Housing assistance from Clifton Sanctuary Ministries.

They operate an emergency shelter only, and the center assists men over the age of 35 that have a referral from one of their partner agency's. That organization must contact Clifton Sanctuary on the applicant’s behalf. The homelessness and recently evicted in Atlanta, that do not have any income, can turn to Clifton Sanctuary Ministries for help and guidance. All resources are limited and there is not currently any financial aid provided, however other services are administered.

The charity organization provides men with a number of assistance programs for their basic needs, ranging from shelter, meals, case management and the free use of a computer lab. The volunteers and staff from the faith based group work to rehouse and stabilize those individuals that need a place to live.

A small transitional housing facility is known as Joe’s Place. It is offered for just over 10 men who have found a job but need more time to gain stability, build their savings, and obtain long term, permanent stability. Men who use the facility will be able to have additional resources and support available to them. Everything resolves around them continuing to work towards finding employment and gain the skills they need for long term success.

A shelter is administered by Clifton Sanctuary Ministries. This is run from their church, and it relies on volunteers and others in the community. The homeless may receive both overnight lodging and basic needs. The use of the shelter may eventually lead to long term transitional housing. Guests of the center will also be provided with basic needs such as meals, personal hygiene items, and access to case management services.

Dress for Success, or a clothing closet, will help homeless men in Atlanta receive the clothes they need for work related reasons. Whether it is an interview, or maybe the first weeks on a job, having the proper attire or resources will help the client achieve long term success in their new role.

Depending on the level of donations, Clifton Sanctuary Ministries may provide homeless individuals with free gently used business attire. This may be dress shirts, suits, slacks, shoes, neckties, dress socks, or coats. There will be clothing in all sizes, whether large or small. Dress for Success relies on donations from the community, so please contribute any gently used items that you can.

Homeless men will receive ongoing case management and other forms of support. One of the main resources available is known as Joe’s Ladder. This is a program which focuses on educational goals in a variety of employment and career fields.




As part of this, the homeless person will need to agree to set goals and follow them. They need to work towards those achievements. Some examples of what may be provided by Clifton Sanctuary Ministries includes mentoring, credit counseling, and referrals to job training. There may be sessions for GED training, advice on opening a savings account with a bank in Fulton County, and many other resources.

A key to employment is having the skills needed. After all, Clifton is dedicated to helping people find a job in Atlanta or the surrounding Fulton County region. Stable, and decent paying jobs, can help the individual gain self-sufficiency over the long term. So to this end, the homeless generally need access to computers, classes on the use of the internet, training on software and keyboarding skills, and more.

In addition, individuals will also have use of a computer for developing their skills. They can also use the system to help find employment in the greater Atlanta region or maybe gain other skills. Volunteers from the community will work with the Joe’s Ladder training program in an effort to increase a residents computer skills and help them grow. They also hold many training classes so each person gets the skills and long term support they need.

The goal is to help homeless men in Atlanta gain stability and independence. In order to make this happen, the charity will offer them the resources above, along with support groups, ongoing advice and counseling. There is also a Health and Wellness program to provide referrals to clinics or basic medical care. Much more is provided as well.

The main address of the site is 69 Connecticut Avenue, NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307. Call 404-373-3253 for intake and more information.



By Jon McNamara

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