Atlanta Urban Ministries emergency programs.

Assistance from Atlanta Urban Ministries can help prevent homelessness, hunger, and address medical needs. The methods used by the non-profit vary widely, and in some cases they may issue money for paying a portion of an expense (such as rent or an energy bill) and in other instances referrals are used. In any case the organization will explore all possible options for helping a struggling family in Fulton County.

Clients come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are under or unemployed. Others seeking support from Atlanta Urban Ministries lack adequate medical insurance, or maybe they are ill. The non-profit also tries to help veterans, domestic violence victims, and other vulnerable members of the Atlanta Georgia community.

Housing and resources for financial aid

Housing Department at Atlanta Urban Ministries provides income qualified families a chance to achieve and firmly establish an independent life. This opportunity comes from attending workshops or one on one sessions.

Atlanta Urban Ministries will coordinate home-ownership counseling and classes which focus on low to moderate income clients. Below is a list of services available for disadvantaged community members in Fulton County. People can sign up for Mortgage Delinquency and default counseling, Homebuyer education, Pre-purchase Homeownership Counseling, as well as free advice as a form of rental assistance.

The Atlanta Urban Ministries Direct Emergency Assistance Program is the main focus of the charity. Struggling, at-risk for homelessness residents of the county are assisted. When funding and resources allow, they will be given short term emergency financial aid for housing expenses and other bills to ensure their basic survival needs are met.

Direct Emergency Assistance helps low-income clients with a broad range of issues including the following. Any client in a crisis situation needs to call the office to schedule an appointment and receive guidance on what documentation they need to bring to apply.

  • One time funds for rent, utility bills such as water or electricity, or medical needs.
  • Advocacy for resources.




  • Assistance for educational needs, such as school supplies or information on scholarships in Fulton County.
  • Clients are given referrals and they staff are always encouraging able bodied clients to give back by helping at the non-profit.

The Atlanta Urban Ministries Food Pantry is one of Fulton County largest centers, distributing more than thousands of food items or boxes of groceries yearly. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of faithful supporters, the Pantry is a valued ministry to Ministry. The staff are grateful to donors, including the following.

The Ministries Food Bank sells products to area nonprofits at a great discount. The charity purchases any items that are still needed once the partners, local food drives, and individual community members have made their donations.

The Atlanta Urban Ministries Clothing Bank stocks new or gently used clothes and shoes of all sizes and styles. There are items for children, adults, students, teens, and infants. The non-profit will also offer casual, professional, and dressy clothing, as well as housewares items such as towels, sheets, blankets, utensils, and sleeping bags. In the winter in Georgia, the Ministry will also try to offer gently used warm coats to children. They may also have hats, gloves, and mittens in all sizes.

Additional Atlanta Urban Ministries services

The Family Support Group at Atlanta Urban Ministries offers low-income families an opportunity to develop leadership and to also receive peer support from other members of their community. This group meets bi-weekly at the Center and people have the opportunity to attend workshops and listen to professional speakers. This assistance given by case managers is in both emotional and social forms as well as nurturing a feeling of empowerment within themselves.

While the parents attend meetings, structured childcare is offered for the children so they are well cared for. The child can get help including snacks in a nearby room. There is also a supportive group specifically for mothers or even single moms. This session is called the Mother's Support Group which is a safe haven for women to receive peer support from other members of their community.

Connection, solidarity and expressing emotions in a safe space is part of the program for participants. This session is also an opportunity for families and individuals from across Fulton County to network among each other regarding information about jobs, rooms for rent, or other important activities within the community which will enhance their lives in positive ways.





The Head Start service is federally funded. It offers comprehensive child development resources for low-income families, from during pregnancy to age five. Head Start from Atlanta Urban Ministries serves children at all levels of ability as well as development, including the disabled.

Both center and home-based programming is available in Fulton County. The overall goal is to optimize social and academic competency by providing child-focused services to both children and lower income parents. As resources allow, the non-profit will offer family members opportunities that promote and support growth and change, with the central belief that they have the ability to identify their own strengths.

Head Start and all of its services are free of charge, and include the following. Teachers or staff may offer Medical/dental services; Comprehensive education; Family support services; Healthy meals and snacks; as well as Child development screenings.

For more information on the programs at the Ministry, dial (404) 881-6744. They also have information on other resources in Fulton County.




By Jon McNamara

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