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Get help with paying Cable TV bills.

One of the simplest, quickest, and easiest ways to save money on your cable TV bills, and a number of other everyday living expense, is to simply call the company and ask for a better price. This is even easier to do, and more effective, when it comes to certain cable companies that are offering you discounts to try to lure you away from their competitors. There are also other ways, listed below, on how to get help paying cable TV bills or on how to get a reduction in your monthly costs.

We also have other suggestions listed, such as transitioning to free streaming services or cutting back on the TV package that is used. One of the best ways to get information on how to ask for a better price or find all of the assistance available is to use your junk mail to research and relate competing offers.

As an example of how just calling the company can help help a family save on their bills, my mother received her cable TV bill and complained to her provider about the price of her service. She took an advertisement from a satellite TV offer she had received in the mail a few days earlier. Using that very recent advertisement, she then made a call to her cable company, and reduced the price of her cable by $25 a month for three months. The exact price went from $65 a month to $39.95 a month for three months. This took her all of 5 minutes on the phone to save $75 on her cable TV bills.

Does this work for other bills we need to pay?

Yes. We then went through many of her other bills and services that she pays for. We did some basic research on some of the competing companies for the services in question. We contacted the credit card company that she was using and we ended up getting her interest rate reduced from 12% to 7%. We were able to get the gardener to reduce their monthly fee by $10 every two weeks for a total savings of $20 a month. The telephone company didn’t give us a direct discount on the phone bills, but the customer service representative set us up on a new plan that lowered her phone bill by about $15 a month over what she was paying. We called the newspaper and received a $5 a month on the monthly paper bill just by asking if they had any discount rates for current customers.




Why don’t more people do this? Is it really this easy?

Most people who don’t try this say the reason they don’t ask for a discount on their cable television bill is because they feel uncomfortable. While it may be a little outside of the comfort zone for some consumers, it is very east to ask. Rather, most people seem worried about what will happen if provider refuses their request. They are concerned what would happen if they don’t get offered a lower price and they wouldn’t know how to proceed from that point. So they simply pay the higher price for their cable service.

While it may not always be the most comfortable asking for a discount on your bills, especially doing it the first few times, it does work. As with trying anything different or new, there may be some nervousness and uncertainty of what to do if it doesn’t go as you expect, but practice makes perfect! One thing that can lesses the discomfort is realizing it is done over the phone. Since you are calling your cable company (and not talking to them face to face) is can make it a little easier as it is not as personal.

Like most things in life, if you try it is not as bad as you may fear, and it does become much easier the more you do it. It is definitely worth the effort for the amount of money you can save on your bills, such as cable TV expenses. Another advantage is that you can share your knowledge with friends and family.

Do I need to give an ultimatum or cancel the service?

No. Many people think that there must be an ultimatum involved in the negotiations. They think they need to say “Either give me a better price or I will leave.” What we have found is that you never need to give an ultimatum when asking for a discount on your cable bills because most of the time you really don’t want to leave the company.







Instead, when you call the cable service provider, simply say that you received this offer from a competing company in the mail and that you’re “thinking about the offer” and you were wondering if your current company could match the plan. If they say yes, then you are done and you quickly and easily saved money on bills that you need to pay. If they say “no,” they can’t match the price, then you should simply ask what is the best price they can offer you. If it is less than what you are paying (but maybe not as low as the competitor), then you’re done and you saved some money over what you had been paying.

If they were to say that they can’t give a discount at all, then you can thank them for their time and say you will think about the situation further. That is it. Since you never made a demand that you would leave them if they didn’t give you a discount, you are never forced into an uncomfortable position. There is no harm in trying this tactic, it can all be done over the phone, and you will more than likely never need to deal with the individual again, so that should helpfully reduce or eliminate any feeling of being uncomfortable.

This is a way to save money on your cable bills without ever having to make a sacrifice. If successful, you will get the exact same service at a lower price.

How much money can I save on cable bills?

It depends on which approach is used, as we have many other suggestions listed. But some households can save anywhere from $30-$100 per month. There are also families that have reduced their monthly TV bill to very close to zero, or free, by using streaming services and other options. Find other tips on how to save money on Cable TV.

No matter what someone does, this is a very simple and quick money. It is also an effective money saving technique that can be used for almost all bills that you pay, as all services that you use that have competition in your area. Check your newspaper ads, junk mail, and fliers for offers. Most people can reduce their costs on cable bills by over $50 per month (and often much more) using this method.

By Jon McNamara

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