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Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) assistance programs in DeKalb and Fulton County.

The non-profit Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority can help the low income, unemployed, and struggling get back on track. The agency advocates on behalf of the poor and less fortunate. On rare occasions they may have some financial aid for a select number of conditions, or the community action agency may be able to refer clients to other agencies in DeKalb or Fulton County Georgia.

Financial help from FACAA

Financial aid is scarce. From time to time the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) may have funds that can help qualified families and some individuals. Assistance may be offered for a limited number of financial needs, such as rent, in certain cases. If it is available, it will be intended as a handout and not a hand up, meaning that the aid is not long term charity care. Applicants need to have a plan and be executing on it so that they are on a path to self-sufficiency. Some of the priorities for any cash assistance will be as follows.

Short term, emergency financial assistance is provided by the non-profit community action agency to those income qualified citizens who are willing to fully participate in self-sufficiency type workshops and classes. The case managers and staff from the Community Action Authority need to be certain that the applicant is on the path to stability and don’t continue to request help in the future. The non-profit works to end an individual dependence on government aid and social services. There is also information on rent assistance in Fulton County Georgia/

Anyone that applies for assistance for utility, rent, or other needs must participate in counseling and financial planning before any consideration of support can be given. This involves Saturday School attendance, and this will be compulsory before assistance can be considered. Any aid provided is also as a last resort. People from the Atlanta Georgia region always need to do whatever they can to having to not request financial support.

Families and individuals from the region with unexpected and severe medical needs that are life threatening will tend to be highest priority. Still, the need has to be determined and verified while the community action agency determines current costs and bills in the household and that they are being properly managed.




All requests are considered by the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority on a case by case basis and they will consider the individual merit. Like anything, approval is not guaranteed.  For those from the Atlanta region that are having trouble in finding a job, then the agency may have referrals and information on resources such as One Stop Job centers.

The primary federal government program for assisting with utility bills is LIHEAP. The formal name of the program is Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. It may be able to help keep families healthy and safe through government sponsored initiatives that assist with energy and heating bills. This can include cash grants for paying bills, free energy saving and conservation measures, and maybe even funds to repair a furnace or heating system. This is strictly a seasonal program that runs annually between November – March of each year.

Additional services from Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority

The resources are very limited, and many people will not qualify or will unfortunately need to be turned away. If this is the case, then staff will try to direct individuals to another local agency for support. They have referrals, advocacy, and information on other government programs such as LIHEAP (see below), housing vouchers, food pantries, and federal government benefits.





There are various credit and debt counseling services from the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority. Some are offered by the organization and others in partnership with non-profits in Atlanta Georgia. Together they help low to moderate income families budget, pay down the debt, and show clients ways to rebuild credit.

Too many people are struggling with their car loan payments in the Fulton County area too. And an auto is needed for work and countless other reasons in this sprawling area. To this end, the agency assists there as well. They can show clients how to get out of a car loan that they can’t afford and they offer other assistance.

Get guidance and ongoing assistance in building real and lasting foundations as part of Head Start. This federal government funded program offers physical, cognitive, social, nutritional and language development growth for kids under the age of 5. Free medical, dental care, and mental health services are also provided to ensure that all of the children are able to maintain a sound body for developmental success.

The services from FACAA equip children from lower income families as well as households living in poverty with the opportunities, food and knowledge that their peers from higher income families are able to obtain. It is offered in DeKalb County too. The goal is to try to level set the growth of kids so they are all given equal opportunities.

The Transitional Jobs Program furnishes employee placement, job training, and retention services to prepare Atlanta area residents for subsidized and unsubsidized employment. There are even resources for freelance type positions, even such things as online surveys. There is also support for those re-entering the workforce, such as senior or parents that were caring for a child. The resources from Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authoritywill also be used to create a pipeline of qualified job candidates for entry into growing industries. Or find more information on online surveys.

The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) is part of the Georgia and well as nation’s community action agency organization. They focus on helping the poor get back on track. In addition to some of the services noted above, other available resources may include Head Start, Employability Services, Personal Development Classes, General Case Management, and YouthBuild. Every single organization works to help low income citizens become self-sufficient over the mid to long term.





Locations of FACAA

The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority, also commonly known as FACAA, is located at 1690 Chantilly Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324. Dial 404.320.0166. There is also a Community Empowerment & Resource Center located at 341 Kelly Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.


By Jon McNamara














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