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Assistance programs Riverside County.

Charities, as well as the government in Riverside County, provide financial help to low income families. Non-profits offer money to help with rent or transportation/car expenses, free boxes of groceries, grants for utility bills, medical or dental care, and other financial aid. There are also free debt reduction and mortgage assistance programs for struggling or first time home buyers. Locate financial help near you in Riverside County CA below.

Not only is emergency financial aid offered, but there is also free stuff. That may be clothes or Christmas gifts. Students can get free back to school supplies and working parents can get free daycare in Riverside. Gasoline vouchers for work may be provided too. Organizations also support immigrants, Spanish speakers, and the working poor in the county.

Find how to get financial help with bills and more from community action

There are many organizations in Riverside California. Learn about them below, including how the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County has several resources that struggling people can take advantage of. They can get grants and also help with paying their bills and other expenses. The services below are offered by the agency, and find other Riverside non-profit charities and resources as well. Call (951) 955 – 4900

  • Utility Bill Assistance: This program provides cash grants and one-time assistance payment that will help low and moderate-income families and individuals with paying their electric bills. Funding for this program is provided by the federal government through LIHEAP, which is Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The City of Riverside also contributes via SHARE, which is Sharing Households Assist Riversides Energy Fund, and they help also be the Imperial Irrigation District Program. The program also offers energy conservation education and training.
    What is SHARE? It is specifically for Riverside Public Utilities customers. SHARE customer can also apply for other assistance and for HEAP. LIHEAP is a federally funded block grant program that is implemented by organizations at the State, Tribal, and Insular area. That contrasts with SHARE, which is funded by City of Riverside. If you are City of Riverside utility customer it is advised that you apply for SHARE assistance first, then explore other options.
  • CARE (California Alternative Rates for Energy): People struggling with their energy bills can also apply for the CARE program. This program provides at minimum a 20% discount on the clients gas or electric bill, if the applicant meets the income eligibility guidelines, if they also hold the utility account in his/her name and if they cannot be claimed as a qualified customers by another.




  • Weatherization Assistance Program: Community Action Partnership of Riverside’s Weatherization Assistance Program is another federal government program, and it provides applicants with free home energy conservation services. It is targeted towards low-income Riverside County homeowners and renters. These services it offers will reduce energy use and lower a customers utility and heating bills, thus creating more self-sufficient households that have extra cash to spend on other necessities.
  • ECIP or F/T (Energy Crisis Intervention Program or Fast Track): The ECIP component of this program consists of help making electric and gas bill payments, wood, oil, and propane payments, and furnace replacement and repair on behalf of those households who are identified as to be in a crisis situation. An ECIP payment will be made when an applicant receives a 24 or 48-hour disconnection notice from their utility company or another utility service disconnection notice that would involve a life threatening and/or emergency situation; if the applicant requires assistance with establishing a new account; or if the applicant’s utility services have been terminated or shut off.
  • The Healthy Families Program is also offered by the community action agency and it is a low cost health insurance product that provides health, vision, and dental coverage to children. It is for low income households or immigrants who do not have any other health insurance today and if they do not qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal insurance. After you enroll your children in the Healthy Families plan, you will have the freedom to choose the specific health, dental and vision insurance plans.
    The plans you can select from will provide free or low cost care. There will be  health, vision, and dental coverage for your children. This health insurance will pay most of your children’s medical costs for visits to dentists, doctors, and specialists. The health insurance plans also contract with laboratories, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies for your children’s health care needs.
  • Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Services: The Community Action Partnership of Riverside County can direct homeowners to government mortgage assistance programs, or to local not for profit HUD certified counseling agencies. Southern California has been hit hard by the housing crisis, and thousands of people receive free foreclosure counseling every year with the goal of getting back on track with paying their home loan. Find details on Riverside housing counseling agencies.

Several other services are provided by the non-profit. The Community Action Partnership of Riverside County is located at 2038 Iowa Ave. Suite B-102, Riverside, CA 92507  (951) 955 – 4900. The organization is dedicated to helping the less fortunate and struggling in the community. More info on Community Action Agency in Riverside programs.





Free food assistance in Riverside region

Calimesa Seventh Day Adventist Church (call (909) 795-9741) provides emergency food assistance, free groceries, hygiene supplies and more.

A Community Pantry, located in Hemet and can be reached at (951) 929-1101, provides free food and other assistance. Holiday programs may be offered too.

There are dozens of other food banks and soup kitchens in the region for struggling families. A focus is on children as well as senior citizens and the most disadvantaged. Get hot meals, home delivery of frozen food for the homebound, groceries and other support. Find a comprehensive listing of more free food pantries in Riverside County California.

Free medical care and free community clinics

Some of the clinics in the Riverside County area to turn to for health care include the following. Most offer services on a sliding fee scale, or may offer free care for the under and uninsured. Also find information on California prescription drug plans.

Mecca Medical Clinic - Provides comprehensive primary care and medical bills are charged to patients on a sliding scale. Dial (760) 396-1249.

Arlanza Family Health Center, phone number (951) 710-3970 or (951) 324-5620, offers medical and dental care, as well as vision services. They focus their programs on youth and adults in Riverside from low-income families. There is also medications and dental for, Low to Moderate Income Patients. Free or low cost care is Families with Inadequate Health Insurance, and Cancer Patients.

These are just two of the clinics that operate in Riverside California. About 30 additional community clinics provide free low lost cost dental and medical care in the county. They assist adults, the uninsured, and children too. Read more on free community clinics and dental centers in Riverside.

Crisis, emergency and temporary assistance in Riverside County

Riverside EDA Home Repair Programs are available. There are low cost loans for mobile homes, funds from the EDA Home Repair services, single family grants and free energy conservation measures. Applications and information is provided by the Neighborhood Partnership Housing Service, and call 909-988-5979.




  • If you need home repairs, including, but not limited to, a new furnace, roof, air-conditioner, plumbing repair, or more, Riverside County has a program that can help. These home repairs and improvements, including many others, have grants available from the EDA Home Repair programs. The EDA assistance program can cover the cost of home repairs or improvements of up to a total of $6,000. And it is not a loan and there in no money to pay back. The grants are free.
  • If you need substantial improvements and the $6,000 is not enough, Riverside and EDA offer additional grants and services from the Home Rehabilitation Program. In some cases, up to $20,000 can be provided. This additional program was created to help pay for either several repair items or more costly home repairs, such as kitchen or bathroom repair, air conditioning repair, roof repair or replacement, exterior painting, plumbing re-piping, or an electrical upgrade. Repairs for this program are prioritized by EDA and they are based on health and safety concerns of the family. Dial 909-988-5979 or 1.800.945.6171.
  • Mobile home lot loans may be offered too. These are low cost, low interest options for Riverside County mobile home owners. Get help with repairs, modifications, safety improvements and more. Call 909-988-5979.

Child assistance programs, including free supplies and after school care. A program offered Through Operation School Bell, which is run by the Assistance League of Riverside, provides help. Qualified low-income households, migrant workers and single moms or dads can get new school clothing and supplies, including socks, underwear, coats, shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, backpacks, or books. There are also Chromebooks, dictionaries, and hygiene kits to needy students. Call 951.682.3445.

Riverside County residents who are struggling with paying the rent or mortgage payments may qualify for assistance from a federal government program that is intended to prevent homelessness. It combines financial help with otther support. The federal governments Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) provides funds to non-profits in the region each year.

  • Riverside County families and individuals can apply for resources as part of HUD’s Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re- housing Program. This program will provide short to medium-term financial and housing assistance to people who are facing eviction are are on the brink of homelessness. It will also help those who may have already lost their homes. Find additional ways how to get rent help.
  • According to the housing program guidelines established by the government, assistance can be offered to people and families who are on the brink of being forced onto the street because of financial hardship. Help is also available for residents in imminent danger of losing their home or apartment due to financial stress or emergencies.





The assistance provided might include three to 12 months of rental payments, as well as taking care of and paying a utility bill, security deposit, moving expenses and hotel or motel vouchers. The money is paid to landlords and companies, and funds are not giving directly to the programs applicants and beneficiaries. To learn more or to apply call or 909-622-3806 or 866- 414-0870 to speak to a non-profit in Riverside.

There are many other emergency rental and housing resources available in the region, and anyone behind on their payments should call for referrals. Or find a listing of Riverside rent assistance programs and non-profit agencies that can help those facing eviction.

Financial help for lot rent and mobile home owners is offered. You can receive assistance if you own a mobile home as well. Because the rehabilitation of a mobile home may not be feasible or long lasting if/when substandard or structural conditions exist, the Riverside EDA home repair assistance program may replace the entire existing mobile home on your property by providing you with a combination of loans and grants. Call 909-988-5979 or 951.955.9495.

Arlington Temporary Assistance (phone 951.689.5620) helps low income individuals by distributing free groceries and clothing to the needy residing in Riverside. The cities and regions supported include Jurupa, Mira Loma, Woodcrest, and Rubidoux California. In addition counselors provide provides information and referrals to other government programs.

Salvation Army-Riverside Corps (phone number 951.784.4490) offers families a number of assistance programs. There is low cost child care (ages 2-5), subsidized housing for seniors, food boxes, utility and one time rent assistance. There is also free Christmas holiday gifts and meals, troop type and summer activities for youth. Or students in Riverside can get free backpacks and other school supplies.

Another branch of the Salvation Army is also an option. The Salvation Army - Murrieta can provide help with providing emergency food and grocery assistance, emergency funds that provide rental assistance, and emergency utility bill assistance. Any individual or family may be assisted without discrimination providing they meet all program requirements and guidelines. Call this location at (951) 677-1324.

Salvation Army - Sierra del Mar Division offers programs, such as water bill, food, and housing assistance for low income families. This center covers North Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs and Mission Springs areas of the Coachella Valley. Address is 30400 Landau Boulevard, Cathedral City, California, 92234. Call 760-324-2275.

Several other Corp centers operate across the greater Riverside County area. Case mangers and social workers from the Salvation Army will provide financial and non-monetary assistance to those who need help. Click here for additional details on their resources, and find Salvation Army Riverside financial assistance programs.

If you are struggling to feed your family, Feeding America - Second Harvest Food Bank distributes donated food to charities and other non-profits in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The agency alleviates hunger and makes the community aware of the hunger problem. They also provide low cost food to anyone who is struggling, regardless of income. More on low cost food in California. Dial 951.359.4757.

Another non profit organization is Catholic Charities San Bernardino/Riverside. They offer several services including case management with support services, clothing, free food, rent assistance, utility bill payments, mortgage payments, and services that effect families and neighbors by focusing on prevention and financial assistance. Call 951.784.5020. Additional Catholic Charity offices are in Moreno Valley and Indio California. Learn more Catholic Charities in Riverside.







Riverside County families too often take on debt to pay the bills or cover expenses such as a vacation, trip, or critical needs. There are assistance programs for credit card debt, loans, and more. Non-profit agencies as well as lenders offer support. As an example, find a list of programs that help with credit cards.

Lutheran Social Services of Southern California, which is based in Riverside and can be reached at 951-689-7847 or (951) 656-6020, offers emergency one-time rental assistance. A major focus is on encouraging housing in the community. Basically it can include both rental and/or mortgage payment assistance and funds provided are based upon the occurrence of an emergency.

Recipient of the money must demonstrate the ability to make their housing payments on their own after the one month's assistance. The County of Riverside must approve this disbursement. Other financial aid and support is available from the non-profit. More information Lutheran Social Services of Southern California.

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul, which is based in Corona, is an all volunteer organization that provides emergency assistance to people in need for rent, utilities and heating bills, identification cards (ID's), prescription medication, and other needs. Dial (951) 715-4858 or 1-951-836-8330. Read more St. Vincent Riverside assistance.

Riverside, CA Rent Assistance Development Department, Housing and Neighborhoods Division runs the Homelessness Prevention Fund. This also helps facilitate affordable housing, home buying programs, and home loans. The agency can provide money to prevent an eviction or utility disconnection. Call (951) 782-4420 or (951) 826-5615

Credit Union Loans from SDCCU - This regional lender can offer members low interest rate financing. The loans can be used for a variety of needs, including everything from paying for automobile repairs to school supplies to and rent that may be due. More details.

Community Connect runs a Shared Housing Program. What it does is offers assistance to economically disadvantaged, low income, or displaced persons who need affordable housing. It also benefits homeowners who have decided to rent out a room in their home by bringing them in extra income. While it is not always required from tenants, there may be some help to pay for security deposits when needed. 2060 University Avenue, Riverside, California, 92507. Call (951) 686-4402 or 951-328-8278.

Local Family Resource Centers serve as a source of referrals and support for disadvantaged families. There are multiple sites in the region, and staff at each location helps the less fortunate, with a focus on households with children.

  • Referrals to rent, water, and utility bill assistance.
  • Education including GED and ESL classes as well as citizenship applications.
  • Resource Centers help with job training and placement, including use of computers.
  • Help in applying for everything from weatherization to disability or CalFresh food stamps.
  • Other information is available too, and find assistance from Riverside Family Resource Centers.




Southern California Indian Center, Inc. supports Riverside residents who are Native Hawaiians, American Indians, and Native Alaskans. The shelter, emergency food, rent assistance, legal assistance, bus tickets, health care, and information and referrals based on an individuals needs. Call (714) 962-6673 or 951-710-3068.

Menifee Valley Community Cupboard offers food to low income families, seniors, and other individuals. Home delivered may even be made to the homebound. Christmas, Easter, and free Thanksgiving baskets may be distributed too. Or explore emergency rental assistance programs. Menifee California based. Call 951-301-4414 for information.

If you have children or are a single mother or father, then the Perris Valley Family Resource Center (which is part of Social Services) may be able to help. Dial (951) 443-1158. They have programs for families with children. Emergency services provided to families include heating and utility help, rental and food vouchers when funding is available. Other services offered include budgeting, debt counseling, saving, resume writing, and ESL classes.

Community Pantry, which is based in Hemet, provides emergency assistance and financial support to families and homeless individuals in need of help. The program will provide food as well as assistance for rent and utilities when funds are available. Call (951) 929-1101

Riverside County housing assistance - This ranges from shelter to eviction prevention services and transitional housing. Dozens of non-profit agencies and charities seek to help families facing imminent eviction and assist the currently homeless. While part of the assistance offered may include financial aid, the focus is on case management and self-sufficiency. More on transitional housing programs in Riverside.

Immigrants, the working poor, the underemployed, and others can get help from churches in Riverside County. There are many programs offered, some which offer money for bills and some which just counsel the needy. They are as follows.

  • Substance abuse counseling and DV programs.
  • Homeless programs, including shelters, clothes, hygiene supplies, and more.
  • Emergency financial help for everything from rent to light bills may be provided by a church.
  • Free ride and transportation programs for seniors.
  • Food as well as congregate meals.

Dozens of churches offer support. They also help Spanish speakers and farm workers, and much more may be provided. Find help from Riverside County churches.

Banning Senior Center - Call for information on an outreach program and information and referral to other social service and government programs. Medicare and legal assistance provided too. 769 N. San Gorgonio Ave, Banning, California 92220. Phone (951) 922-3250

Riverside Legal Aid, or Inland clinic, can help with numerous issues. Clients can meet with a lawyer for advice on issues such as applying for SSI disability or housing. Free legal assistance can also help prevent evictions or deal with consumer debt issues. Other support can be for immigrants, the disabled, and address topics like child support. Continue Inland Counties Legal Services.

Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service - Funds may be available for gas bills, and non-profit also offers 2-3 day supply of free emergency food to needy individuals and families in Riverside County. Other support, mostly referrals, are available as well. The address is 7680 Casa Blanca Street, Riverside, California 92504. Dial (951) 688-3043, or click more information on assistance from Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service.





Banning Electric Alternative Rate (B.E.A.R. Program) - The program can help the low income pay electric bills. 176 East Lincoln Street, Banning, CA 92220. Telephone (951) 849-5224.

Community Assistance Program of Moreno Valley - Some of the aid offered includes utility bill assistance, clothes closet, free food, diapers, and baby supplies or formula. There may be free government grant money too. The locationi s 24594 Sunnymead Boulevard, Suite W, Moreno Valley, CA 92553. Dial (951) 485-7792

Free Christmas or holiday meals and gifts - Get information on non-profits that can assist the low income with providing for their families during the holidays. Some of what may be offered includes free gifts, food, and toys. Thousands of Riverside families are supported each year by the agencies. More on Riverside County free holiday programs.

Corona/Norco Settlement House - The charity type organization offers assistance with paying for food, clothing, housing including rent/mortgage, as well as emergency utility assistance. 507 South Vicentia Street, Corona, California 92882, Call (951) 737-3504.

Desert Samaritans For Seniors - Low income seniors can get help with healthcare costs, utility bills, free food or Meals on Wheels. There is also help to fix air conditioning /heating units, water heaters, rent assistance, appliances, or home repairs. 75105 Merle Drive, Suite 500, Palm Desert, (760) 837-9066.

Riverside Homeless Prevention Programs - There are several resources offered. Struggling families and tenants facing eviction can seek assistance.

  • Continuum of care affiliated agencies coordinate emergency housing and rental programs in the county.
  • Pro-bono law firms and counselors offer legal guidance or mediation.
  • Federal government funds may be used for paying certain expenses such as back rent, energy costs, or water bills.
  • Other services are available too. Locate homeless prevention in Riverside County.

Mead Valley Community Complex - Family Service Association Of Western Riverside County. Call (951) 657-0686 or (951) 779-9623. Programs include utility assistance, tax preparation, clothing distribution, senior nutrition, childcare, and government commodities.

Free clothing, household supplies, basic needs and holiday assistance - Those items and more are offered from clothing closets as well as free furniture banks in Riverside California. Dozens of centers provide vouchers to low income families, free household goods, school supplies, and other support. There is bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, and various back to school supplies. Read more on Riverside free school supplies, furniture and clothing closets.

HELP Inc. - In addition to food and groceries, programs can also offer assistance with paying for rent, clothing, bus tickets, and baby food when available. Limited funding is also available for utilities, gasoline vouchers and motel or hotel vouchers for families with children.

They are a non-profit that also focuses on proving free food, including information on government programs such as USDA commodities and they have referrals to local food pantries. The non-profit also uses money raised from the community to help pay for rent or utility bills in Riverside County. Self-sufficiency is another major focus. The address is 53 South 6th Street, Banning, California 92220. Dial (951) 922-2305, or learn more on financial aid from Help Inc.

Parents of infants, babies, and newborns can get help as well. There are even resources for expecting mothers. Over 15 charities and non-profits provide assistance. There may be parenting workshops, free diapers, maternity or baby clothes, wipes, furniture, formula, and much more. More Riverside County free diapers and baby supplies.

Water bills - While assistance is not common, Riverside Public Utilities customers may have some options available to them. These can include Project SHARE, discounts, credits, or payment extensions. Additional support may also be offered for paying electric bills as well. More Riverside Public Utilities assistance.







Idyllwild HELP Center - Call them for food vouchers, or information and referrals to health and social services in the area. 26330 Highway 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549, Dial (951) 659-2110

Martha's Village and Kitchen - The not for profit runs a number of programs including offering daily hot meals, food boxes, clothing distribution, general computer classes and ESL classes, energy bill help, G.E.D. Diapers and baby formula are also distributed when available to low income. 83791 Date Avenue, Indio, California 92201. Call (760) 775-0622

Smiles for Seniors - Low income seniors can apply for necessities and including energy bill assistance, groceries, prescription medication assistance and others. Call (909) 790-6671

Riverside government and cash assistance - The county social service office runs a number of programs for the low income, seniors, unemployed, and people who need help. Resources range from cash for paying bills and basic needs to health care and job training programs. Case managers are available and will meet one on one with individuals to go over all the government aid programs available. Continue with public assistance in Riverside County.

Galilee Center – The non-profit provides information for referrals, financial aid including utility bill assistance, baby items (formula, diapers, food). Note that any energy or rental assistance is only offered as funding permits. 1030 Sixth Street, Unit 8, Coachella, CA, 92236. Call 760-398-2100

Cancer assistance programs

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, the Desert Cancer Foundation (DCF) is a local nonprofit organization that is dedicated to assisting patients who live in the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities, such as Riverside. They will help those people who need financial assistance in obtaining screening, diagnosis and treatment for cancer and/or related diseases. Find other programs that help people deal with cancer bills and other related expenses. Or dial (760)773-6554.

In addition, DCF has paid for the hospital and medical bills for hundreds of underinsured or uninsured cancer patients who cannot afford treatment on their own. They can even help eliminate medical debt. Or refer people to people who can negotiate health care costs.


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