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Lehigh County assistance programs.

Find how to get financial help, and what churches, charities, and government assistance programs to apply at. Grants can pay back rent or utility bills, including heating or electric. Lower income families in Lehigh County and Allentown may also get free food from pantries, gasoline vouchers, or get help with their mortgage, deposits or medical needs from a wide variety of places. Most of the aid is free to apply for and can make a difference.

Help with paying rent

Additional federal government funds and grants will be sent to the Lehigh Valley area to help families and individuals with paying their rent. If you can demonstrate the need for aid, and can also show that you have the ability to maintain housing stability if you are given short-term or medium-term assistance with utility bill payments or rent then you may be able to qualify for this program.

Almost $2 million dollars will be provided by both the City of Allentown and Lehigh County. The vast majority of the money will be to help pay for utility bills and provide rent and security deposit assistance. Some of the groups distributing the money include The Lehigh County Conference of Churches (Phone (610) 433-6421). There are a total of 11 organizations and charities who will be distributing the free grants.

The Conference of Churches now projects that they will be able to help over twice as many people in need with the additional federal government grants. There will also be some debt counseling programs offered.

Foreclosure assistance and mediation

Lehigh County has created a program for homeowners. If a home is ever to go into foreclosure, Lehigh County ensures a mediation session will occur. The goal is to get the lender and homeowner to meet to come up with a solution. More.




Emergency financial assistance and help for bills

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown along with St. Vincent de Paul Society have partnered together to offer several programs for Allentown and Lehigh families. The programs they administer include quality medical care for elder residents, limited financial help for paying bills, rent assistance, clothing, and funds for other bills. Call them at (610) 435-1541. More on Catholic Charities assistance in Lehigh.

Mosser Village Family Center, Inc. offers support for residents of east Allentown Pennsylvania. Receive help from this organization, including access to a food and clothing bank, bus tickets and other transportation assistance, metro bus tickets, and other forms of aid. 610) 820-9927.

Casa Guadalupe Center is located at 218 N 2nd Street Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102-3508. Call (610) 435-9902. This center provides a number of assistance programs to the local community. Examples include two daily meals from a recreation program as well as the Pa‘lante Education Program, which offers after-school and summer programs to kids and students.

Lehigh County Assistance Office runs the state and federal government programs for the county. This is the local branch of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Services offered include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) as well as Medicaid/Medical Assistance (MA). Call (610) 821-6509, or stop by 101 S 7th St Allentown, PA 18101-2295.

UGI Utilities can help with heating, utility, and electric bills. Low income individuals, seniors, and others can get help from weatherization services, income percentage payment plans, and fuel share funds. PO Box 13009 Reading, Pennsylvania 19612-3009. Call (800) 844-9276





Hispanic American Organization administers several housing assistance programs. Limited funds may be offered to qualified residents for paying rent. Other services include case management, referrals, budgeting, and other support. 462 Walnut St, Allentown, PA 18102. Call 610-435-5334.

Easton Area Neighborhood Centers - Seniors, low income, and the disabled can apply for resources. This can include rental assistance, senior transportation, housing programs, transitional shelters for families, food banks and health care. A focus is on the disabled and people with mental health issues who can’t pay their bills or find a job. Address is 902 Philadelphia Rd Easton, Pennsylvania 18042-6599. Call (610) 253-4253 for information.

Lehigh churches (LCCC) is a network of faith based groups. They offer a number of programs to the less fortunate, with a particular focus on housing, food and medical needs. Some examples of the services include the following.

  • Homeless prevention from Daybreak may offer loans and solutions for back rent.
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance can help Leigh County families with paying for prescription expenses.
  • The council of churches offers rehousing from Pathways and other components, and this may include funds for security deposits.
  • Food, job placement, and other services are available. More on Lehigh County Conference of Church programs.

LVCIL assists veterans and their families from Supportive Services for Veteran Families. A wide range of govenrment aid is available, including cash grants for housing expenses such as rent to stop eviction. Other aid for veterans may be affordable child care, transportation for work, funds for security deposits, and support to help the client gain stability. 435 Allentown Drive, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18109, call 610-770-9781.

Charities, churches and agencies provide Holiday support. The assistance varies, but everything from free Christmas toys for kids from single parents to Thanksgiving/Christmas meals, food boxes, groceries, and other items can be given to qualified low income families. More on free holiday assistance in Lehigh County.

Hispanic American Organization has limited money for back rent expenses, and all applications are reviewed on a case by case basis for struggling Lehigh County families. The address is 462 Walnut Street, Allentown, PA, 18102, or call 610-435-5334.

Basic needs and clothing - Lehigh County families of all incomes can shop for low cost clothes, school supplies, beds, kitchen appliances and more. Parents living in poverty, or the lowest income residents, can often be given free clothing or supplies for their children. Locate Lehigh County clothing closets and thrift stores.

Free legal advice, including foreclosure assistance

If you are low income and can’t afford an attorney, North Penn Legal Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of legal advice and representation to those who would not otherwise e able to afford an attorney. They help with civic legal cases, and can provide foreclosure, housing, and mortgage help. Also get legal support to prevent an eviction or utility disconnection, landlord/tenant issues, and other cases. Call them at (610) 317-8757.

The Salvation Army of Allentown (phone (610) 432-0129) is a non-profit charity organization that offers low income, the unemployed, and others with help. Get financial help for paying your rent or mortgage, and funds for utility bills. Locate additional Pennsylvania Salvation Army centers.





Help from the Allentown based community action agency

The local non-profit agency, Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. (phone (610) 691-5620) offers low to moderate income people, as well as others who need some support, with several different assistance programs. Their offerings include:

  • Debt help - A financial services programs helps people eliminate credit card and other debts. Use a debt management plan, counseling, or other forms of assistance. Click here to find other debt help options.
  • Foreclosure and mortgage help - Work with a counselor to find options that can save your home from a foreclosure filing. Click here for additional mortgage programs.
  • Heating, utility, and energy bills - The agency can sign up qualified people for access to many programs, including LIHEAP, PPL WRAP program, FirstEnergy, Pennsylvania state programs, UGI Low Income Usage Reduction Program and the PA Department of Community, WARM program and the federal government funded Economic Development Weatherization Assistance Program.
  • Employment services - Work with a counselor to both find a job, and improve your career prospects.
  • Free food - The Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. has a partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania. Together they provide thousands of people with free food, groceries, and other supplies.
  • Rental assistance and homeless prevention - The non-profit CACLV offers support such as referrals to funds to pay rent, tenant mediation, and maybe even refundable loan programs for housing costs or deposits. Other services include shelter and transitional apartments.

Several other assistance programs are available for working poor, seniors, and the low income. Continue with Community Action Agency of Lehigh Valley assistance programs.

Grants to prevent evictions

Millions of dollars of federal funds have been provided to Lehigh Valley to help prevent eviction, and to also aid people who may be currently homeless. The funds will help the local economy by providing money for emergency rent and utility bill payments. There is also support arranged to tenants such as free legal aid to contest a pay or quit notice. Read more eviction help in Lehigh County.

The goal is to support struggling families, single parents, the disabled, and others. It will also go a long way towards helping the newly unemployed avoid eviction or get off the streets and find a home or apartment. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is providing the federal government funds.

The Lehigh County Conference of Churches ((610) 433-6421) is one of the local organizations that is administering the funding. Money to prevent evictions and homelessness can be used to help those individuals and families that have recently experienced a reduction in income or a job loss and have fallen behind on their rent and/or utilities payments. People can receive up to 18 months of rent help.

Housing assistance and rent help - A multitude of other programs are offered in Allentown and Lehigh County. The local housing authority, non-profits, and government organizations all operate across the region, and they offer assistance to the low income and people with a crisis. Read more.





Lehigh County / Valley financial assistance programs

Financial Assistance Office
(610) 821-6509 (Lehigh County) - The programs provides subsistence cash and grant payment to people whose income and resources are below the federal government poverty level.

Medical Assistance
(610) 821-6509 (Lehigh County) - This service pays for health services, medical and hospital care for patients whose income and resources are below the poverty level.

Food Stamps
Dial (610) 821-6509 (Lehigh County) - Offers food stamps to low income which are used to pay for food, subsidizing family income. Additional low income programs.

Utility and heating bill assistance

Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV) (dial (610) 691-5620) - Runs programs for renters and homeowners who pay for their fuel, financial grants are available for emergency fuel and heating bills assistance during heating season.

C.A.R.E.S. - (610) 774-5151 This program is for PPL customers. The CARES program works with customers having bill-paying problems due to emergencies, a short term crisis and unusual circumstances. The service will create a utility bill repayment plan in effort to stall shut-offs.

Federal Fuel Assistance Subsidy - Call (610) 821-6702 in Lehigh County and Allentown Pennsylvania. The federal government assistance program.

Salvation Army - Local branches can provide emergency utility and heating bill aid. (610) 867-4681 Bethlehem; (610) 432-0129 Allentown; (610) 863-6677 Pen Argyl; (610) 258-9531 Easton. Click here for details on the programs and resources they administer.

Health, dental and medical care in Lehigh

Allentown Health Bureau - Call them at (610) 437-7760. They provide health care information, access to community clinics, immunizations and education. For example, learn about medical bill negotiation.

Lehigh County State Health Center - (610) 821-6770

Bethlehem Health Bureau - Another local agency that offers health care information, clinics, education, and immunizations. Call (610) 865-7087

Northampton County State Health Center - Runs medical and health care clinics in outlying areas. (610) 256-1825

Places to contact for free or low cost dental care include.

  • Lehigh Valley Health Network at Muhlenberg (484) 884-2315
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network (610) 969-2245
  • Sacred Heart Hospital (610) 776-4802
  • Luke's Dental Clinic (610) 954-2460
  • NCC Dental Hygienists (610) 861-5442. The agency offers cleaning, fluoride treatments, fillings and advice on need for additional work.
  • Valley Wide Smile Program - Dial (610) 437-7615. Services for children ages 3-18 who have no insurance or means to pay.

Food assistance programs

Call Valley Wide Help to learn of a pantry or food bank near you. Allentown 610-435-7111; Bethlehem 610-691-8711; Easton 610-252-4357; Slate Belt 610-588-5512; Spanish Line 610-866-1089.

Additional assistance is provided throughout the region. There are more charities that operate food banks, clothing programs, meals at Christmas or Thanksgiving, and other resources. Or find more Lehigh County food pantries.





Credit counseling, foreclosure prevention, and budgeting

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Lehigh Valley - Money Management International - Works with mortgage holders, debtors, banks and lenders to achieve acceptable repayment plans. Also access budget counseling. Call (610) 821-4010

Other agencies that offer credit counseling, foreclosure advice, debt and budgeting include ProJeCt of Easton, Inc. (dial (610) 258-436), South Bethlehem Neighborhood Center (610) 865-2791, and Easton Area Neighborhood Centers (610) 253-4253.


By Jon McNamara

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