Atlanta water bill assistance.

Families in Atlanta can receive assistance with paying their water bills. The two primary financial assistance programs offered are the Low Income Senior Citizen Discount as well as the Care & Conserve Program. While funding is limited, and unfortunately not everyone can be helped, if you are struggling with paying your water bill or are facing a shut off look into the resources below.

The Low Income Senior Citizen Discount is for elderly and seniors who are 65 years or older. Senior Citizens in Atlanta will be eligible for up to a 30% discount on water and sewer bills. There are various conditions and qualifications that need to be met. They include the Low Income Senior Citizen Discount will not apply to any past due amounts or security surcharge, so if you have a past balance on an account then this program won’t help pay off that balance. There are some additional conditions that need to as well, and interested customers need to contact the Bureau of Water Customer Service at 404-658-6500 for more information on the senior discount.

The second primary resource that provides water bill assistance in the Atlanta area is the Care & Conserve Program. This was created to serve as a special emergency fund to help low-income and struggling ratepayers with especially high water bills

There are periods of times when local individuals and families face financial hardships or an emergency situation and those families may need help paying for essential services like water in order to prevent a shut off. During these periods, the Care & Conserve Program was created to help these individuals. The program can provide one-time financial assistance or cash grants to ratepayers who are having difficulty paying either their water or sewer bill. The City of Atlanta Bureau of Water is therefore doing what they can to help people in need.

The program offers both short term financial assistance, as well longer term support and self-sufficiency so that customers can gain control of their financial situation. What this means is that the Atlanta Care & Conserve program takes the further step of helping ratepayers in Fulton County Georgia prevent future high water bills by providing other forms of assistance and conservation measures. These can include installation of water efficiency devices as well as help with plumbing problems that a customer may be experiencing. The Care and Conserve Fund is able to benefit all customers of the Atlanta Bureau of Water by promoting the most efficient use of our water resources and by helping each and every qualified family reduce the burden of outstanding debt on the system.





One of the keys to the Care and Conserve Fund is to conserve water to reduce future bills. By reducing your use and water consumption, customers of all income levels can lower the cost of their monthly water and sewer bill.

Another key is ensuring your plumbing operates efficiently. This is an important part of conservation, as plumbing systems and fixtures need to be properly maintained in order to function properly. This, as well as just smart usage throughout the home, is a key to saving money on water bills.

When something goes with the equipment or plumbing in your home, a great deal of water can be lost. If and when this happens it can be very wasteful as well as costly to Atlanta families. What has been discovered is that many customers, even including renters and tenants, are responsible for paying high water bills on their accounts because repairs are not made in a timely manner, or repairs are not addressing all issues.

The Care & Conserve program can help people throughout the service area by installing low water use fixtures, making the necessary plumbing repairs, and helping people conserve water, and all of this is done at no cost to the tenant. Customers seeking assistance with their water and sewer bills, people who need help with plumbing repairs, or for more information call 404 855 1889.




By Jon McNamara

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