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Atlanta and Fulton County church assistance programs.

Dozens of churches that are located in the greater Atlanta region provide assistance to the less fortunate. Volunteers can offer a hand-up to clients, and many of the parishes have some form of material support. Whether it is a free box of good, gasoline vouchers, or one time financial aid for rent or light bills, a church may be able to help.

The list of services, as well as some of the main churches in the region, are below. The religious, faith based groups do not discriminate based on age, race, immigration status, language, or religion. Some of them also have Spanish speaking services available as there are an increasing number of Latino and individuals in Fulton County in which English is not their primary language. A church will help anyone in need; or do their best to do this.

Financial help from churches

One of the churches that operates both Meals on Wheels for the homebound, and that also has a free food pantry, is First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. The address is 1328 Peachtree St., NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. Call them at (404) 892-8461. That is just one example of where the hungry can turn to for a meal or box of groceries.

Note there are as many as 15 other local churches, including Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist at 166 Edwards St., NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30314 in Fulton County Georgia that also have soup kitchens or food pantries on site, and referrals can be given from the number below. Members of the parish also often hold fund raisers and donation drives to collect non-perishable food, fruits, and more from the public.

Churches such as Calvary United Methodist (which is at 1471 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd., SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, dial (404) 753-8151) sometimes also have members of the parish that tithe money for people in poverty. The funds, when available, may be for paying certain bills. It may be homeless prevention (so pay rent or electric bills), or maybe to buy a box of food or pay a medical bills. These funds, when available, will only be for members of the Fulton County Georgia community where the church is based.




Keeping people housed and fed is always a focus. So it ensuring that someone can get to a job in Atlanta, or maybe buying a critical medication. This is why the money will focus on expenses such as rent. Some of the parishes will also run a shelter on site to keep the homeless safe, and out of the summer heat. As with too many people going homelessness in the ever increasing cost of living in Atlanta, the need for rent help, utility bill assistance, and similar costs is always there. If the Fulton County locations can't assist, then find other churches that help with utilities and rent.

Additional programs in Fulton County

There are some churches that also provide help for more domestic violence and/or human trafficking victims. This can include everyone from a teenager to immigrant or people from foreign countries. Locations such as Atlanta Dream Center Church (location is 635 Angier Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, phone (404) 817-3502) tries to protect anyone that needs it. They will strive to keep people safe and provide for their basic needs during that time-frame. If needed, the church will also work with the authorities or immigration services to help.

During this process, the organizations will provide basic needs as well. A church may help a refugee or Domestic violence survivor by giving them food, hot meals, access to a laundry, and of course shelter. Law firms and police department also work with members of the church to keep the individual safe.

Another focus is to advocate on behalf of the poor. There is the Central Presbyterian Church Outreach and Advocacy Center at 201 Washington St., SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, dial (404) 659-711. The staff, including volunteers and priests, focus on ending a cycle of poverty and homelessness. They know they can't do this themselves, so the advocacy process is used to organize the larger community.

These churches offer some support on their own, such as identification services or free food, but the advocacy process also brings other charities into the mix. This is when a optometrist comes in to provide vision testing. Or stores from Atlanta such as Lenscrafter will give the poor and children free prescription glasses. Other resources from local churches that are part of this process include job assistance, on-site healthcare, and much more.





Transportation is critical in the Atlanta area. Most people rely on their cars due to the lack of adequate public transportation. Churches try to help in regards to work and employment. To this end, volunteers may help repair cars or provide parts. There may also be free gasoline vouchers from churches.

Almost all of the churches in Fulton County Georgia require an appointment to be made. This is true of Mallalieu United Methodist Church at 2651 Church St., East Point, GA 30344 (phone (404) 761-3183) as well as dozens of others. The assistance (especially financial for housing costs) is always first come and served to families that meet the qualifications in place. For information or referrals, dial 211 for a list of church administered programs.


By Jon McNamara

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