Riverside Public Utilities electric and water assistance programs.

Income qualified customers of Riverside Public Utilities can receive assistance with paying their bills from the SHARE program. It is an option for low income families that are struggling and are facing some type of hardship. The program relies on donations from the community and it is also run in partnership with the local non-profit Community Action Partnership. Other programs available from Riverside Public Utilities provide rebates and support including discounts to those that conserve their energy.

The SHARE program is completely paid for and supported by voluntary customer contributions. Without the generosity of the community then the program would not exist. As a result of this, financial assistance may be available for qualified, low-income residential customers. Funds can be used to pay electric utility bills and also deposits.

Any funds or cash grants from the SHARE program are available to eligible Riverside Public Utilities customers that meet low income and other guidelines. While the cut offs and program terms can change over time, in general assistance may be offered to those residential customers with household incomes that fall under the federal government poverty guideline levels or that are in that general range. These tend to be the families that qualify for the program.

While funding levels change from year to year (and are based on donations) those that qualify will generally receive over $100 that needs to be used for paying their water or electric bill. Some assistance for deposits as well as connection fees may be provided too. Any type of funds will also be applied directly to the customer’s account.

Also note that assistance will only be available on a one-time basis per year and of course it is only for qualified electric customers. So if you do seek help, be sure it is a true need as you can’t continue to apply. SHARE is only for Riverside Public Utilities customers that have not applied for and received such assistance within a year of the date of the new application.

If you can, please do donate. It is a great way to give back. Or maybe you benefited from SHARE in the past when you were facing a hardship. If you are now in a better financial condition, then return the favor and contribute.





It is simple to donate to the program. Families can add any amount they like or they can round the total of their utility bill up to the nearest dollar. Every single dollar and penny of your contribution goes directly toward providing utility and water bill assistance for low-income residents in the City of Riverside California. The donation is also tax deductible.

Any applications for SHARE, and funding issued, will be administered by Riverside County’s Community Action Partnership. This is also a requirement of the state of California and their mandated Public Benefits Charge.

Other programs offered by Riverside Utilities and the community action agency are extensive. They range from Energy State Rebates to government assistance and low income energy programs.

Energy Star is a partnership between the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, utility companies such as Riverside Public Utilities, and product manufacturers. It will help them promote energy conservation and the use of efficient products. There are periods of time in which rebates may be given to help encourage the use of these conservation measures.

Energy Star can also help educate consumers about the benefits of energy efficiency. Customers of Riverside Utilities can receive cash back rebates when they buy new appliances or maybe upgrade their home. A number of benefits are offered.




They also run a general Energy Efficiency Program, which can help households save money on their electric and/or water bills. Rebates are provided from this as well. However the exact level of financial incentive offered will be based on the type of product bought. For some goods, up to a $500 credit/rebate will be provided.

To learn more or apply, dial 951-955-6478 Monday – Friday. Unemployed and struggling families also have other private and government assistance programs available to them, such as LIHEAP. To get information on these other options, dial 951-955-6448. The community action agency reserves the right to determine eligibility for this, or any other, financial assistance programs.


By Jon McNamara

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