are 62 or older the PUD offers a discount on electric and water bills. The Disabled Discount offers savings to disabled people who meet government poverty guidelines.

Clark Co. PUD  - Rate Credits – This will provide senior citizens with a 50% credit on their monthly utility bills.




Clark Co. PUD – Guarantee of Service Plan allows qualified customers to pay a maximum monthly amount on their energy bills that is based on their total household income rather than electricity use. Security deposits and late charges are waived as part of this program as well. Dial 360-992-3000.

Clark County PUD – A fuel assistance program known as Operation Warm Heart may be able to help come customers pay their home heating bills for the elderly, the ill and basically for anyone who is facing a financial hardship from a family crisis or unemployment. It pays for any heating source, whether the applicant uses oil, gas, kerosene, wood, gas, and/or electricity. 360-992-3000

Columbia Rural Electric Association – A senior discount program is offered for low income seniors. Dial Walla Walla, 1-800-642-1231 or 509-382-2578 in Dayton dial 509-526-4041

Cowlitz County Public Utility District – They offer customers Residential Weatherization Conservation. Call (360) 577-7514 or (800) 631-1131.

Cowlitz County PUD – Two programs are offered. The first is Warm Neighbor Plus, which is an option for  Cowlitz PUD customers who have received a disconnection or shut-off notice. Another option is the Warm Neighbor Program, which may be able to assist qualified low-income families with paying their electric bills. Electric customers seeking assistance can contact the Lower Columbia Community Action Council at 425-3430 for more information or details on either program.

Cowlitz County PUD – Two services offered include the Low-income Disabled Discount Rate as well as the Low-income Senior Discount Rate. The programs offer a discount for senior citizens or disabled who meet certain income levels. To apply for either discount or to learn more on the programs and how they work, contact Columbia Community Action Council at 360-425-3430.

Douglas PUD  - They partner with the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council to offer customers the Low Income Weatherization Program. Douglas County residents are eligible for help. Call 509-884-7191 or 1-800-503-7990

Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light - Shine a Light may be able to offer emergency financial assistance and cash grants to qualified, low-income customers struggling to pay their electric bills. The program is administered by the Salvation Army. Dial 253-531-4646.

Ferry County PUD – An assistance program known as Project Share may offer help for heating bills.
Ferry County PUD – The Low-Income Senior Discount program may be able to help a senior qualify for a discount on their monthly utility bill for your primary residence. The applicant does need to be 62 or older and also meet income limits. 509-775-3325





Franklin PUD – Low income disabled and senior customers can receive anywhere from a 5 to 30% discount on their utility bills to help them save money. Senior discounts are offered for people who are at least 62, and discounts are offered for disabled customers as well. Call 1-800-638-7701 or 509-547-5591

Franklin PUD, which can be reached at 1-800-638-7701 or 509-547-5591, offers customers Helping Hands. Financial aid is available for customers who need help. Call a community action agency in your area.

Grant Co. PUD – They also offer Share the Warmth. Dial 509-754-0500

Grays Harbor PUD – Grants are provided from the low-income weatherization program for floor and wall insulation, weather-stripping, and window replacement.  Dial 360-538-6383.

Grays Harbor PUD – The Project Help assistance program was created by customer contributions, and the money can help people pay for heating bills of families in need. This fuel-blind program will pay for all sources of heat - gas, oil, electric, wood, etc. The emergency crisis funds also assist low-income and working poor families with paying the deposit required for new PUD electric service. Coastal Community Action Program administers the program.  Dial 360-533-5100 or 1-800-828-4883

Grays Harbor PUD, which can be called at 360-532-4220 or 1-800-562-7726, offers a couple assistance programs to certain customers. The Disabled Discount Program may be able to provide customers with a  discount on their utility bills if they have a disability covered by Washington State Laws and a limited income. Another option is the Senior Discount Program, which is for low income senior citizens.

Klickitat PUD – A financial emergency program known as Operation Warm Heart can help people pay their energy and utility bills. Applicants of course need to be screened to determine eligibility. Goldendale, Wendy, 509-773-5891 or call White Salmon, Wanita, 509-493-2255

Klickitat PUD – This companies program include a Low Income Elderly Discount, which is offered on a seasonal basis to low income, senior citizens. It runs from April to December and can help people save money on utility and heating bills. In addition, the Low Income Winter Discount can provide 10 percent winter discounts to low income customers, as long as they are current on their monthly PUD bills. 773-5891 or dial 800-548-8357.

Lewis County PUD - Project Share may be able to help low-income customers who are struggling to pay their electric or energy bill. The PUD contracts with the Community Action Council for administration and distribution of the funds and grants to qualified low-income residential customers. Morton Office: 360-496-6100. Also dial Chehalis Office: 360-748-9261 or 1- 800-562-5612

Mason County PUD – Seniors can receive up to $15 savings on their monthly energy bills. Available for low income seniors. Disabled individuals may also be able to receive help with paying energy bills. The contacts for these programs are the Community Action Council at 426-9726 or a potential customer can dial toll free at 1-800-952-6992 to apply or get an appointment.

Mason County PUD 3 – This company also runs a version of Project Share. This is an energy bill assistance program that is a joint effort of local churches, PUD 3, the Community Action Council (CAC),  interested citizens, charities, and PUD 3 customers. Its purpose is to assist needy customers with paying for their electric bills. Dial the following numbers. Elma to Shelton toll free: 360-482-4998, Shelton: 360-426-8255, Belfair PUD 3 office: 360-275-2833, or call Belfair to Shelton toll free: 360-275-6518.

Modern Electric Water Company – The Project Share is a community program funded by customer donations that provides emergency home heating aid and assistance for paying local needy families. By granting a one-time financial support or grant to the needy, the Project Share assistance program helps those in trouble long enough to get them back on their feet. Call 509-928-4540







Northwest Natural Gas - This energy provider administers several programs for low income customers. Families in Washington can apply for payment plans, budget billing, or federal government assistance such as LIHEAP. One option, the level payment plan, can help customers pay off a past due balance on their account. More Northwest Natural Gas assistance programs.

Okanogan Co. PUD – Local community action agencies administers Project Help, which is an assistance program to help to needy families and individuals who are unable to pay their electric utility bills and cannot obtain help elsewhere, including from such government programs as LIHEAP. Project Help also provides funds to help secure utility deposits and payments for them.  Call Tonasket 509-486-2131; Okanogan 509-422-3310; Oroville 509-476-2928; Brewster 509-689-2502.

Orcas Power & Light Cooperative – There are two programs available: Energy Assist, which provides a monthly bill credit ($25-$55/mo depending on household size) for co-op members who have already qualified for a number of low-income programs (free/reduced lunch, SSDI, LIHEAP, etc.).

The other program available is Project PA. This is an emergency grant of about $150 available one time each year to help co-op members in need to pay their winter heating bills with a priority for seniors and people with disabilities. Learn more at or call 360-376-3500.

Pacific Co. PUD - Low Income Senior and Disabled Discount is available to either or seniors who are aged 62 and over and also aid is available for disabled customers who fall within the federal poverty guidelines. Both may be able to get a 40% discount. Dial Raymond office 360-942-2411, Naselle 360-484-7454, Long Beach, or the main office at 360-642-3191

Pacific County PUD – The low income and need can get help with energy and electric bills from Warm Heart. This assistance program may be able to help customers who cannot get help elsewhere. The utility assistance program is administered by The Ministerial Association in the north county area, and by FISH in the south county. Call the following. FISH 360-642-4987. Or dial Ministerial Association 360-942-3157.

Pacific Power – Administers a Low-Income Bill Assistance Program. This is a three-tiered bill discount that is based on income and the program is available during the heating months of November through April. Contact your local community action agency to learn more or to apply for help. Phone numbers include Yakima County - South of Union Gap (Northwest Community Action Center) phone 509-865-7630; Columbia, Garfield, Walla Walla (Blue Mountain Action Council) phone 509-529-4980; Yakima County - North of Union Gap (Yakima Valley OIC) phone 509-452-7145.




Pacific Power - Project HELP is a financial assistance program. If you live in these Washington towns dial Walla Walla, 509-529-9470, Yakima, 509-453-3139, or Sunnyside/Toppenish, 509-865-4151.

Pacific Power – This energy provider partners with local non-profit and charity agencies to provide free weatherization services to low to moderate income-qualifying homeowners and renters living in single-family homes, mobile home or apartments. A wide variety of measures can be installed, including compact fluorescent light bulbs , insulation, energy-efficiency showerheads, and much more.

Please call your local community agency in your area to apply for help. Yakima County (North of Union Gap Opportunities Industrialization Center of Washington) dial (509) 452-2555; Columbia, Garfield, Walla Walla (Blue Mountain Action Council) phone (509) 529-4980; Yakima County - South of Union Gap(Northwest Community Action Center) phone (509) 865-7630.

Pacific Power - The resources referenced above are just some of the services offered. Additional financial assistance, payment plans, and discounts are available in an emergency. Find more Pacific Power assistance programs.

Pend Oreille Public Utility District – Individuals or families who have fallen on difficult times due to medical emergencies, unemployment, reduction in income or other reasons may be able to get  help from Neighbors in Need. Dial 509-447-3137.

Peninsula Light Company - Project Help may be able to provide financial assistance for low-income families who live on the Gig Harbor and Key peninsula area of Washington. It is a seasonal program, and Project Help is available to low-income families from November through April to help with high winter heating bills. Key Peninsula Community Services administers the program and distributes money to those who need help. 253-857-1510 or 1-888-809-8021

Peninsula Light Company – The utility company runs the Senior and Disabled Discount program, which provides discounts of up to 25% to low income seniors or disabled customers. Call 253-857-1510 or 1-888-809-8021

Puget Sound – A financial assistance program known as HELP may be able to provide additional utility bill-payment assistance (beyond the federal LIHEAP program) to qualified PSE customers. Eligible low income and other qualified customers can receive up to $1,000 per year in credits to lower the amount of their electricity or natural-gas bills. Dial 1-866-223-5425 to learn more or to apply.

Puget Sound Energy – Low income energy conservation programs run may include providing homeowners with heating and water heating equipment repairs, installing insulation, draft sealing, repairs to home, and more. Local low-income agencies, charities, and your local community action agency can provide information on the free services available. Interested individuals should contact local low-income agencies at 1-800-562-1482

Puget Sound Energy - Warm Home Fund is emergency utility-bill assistance. Qualified low-income and working poor families who face a possible loss of their electric or natural gas service may receive financial assistance or cash grants. Contact your local the Salvation Army.

Seattle City Light – A way to get help if faced with a disconnection is Project SHARE. This is an assistance  program for customers who have received an urgent utility disconnection notice and if the customer has already explored all options and if they have taken advantage of all the other financial assistance programs. Funded by customer donations and private donations, it will pay up to $500 of your electric bill. Customers must be referred by Seattle City Light Customer Service in order to be able to apply for help. For more information call 206-684-3000.







Seattle City Light – Two different assistance programs are offered. They include Emergency Low Income Assistance. At most once per year, Seattle City Light customers may receive assistance and savings on their energy bills of up to 50% or $200 of their electric bill. This aid is provided if the customer has received a final termination notice. Payment arrangements to cover any outstanding balance on utility and energy bills are required. The other program offered is a Discounted Rates on bills for Low-Income, seniors and Disabled. Qualifying customers can save 50% savings on their water, electric, sewer and garbage bills. Both programs are for low income and have conditions. Dial 206-684-0268.

Seattle City Light - Qualified low income customers can explore several other assistance programs ranging from payment plans to immediate financial aid. Each program will have a formal application process and conditions that need to be met. Funds or payment plans may be offered for all types of utilities, including heating, electric bills, and water expenses too. More on assistance from Seattle City Light.

Seattle Office of Housing - HomeWise Weatherization will perform an energy analysis of your home. Then energy saving improvements can be made. It can include, but is not limited to, insulation, venting, weatherstripping, and more, will be installed. Call 206-684-0244 for more information or to apply.

Snohomish Co. PUD – A couple different options are part of the Senior and Low-Income Discounts. The program basically provides year-round savings and discounts of 20 percent, 40 percent, or 60 percent off electric bills, depending on income level. You can dial 425-783-1000 or 1-877-783-1000, or stop by a community action agency or senior center in your area.

Snohomish Co. PUD – A service for these companies’ customers is called Project Pride. The program is an energy bill assistance program that is administered by the local Chapter of the American Red Cross in partnership with Snohomish County PUD. Project PRIDE gives electric bill grants to low-income families to help them pay their monthly bills and avoid a disconnection. 425-252-4103 x 21. Additional resources may be provided as well. Click here Snohomish County PUD.

Tacoma Power – The Residential weatherization program can provide financial assistance and grants to weatherize the homes of low income customers. Energy Services Office, 253-502-8363

Tacoma Public Utilities - Qualified, low-income customers who are, 62 years or older or disabled can receive additional savings. Receive up to a 25% discount from Tacoma Water, Tacoma Power, and Sewer Services. Dial the following. Pierce County Community Services, 1-800-348-7144 (outside the city). Metropolitan Development Council, 253-572-5557 (City of Tacoma Residents)

Tacoma Public Utilities - In addition to the resources above, the company provides low income customers with other programs and financial assistance resources. Not only is funding available for electric bills, but the company will also assist Tacoma Washington families with paying their water bills. Learn more on Tacoma Public Utilities assistance programs.


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