Free home repairs and save money on repair costs.

Do it yourself and save a significant amount of money on your home repair bills, improvements and related housing costs. There is plenty of info and help available to assist you in tackling all kinds of jobs.

For example, do you really need to pay $150 to have someone hook up your TV, or pay someone $95 an hour every time you have a clogged drain? Does installing software on your computer truly require that you pay a tech $129 to visit your home? You really need to learn how to handle those and other tasks to save on home repair bills. By taking some somewhat simple steps, you can really save money and in some case get the equivalent of free home repairs.

There are more resources than ever available for free out there, and many of them are online. They can help you do anything, whether it's changing your car's air filter or grooming your dog. Not only can you save significant money on bills, but you will also get the satisfaction of doing a job with your own two hands. Even if you do end up still needing to call in an expert to complete the repair or service, knowing how a job is done can make you a smarter consumer. Some of the places to look for help include the following.

  • Check out a manual. Sometimes you can learn how to fix a product or complete a service just by reading the instructions that came with it. For example, your car vehicle owner's manual will tell you how to replace fuses, check the oil and other fluids. Also, manufacturers often prepare maintenance and repair manuals for specific models. There are also many after market publications, many of which you can find for free at the library.
  • Contact local non-profit agencies and charities in your area. Many community action agencies offer low or zero percent home repair interest loans, or even provide direct cash grant for them. Locations may also know of programs, some of which are run by volunteers, that can help low income families with repairs, in particular the elderly or disabled. Read more on these options.
  • Take a course. Libraries, community centers, colleges, and other local organizations will offer adult-education courses free or at a very low cost.





  • Use online forums. Participants in these forums are more often than not very knowledgeable and helpful. Often many pros are eager to give advice and help. And if someone gives you bad advice, many times someone else will probably come along to correct the error, especially on popular groups. We suggest you find forums for do-it-yourself and specialty Web sites devoted to the subjects you're researching, such as computers, automobiles, repairs, computers, or home improvement.
  • A major home repair online resource is Usenet, which has thousands of newsgroups devoted to many subjects. For example, on, users will discuss maintenance and repair projects. On, site visitors will talk about bike repair. You should access the newsgroups by going to You can also participate for free in Usenet newsgroups using the newsreader program in applications such as Microsoft Outlook Express.

Where to find home repair how to help and knowledge online

Below are just a few of the many free, online do-it-yourself resources and sites:

  • This site has many how-to articles on completing free home repair and craft projects, including landscaping and gardening, woodworking, and home improvement. Message boards on the site also cover topics such as auto repair and maintenance, sewing and quilting, cooking, and entertaining.
  • Videos and articles, with user ratings, on items such as personal finance; legal issues; car, truck, and boat, home and garden; pet care; and electronics. Professionals and experts moderate the user forums.
  • Expert as well as user videos covering many subjects, including free home repairs, with user ratings.
  • Short user-rated videos on how to literally do just about everything for free and save on bills.
  • This site has many articles on home-improvement projects, tools, planning, and products, along with videos, newsletters, and also discussion boards.
  • The Repair Info link on this site contains auto-repair guides for numerous specific vehicles, component-location guides, troubleshooting, and even an automotive glossary to explain terms.




  • Microsoft newsgroups can be found at You can get free help for your PC problems through Microsoft-related Usenet newsgroups. They are patrolled by volunteer experts and other expert users who are certified by Microsoft. You can access the groups directly through the Microsoft Web site, a newsreader such as Outlook Express, or
  • This forum covers various home repair and modification topics. They may include painting, decorating, remodeling, and landscaping. The tips and advice at this site is all offered for free, and will help consumers complete any needed repairs on their own.


By Jon McNamara

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