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Assistance programs Atlanta and Fulton County Georgia.

Find how to get financial help with bills near you in the Atlanta Georgia and Fulton County. Low income families, senior citizens, and single mothers can find programs that help pay their rent or utility bills, provide free food, as well as give medical or dental care. There are churches, charities, or government human service agencies that provide emergency financial assistance, and find help near you in Fulton County GA.

The organizations focus on supporting struggling residents of the Fulton County area, including single mothers. Other resources in the Fulton County region include interest free loans, a free car to get to work, back to school supplies, as well as free motel or gasoline vouchers. These resources provide immediate help in Atlanta GA and the county. Low income families can also apply for furniture bank assistance programs to Christmas gifts.

Locate help with bills and expenses from Fulton County community action

The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) assists families and individuals of Fulton County and Atlanta. The non-profit does this by offering various resources and grant money. The funds help to pay energy bills or light bills, stop evictions, prevent homelessness, and overall improve their living conditions.

    Emergency Assistance - This program offered by FACAA provides grants and funds to help people make it thru a crisis, such as a job loss, medical emergency, foreclosure or eviction proceedings or some other emergency. Some of the programs and assistance offered includes :

    • Grants for energy bills or electric assistance to prevent disconnection from their utility service.
    • Assistance and grant money to help someone avoid evictions and stop a foreclosure.
    • Resources to ensure shelter or housing with goal-oriented case management and counseling. There are even services and resources for currently homeless families and individuals, including free motel or extended stay vouchers in Atlanta.
    • Emergency food assistance, including free groceries or personal toiletries, including feminine products.
    • Mortgage relief for low-income homeowners. Find additional resources for government mortgage help.
    • If the Fulton County person lost their job, there is also information on working from home for money.




  • The community action agency will also process applications to the Georgia Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This will help low and moderate income people pay their winter heating bills as well as summer cooling bills. It offers home heating energy assistance grant money and crisis grants. It is run by the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority.
    Crisis grants help those people who are in an emergency situation. You do not need to have an unpaid bill to receive home heating or cooling energy assistance. This program is available at designated times throughout the year, such as November and during the late spring. More on the low income energy assistance program.
  • Job Guidance, Employment and Counseling is offered by FACAA case workers. The employment services offered by the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority has undergone a change in which a shift of services has occurred within FACAA. Now their services have been steered to a more creative approach to assisting the unemployed. The FACAA organization now provides scheduled workshops, job finding assistance, and individual counseling in the following areas:
  • Workshops provide those who need help include the following. These are part of the employment and workforce resources.
    • Job Application and Resume Creativity
    • Career Choices, as well as details on job training.
    • Dressing For The Job Interview, including free work clothes.
    • Referrals to Grant Money or Free Cars for a Job
    • Entrepreneurial Training: Try Being Your Own Boss! Get help with starting a business in Fulton County GA.
    • Debt reduction, help paying loans, and credit counseling. They partner with various non-profit organizations. More on Atlanta credit counseling agencies.

Contact the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority at one of its locations. They include the main office at 1690 Chantilly Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. Call 404.320.0166. There is also a Resource Center at 341 Kelly Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. In addition to those services, the non-profit offers other aid, guidance and support for those seeking self-sufficiency. More information Fulton Atlanta Community Action programs.





Crisis programs, grant money as well as financial assistance for hardships

Atlanta Urban Ministries will provide financial assistance to children and women as well as single moms who are experiencing financial challenges. There are support services focused on females. Get assistance to avert potential homelessness, free groceries for food shortages, or grants to pay electric bills to prevent loss of utility service. They focus on keeping families together. Call (404) 881-1991. Or there are employment services, and even find a list of great jobs for single moms.

Another local non-profit agency to turn to for material as well as financial aid is the North Fulton Community Charities. This agency also offers several different programs and access to funds for short term expenses. There are also grants or even short term loans for paying bills. Continue with free loans with zero interest rates.

  • North Fulton Community Charities offers an extensive food pantry with thousands of items for client choice, meaning the client gets to have choice over the groceries they want.
  • There is also free clothing assistance, including work or school items, sneakers, socks and more for kids or adults.
  • The charity has emergency rental and utility assistance for low income residents in the service area of North Fulton Georgia (excluding Sandy Springs). NFCC also offers LIHEAP Application assistance, which is government grants for paying utility, cooling or heating bills.
  • There is also Free VITA tax preparation, which helps seniors and low-income families with their federal or state of GA taxes.

Or get assistance with applications for Government Benefits, a GED program and multiple ESL classes.   For more information or to request assistance please call 770-640-0399.

Another local resource to turn to for help is the Atlanta and Fulton County Salvation Army. The agency provides emergency, crisis, and life-sustaining assistance. They do this by providing low income, unemployed, and other needy people with money for paying rent/mortgage or a light bill.

  • There is also free food aid, clothing, utility bill help, school supplies, furniture, and household supplies to families and individuals who are facing a financial crisis or short term hardship. They run a family service center in Atlanta.
  • The Salvation Army - Fulton GA also offers emergency assistance to help seniors, the disabled or working poor in a crisis situation. The programs help in the areas of food, clothing, lodging and housing, rent and utility bill assistance as well as shelter.
  • Or get a free gas voucher to pay for gas (or referrals to a car program) for those who need a vehicle for work.
  • The Fulton County Salvation Army also provides free seasonal items. This includes school supplies, Christmas toys, and Thanksgiving meals in Atlanta, including for single mothers or people with no money. Students can also get free phones or wireless devices for school, including from Apple. Learn more on how to get a free iPhone in Georgia.




People applying for help from the Salvation Army do need to meet a number of conditions, and funding is limited and always stretched thin. Many programs rely on donations and contributions from members of the community. We have phone numbers and more details on the Salvation Army financial assistance programs. Call (404) 522-9785 or (404) 486-2710, or click here for details on financial help from Atlanta Salvation Army.

Cooling bill assistance is also administered by the Salvation Army centers across the Atlanta region. Resources can provide people with fans, gently used air conditioners, or money to pay cooling bills. Centers are also opened around Fulton County that people can stop by at for water, ice cream, and a place to stay cool. Find free fans in Atlanta.

Various programs are administered by the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Foundation. They offer help for the homeless in Atlanta and Fulton County, provides funds for paying rent and preventing evictions, and may even have funds to pay utility and summer cooling bills. Call the agency at (404) 755-3353.Financial help in Fulton County GA

If you live in the Atlanta zip codes of 30319 or 30341, the St. Martin in the Fields Emergency Assistance Fund may have financial assistance for you if you are facing a hardship. You can only receive a small amount (up to $50) every six months. But they can help with rent, utility bills, health care and prescription drug costs, your mortgage and water bills. Phone (404) 261-4292.

Toco Hills Community Alliance, which is located at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church and can be reached at (404) 634-3336, offers a food pantry in addition to providing financial assistance and cash grants for paying rent expenses and utilities to individuals and families in need of aid. Read more on Toco Hills Community Alliance assistance programs.

Living Room - People and their immediate families who are impacted by HIV/AIDS can get assistance. Offers emergency housing, and the non-profit will also provide emergency financial assistance for paying past due rent, mortgages, and utility bills. Location is 341 Ponce de Leon Ave. Rm. 438, Ponce De Leon Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30308, dial (404) 616-6332 or (404) 814-7072.

Short term loans are available. These will be from private lenders. The options in Atlanta range from title to payday loans, cash advances, and more. Note the funds can be used for paying bills, but these do have some risks. Applicants with limited credit can also apply for cash. More on emergency loans in Atlanta.

SVDP covers Fulton County too. If you need help for a crisis situation, such as funds to stop an eviction or to keep your utility service from being disconnected, try the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Atlanta ((678) 892-6164). The parish provides financial assistance, a food bank, GED programs, and other services.

  • They range from a thrift store, job training, clothing closet, and referrals. For example, case workers from the Fulton County St. Vincent De Paul can help people apply for public assistance like health care, food stamps, or LIHEAP. Get additional details on St. Vincent de Paul assistance in Fulton County.







Action Ministries Atlanta offers assistance for veterans from the federal SSVF - Supportive Services for Veterans. There may be financial assistance for paying rent, moving costs, and security deposits. Get help with housing and job search as well as ongoing case management. Some aid may be provided by zero interest rate, deferred loans.

  • Other housing programs from Action Ministries in Atlanta includes transitional housing, placement into low income apartments, information on grants for one time rent help, the HOPWA program, and funds for security deposits. The agency is located at 1017 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30307, (888) 206-7372. Or more on Action Ministries of Georgia housing.

Fulton County Area Agency on Aging administers assistance programs for senior citizens and the elderly as well as their families. Dozens of resources are available, including some or all of the following. Benefits counseling for Medicare and prescription medications, free meals (home delivered and at senior centers), jobs from the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), and even transportation in the immediate region. 40 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, 404.613.6000 or more details on senior assistance in Georgia.

The Urban League focuses on employment, rent, and mortgage issues. They help low income and disadvantaged families in Atlanta. While direct financial aid is limited, staff from the HUD approved agency can help both homeowners and tenants apply for programs. This can include foreclosure counseling, grants for paying rent or to buy a car, and more. The center also offers job training, free use of computers, Step Up and workforce development for unemployed Atlanta residents. More on programs from Urban League Atlanta.

The Fulton County Georgia Division of Family and Children Services is arguably the leading government organization to call for financial assistance, advice, and referrals. Several resources offered can help with paying for immediate basic needs and bills, and also provide longer term self-sufficiency.

  • Some of the programs include, but are not limited to, job finding services and training. Medical bills and needs can be met by Medicaid and other health care programs. Other services include cash assistance, food stamps, and rental assistance vouchers. Read more on the Fulton County family services public assistance programs.

Sullivan Center, Inc. - This non-profit organization facilitates an array of services that were created to assist  low income clients overcome temporary hardships. Many volunteers work at this location. Location is 643 Dill Ave., SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, call (404) 753-0531

Housing and employment services from Clifton Sanctuary are for homeless males only in Atlanta. The charity runs shelters and low income apartments as part of Joe’s Place. There is also job training from a free computer lab, work clothes (such as suits and dresses) as part of Dress for Success, as well as emergency food and hot meals. More information on help from Clifton Sanctuary.

Atlanta based Jewish Family and Career Services - They are a resource for seniors, the disabled, and low income in Fulton County. Some assistance is available regardless of faith or religion, and some resources are focused on those of Jewish faith. They may have emergency financial aid for rent or bills. Self-sufficiency and job search programs include support from Career Services of Atlanta. There are also free food pantries and other resources. More on Jewish Family and Career Services of Atlanta programs.





Atlanta Rescue Mission and thrift store - The focus is on basic needs. The center offers food, clothing, shelter, and transitional housing. Case managers can also help people by providing information on Fulton County job and employment programs. Call them for information on housing programs such as the Potter’s House and other housing support. Read Atlanta Mission.

Catholic Charity - Several offices and churches in the Fulton County and Atlanta region administer services for the working poor and low income. Many of the resources they provide are referrals to government and public assistance, such as LIHEAP, food stamps, or section 8 housing rent vouchers. However they do provide direct assistance in some cases, including for housing, legal aid for immigrants, and other support. More on Atlanta and Fulton County Catholic Charities.

Caring for Others (CTO) provides everything from emergency funds to pay rent or energy bills (to stop homelessness) to basic needs and referrals. Staff will also help people apply for government benefits, such as SSI disability or food stamps. Other services from CTO in Fulton County include a holiday giving center, free food pantry and a community thrift store. More on Atlanta Caring for Others.

Dunwoody Baptist Church - Benevolence Assistance Ministry - Church offers financial assistance, food pantry, job information, career counseling and counseling. The non-profit is in Dunwoody, Georgia 30338, phone (770) 280-1240

Atlanta Legal Aid Society provides free support in Fulton County. The pro-bono firm can help with various civil matters. Examples of services include attorneys offer eviction prevention from the Home Defense Program. Immigrants or the disabled can get help with filing for government benefits and other assistance. Advice is also offered to low income families in Atlanta for applying for government benefits, such as SSI disability or SNAP food stamps. The non-profit is focused on ensuring full access to representation for those that are less fortunate. More on Atlanta Legal Aid Society services.

  • Georgia Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty - Helps with landlord/tenant disputes and housing discrimination assistance. Free lawyers help with civil cases in Fulton County GA. Some of the financial resources may be SSDI applications, unemployment insurance filing or rent payment / security deposit assistance. Other free legal aid may be available as well, including to prevent an eviction. Address is 100 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30303. Dial (404) 681-0680. More on Georgia Law Center housing programs.

Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless partners with non-profits and the government on rent and housing issues. The primary services are as follows.

  • Grants for utility bills including electric, water, or heating.
  • Rent and security deposit help.
  • A representative payee program as well as budgeting and credit repair.
  • Other support, such as shelter and help in obtaining identification, is also arranged from the Day Center. Find details on Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless programs.




  • There are several programs listed above and below for rent and housing assistance. Since funding is limited, Atlanta Georgia area families may need additional resources. There are additional options available, and they include grants, rapid rehousing, and many others. Find more details on rent help programs.

Lift Community Development offers many emergency and social services. It may be a free food pantry, transitional housing, clothing bank, veteran benefits assistance, tutoring for children and other family services. College Park based in Fulton County. The non-profit is at 5134 Old National Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30349. Phone: (404) 762-5600

Community Assistance Center (CAC) - Helps pay for basic needs and homeless prevention, so rent help. Also CAC offers financial assistance, free food, clothing, holiday food baskets and Christmas and holiday gifts for children during the December holidays. CAC serves residents of the cities of Sandy Springs, GA (in Fulton County) and Dunwoody GA (in DeKalb County). 1130 Hightower Tr., Sandy Springs, Georgia 30350, dial (770) 552-4015

Atlanta Midtown Center, Inc. will strive to prevent homelessness and hunger during periods of crisis. The non-profit will provide emergency assistance to the working poor of Midtown and Downtown Atlanta in Fulton County. The housing programs will come mostly in the form of referrals to financial aid, including grant programs or maybe a loan for paying overdue rent. The zip codes by the non-profit Center are Fulton County and Atlanta region of 30303, 30308, 30309, 30310, 30312, 30313, 30314, 30315, 30318, as well as 30363.

  • Other services from MAC can include free clothes for those seeking employment. They can also help people obtain a Breeze Card or maybe identification. Other assistance is food from churches and more. 30 Porter Pl., NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308, call (404) 681-5777. More on help from Midtown Assistance Center.

Housing Authorities will try to address the need for safe, affordable, and clean housing in the region. Low income and working poor families can learn about public housing and the section 8 program. The government agency will also have details on senior housing as well.

  • The Fulton County location is at 4273 Wendell Dr., Atlanta, Georgia 30336, call (404) 588-4950
  • Housing Authority of the City of College Park is based out of an office at 2000 Princeton Ave., College Park, GA 30337. Call (404) 761-2805

Cascade Community Services, Inc. – Non-profit offers an array of services and assistance programs including, but are not limited to, tutoring, financial assistance for low income families and individuals, as well as a free clothing closet. 3144 Cascade Rd., SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30311, dial (404) 691-4360

Gateway Center - Focuses on emergency shelter, transitional housing, and employment services for the homeless and individuals in Atlanta facing poverty. The non-profit will triage clients through the Client Engagement Center and use other resources. They also provide help to veterans in Fulton County. Click Gateway Center programs.

Local churches in Fulton County help the poor, Latinos and/or Spanish speakers, homeless, and hungry. Whether it is a piece of clothing from a family store, food from the pantry, or a few dollars to pay electric bill or rent in a crisis, there are dozens of churches that may help people regardless of their religion. The hours are limited, but find how to apply. Locate Atlanta church assistance programs.




Discounts and financial aid for water bills is provided to seniors and low income customers who are faced with a crisis situation. Additional assistance can be provided for repairs and maintenance of pipes and plumbing. Find more information on water bill assistance in Atlanta.

Non-profit and government assistance for rental and housing expenses are targeted at families facing homelessness. Most agencies have limited funding and need proof that the applicant can sustain the future payments on their own. But when qualified, there may be everything from grants for back rent, legal aid, motel vouchers, deposit help, and more. Get a listing of additional Atlanta rent assistance programs.

Atlanta Urban Ministries runs several services, with a focus on housing and hunger prevention. The staff can direct clients to transitional housing, shelter, and a food pantry. This is also done while the client pursues education and job training for stability. The number is 404-881-6744, or click more information on Atlanta Urban Ministries assistance programs.

Rent and housing assistance, as well as eviction prevention focused programs, including government run and charities. If you are facing an eviction from your home or apartment, need money to pay a security deposit, or are just behind on your regular monthly rent payments, try this list. Find some of the non-profit agencies and charities to turn to for housing assistance in Atlanta and Fulton County include:

  • Atlanta Urban Ministries (phone (404) 881-6744) - Financial assistance and services are offered for housing and other expenses.
  • Midtown Assistance Center, Inc. - This agency offers rent help, and even free food and groceries. (404) 681-5777.
  • Achor Center, Inc. - Runs the federal government Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program.(404) 349-9151.
  • Buckhead Christian Ministry, Inc. is another local agency that provides rent help, and they as well administer the federal government Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Fund. Call (404) 239-0038.

Federal government HUD sponsored grants also pay for other resources for stopping evictions. Agencies in Fulton County use the money to provide everything from legal aid to rent help, assistance with moving costs, deposits, and emergency hotel/motel vouchers. Locate eviction help in Fulton County.

Transitional housing services are available across Atlanta and the greater Fulton County area. Numerous non-profits and government funded programs assist qualified families that were evicted and/or the currently homeless. Some charities also provide a free emergency motel voucher for women with kids in Atlanta.

  • Participants will have access to a place to live while they regain self-sufficiency though services such as job training, credit counseling, and while they process applications for low income housing. Some centers may have information on rental or security deposit assistance as well. More on Fulton County Georgia housing programs.







Churches and Buckhead Christian Ministry may be able to help with basic needs in a crisis situation. Housing assistance may include funds for paying rent or utility bills. For those in their transitional housing programs, financial aid may be offered to pay the security deposit when moving. Other resources from the ministry include Support Housing, money management, and additional case management services. The main location is 2847 Piedmont Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30305. Dial (404)-239-0058.

Free items in Fulton County GA and vouchers for low-income families

Clothing, household good, furniture and basic needs - Dozens of charities, churches, and non-profit clothing closets provide items to needy families. Centers distribute items such as free coats, shoes, suits, diapers, work attire, furniture and more. There are also free furniture banks, school backpacks, and small appliances for low-income households. Get information on Atlanta free clothing closets, furniture and school supply assistance.

Events and giveaways for back to school supplies are held across Atlanta and Fulton County. In addition, some charities also ramp up their assistance during this time frame. Books, educational supplies. computers, clothes, and more is given out. Find some examples of Atlanta area school supply programs.

Fulton County free holiday programs - At each major holiday, including Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, qualified low income families can receive help. What may be provided includes free food, meals, gifts and toys for children, and companionship for senior citizens. More on holiday assistance in Atlanta.

Free stuff for new babies - Parents that are struggling to pay their bills can get help. Fulton County Georgia based charities, as well as DSS offices can assist. Some of the assistance arranged may be diapers, wipes, and Pampers; furniture; food as well as free baby formula (including from WIC vouchers); emergency housing; and much more. Continue with Atlanta diapers and baby supplies.

Free diapers in Atlanta - A couple local non-profit organizations provide free diapers to Fulton County and Atlanta families. There are also baby wipes, clothes diapers or free Pampers in Fulton County GA. Learn more on free diapers and how to apply.

Free food, personal stuff, household items in Fulton County

Ben Hill United Methodist Church - Runs a food pantry and a clothing closet. Get groceries, free feminine products, baby formula and more. The address is 2099 Fairburn Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331. Call (678) 891-0709 or (404) 344-0618

Calvary United Methodist Church - Food pantry is  1471 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310. Call (404) 753-8151

Greater MissionWorks, Inc. - Distributes food, and is also a food stamping facility. (404) 881-6700

True Church of God Outreach Ministry, Inc. - Provides clothes and free food. (404) 753-2890

There are a few dozen other primary food banks, churches and pantries located across Atlanta and the county. Some also provide financial assistance and/or clothes or operate soup kitchens. Read more on Fulton County free food banks.

Atlanta free foreclosure counseling, debt relief and mortgage help

While many homeowners may not realize it, Catholic Charities has a foreclosure assistance program for Atlanta and Fulton County homeowners. They help people of all faiths and religions. The agency employees certified housing and debt counselors. They are available to provide expertise and mortgage assistance to homeowners who are in mortgage default (or undergoing a foreclosure) or approaching mortgage default.

  • They also provide free advice to people in credit card debt or that have bad scores. Programs are even available to help someone by a new home, or refinance a mortgage. Dial 770-790-3112 or (404) 920-7725 for an appointment.

Another HUD approved counseling agency is CredAbility - Atlanta Office. This non profit credit, foreclosure assistance, and debt agency provides assistance with consumer education. There is free credit counseling, foreclosure prevention, homeowner/home purchase counseling, as well as a predatory lending awareness program,.

  • The non-profit also offers in person or online bankruptcy counseling, access to low income home loans and mortgages, personal financial management, and mortgage company complaints. Dial (404) 527-7630 or (800) 251-2227

Atlanta based Home Owner Mortgage Education, Inc. offers a wide variety of services and resources including mortgage review, loan modification, foreclosure prevention and counseling, and loss mitigation. Dial (404) 452-1976.





Non-profits - Both HUD approved agencies and attorneys from organizations such as Atlanta Legal Aid Society and Georgia Legal Services provide counseling and free advice. Whether you are behind on paying your home loan, or have received a foreclosure notice, then these organizations are worth contacting. Find foreclosure prevention in Atlanta.

Home-Free USA is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency that focuses on foreclosure prevention. Counselors work to lower the rate on a homeowners mortgage and/or set up a loan modification with their bank or lender to help bring their account and mortgage payment current. (404) 607-0800

Another option is a mortgage help center that was opened by Fannie Mae. It provides free foreclosure and counseling services. Click more more on Fannie Mae help in Atlanta to learn more.

Fulton County Georgia free health care and community clinics

City of Refuge, Inc. is an Atlanta agency that provides affordable and accessible high quality primary medical and health care. There is a Healing Community Center that is charity care. They assist the medically undeserved and at risk individuals in the Fulton County Georgia area. Dial (404) 564-7749.

Another health care clinic is Saint Joseph's Mercy Care Services, Inc. This facility offers numerous medical programs including primary health and dental care, free pediatric service and checkups for children who do not have heath coverage, dental assistance, and referrals. Dial (678) 843-8600, or learn about other free health care programs.

There are other free clinics and dentists in the region. With tens of thousands of families lacking health insurance in the area, the demand for high quality, yet low cost medical care has never been greater. There are other options out there that can help meet the health and dental care of the low income, unemployed, and people who may be struggling. Locate more Fulton County Georgia clinics, which are in addition to the two locations above.

City of Atlanta Georgia

There are other services that cover both Atlanta and Fulton County. Learn more on the city of Atlanta assistance programs.


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