Martin Luther King Family Outreach Center assistance programs.

An emergency referral program is provided by the Martin Luther King Family Outreach Center Family Services Department. The goal is to provide support for households, and the aid is for both parents and their children, including single mothers. The non-profit will also assist teenagers and others from innovate resources such as Fulfillment-Achievement-Maturity-Enrichment Program (FAME).

The MLK Family Services Department's goal is to help parents. Teachers as well as staff provide a support structure and nurturing environment in Spokane County. The resources will encourage parents, including single moms or dads, to actively participate in programs and activities that allow them access to tools that help them ensure their children's future success.

The Center's Prevention Services assist low and moderate-income families. Clients come from all backgrounds, but they need to desire to do all they can to be sure that their children's futures include family stability, healthy relationships, long term financial security and educational success.

Sliding Scale Professional Services are offered through the Martin Luther King Family Relationship Programs. Topics include parenting, debt counseling, budgeting and other assessments. Another such program is the home evaluation, which is used as a basis for custody determinations. Other professional services touch upon individual, couple, child, or family therapy; credit repair; creating parenting plans; and individual parent education. For more information, dial 509-455-8722.

This resources will also offer support for families who have children in the foster care system. Services include video-based attachment therapy for parents and children, psycho-social and parenting assessments, counseling in individual and family settings, and additional guidance for parents in Spokane County.

MLK Family Outreach Center's Family Emergency Services Programs is what any financial aid may be issued from. The non-profit assists Spokane area families in a number of ways. There may be funds for basic needs, transportation for Job search activities, free Back-to-school supplies for children and youth entering grades K-12, and life-skills education in subjects such as family nutrition or budgeting. There is also free Christmas assistance for existing MLK Center families.




For more details, dial 509-455-8722. If MLK can't help, they will offer referrals to appropriate programs and services, both from the government and charities.

The Crime Victim Advocacy Services deals with civil as well as criminal activities. MLK partners, including law firms, help victims assess their immediate needs and concerns. Participants of this program also receive assistance with developing safety plans or accessing victim compensation.

The legal aid in Spokane will teach people how to navigate the criminal justice and social service systems. Victims of gang violence; robbery; burglary; hate crimes; property crimes; landlord/tenant disputes; drunken driving incidents; evictions; and elder abuse are eligible to benefit from the free legal aid.

Martin Luther King Family Outreach Center works with the Washington's Department of Child and Family Services. Together they offer referrals to the Intervention Services, which seek to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and neglect.

Help is also for foster care issues. The goal of the Center's Family Preservation Services is to keep children from being placed in care. Or for those that are now in that situation, there is assistance to return them to their homes once their parents have made changes necessary for the children's well-being and safety. This is accomplished through many methods, including parental education, cultural support, home visits and direct assistance.

Family-focused preschool or after-school is part of ECEAP. The Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program emphasizes the whole-child concept. The goal is to prepare low-income or single moms to find their strengths. It will also help at-risk children.

Care is arranged by MLK in Spokane both during and after their school years, while also determining the entire family's strengths and needs. The MLK Family Outreach Center operates half-day as well as full scale classrooms, as well as one full-day center to accommodate working parents. Specific ECEAP services include Nutrition Services which give free balanced meals, educational support; and free dental care or medical check ups.

After school is arranged from FAME, or the Fulfillment-Achievement-Maturity-Enrichment Program.  The Martin Luther King Family Outreach Center program is only for income qualified students attending Sheridan, Franklin, Grant and Roosevelt Elementary Schools. There are costs involved in this.





Funded in part by the Washington State Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery, MLK accepts both state and private payment. Vouchers can also be used to pay for full and part-time slots. Children can be given free meals, tutoring, USDA snacks, and teachers that cover problem-solving, math skills, impulse control, and more.

When school is not in session in Spokane, then the Center's Summer Youth Academy (SYA) is available. This is a several week long service for youth from kindergarten through sixth grade. It operates during the summer and holidays. SYA promotes diversity, self-esteem, literacy, and cultural awareness.

Martin Luther King Family Outreach Center also provides the Teen Leadership Program. Various partners and staff help encourage participants so they are prepared to enter the workforce and be successful. The non-profit places participants as aides in school classrooms, where they have the opportunity to develop  work as well as social skills in a community-based setting.

TLP will be ongoing. It will help teens with exploring options for continuing education and possible career paths. Incentives are available, such as information on local scholarships, according to performance as well as hours spent volunteering.

For MLK - Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Outreach Center is located at 845 S. Sherman Street, Spokane, Washington 99202. The primary information line is 509-455-8722.



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