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Get free legal advice in Washington.

Qualified residents of Washington can receive free legal help and representation. Eligible low to moderate income individuals, the elderly and disabled can receive assistance with a variety of issues and civil legal problems. The organization that provides this service throughout the state is the Northwest Justice Project.

The non-profit law firms employs hundreds of attorneys, support staff and other legal professionals across the state. They handle a large variety of problems, including evictions, domestic violence, loss of housing, debt collection, and foreclosure legal assistance. Those tend to be the most commonly requested services, however there is also help for consumer protection issues, job conditions or lost wages, lack of access to or loss of government benefits or health care, and much more. Find more details below, as well as who to contact to sign up for the legal assistance programs.

Free advice for foreclosure counseling

Thousands of Washington state residents are losing their homes to foreclosure. For those that qualify, lawyers can provide free assistance and guidance to them. Contact Northwest Justice Project for information and help with home mortgage foreclosures and the process.

You can receive information, support and access to programs that may be able to help save your home. In some cases the firm will partner with HUD approved housing counselors. Also, support is provided for people who are on the receiving end of predatory mortgages or lending abuses. These homeowners can also receive aid, and in fact they can often be a priority.

Government programs in Washington

Receive access and information on government subsistence benefits and assistance programs such as TANF, GAU, SSI or veteran’s benefits, health insurance and more. Also, many Washington state and federal government programs are complicated and difficult to work with. Attorneys from Northwest Justice Project can help families and individuals get access to the benefits they need. It ranges from medical care or entitlements such as Medicaid, Basic Health, home health care, or Medicare Part D. Staff can also offer help with other similar government benefits and related programs.




Domestic and housing issues

Lawyers can help with disputed custody cases involving domestic violence or children at risk of harm. In addition, receive free advice for landlord and tenant disputes. There is also support from the project on subsidized or public housing evictions involving disability issues and discrimination cases.

Legal assistance with employment issues

Attorneys can provide free consultations and advice on illegal job terminations, filing for unemployment benefits, or disciplinary proceedings and cases. Some offices in Washington will help with addressing education rights such as special education, transitional language assistance, and more. In addition, receive legal aid on employment issues primarily for agricultural workers related to lost wages, workplace health and safety conditions, or discrimination cases.

Consumer law issues

Income qualified residents can receive legal representation and aid related to fraud, illegal or harassing debt collectors, predatory lending, and mortgage foreclosures, as noted above. However there is also support for dealing with medical and credit card debt, and other similar issues. The Northwest Project tries to protect consumers across Washington from predatory lenders or financial companies.

In addition to these services offered, lawyers from NJP will also help people with cases that involve other issues, such as discrimination in public accommodations or at a job site, transportation, or assist with overcoming general barriers to obtaining access to justice. They will work with clients throughout the court system and address other means of resolving cases, disputes, legal problems or matters that otherwise address recurring, systemic problems. As noted, the focus is always on issues that are experienced by low income individuals, senior citizens, or the disabled.







All of the legal assistance programs that are offered by Northwest Justice Project are provided free of charge for clients who are financially eligible for the services. You can contact the law firm at 1-888-201-1012 for more information or to learn how to apply for legal help.

There are also legal programs that are focused on certain cities or counties in Washington. For example, low to moderate income residents of King County can contact their local, volunteer organization which is known as the Bar Association. They offer a wide range of services. Click King County Bar Association.

Law clinics in Pierce County - Pro-bono firms and volunteers offer services across the county. They focus on housing, tenant rights, and consumer finance issues. However, other legal assistance may also be available for low income or seniors in the region. More on free legal advice in Pierce County.


By Jon McNamara

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