San Diego County Credit Union signature loans.

A non-profit credit union serves residents of San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County. People from other parts of the state and nation can also join. Members, who can be anyone that lives or works in those counties, can receive low interest rate signature loans from the credit union. The funds can be used to pay for any expense that the customer has, including car repairs, monthly rent payments, a security deposit, and more.

The company is the region’s largest, locally owned financial institution and has been operating since the 1930s. Since it operates as a non-profit, the San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) can provide lower cost financing to its customers. So this includes offering products such as signature or personal loans at a much lower interest rate than say a bank. Not only that, but anyone from southern California region who was even considering using a payday lender should choose this option over that.

The SDCCU credit union is open to anyone who either lives or works in the counties served. There are no other restrictions besides that. So if you live in Orange, San Diego, or Riverside County, you can open an account with the lender. There are dozens of branches and centers to bank at as well in the region. Hundreds of thousands of families are members of the credit union. If you live outside of that area, such as in Los Angeles County, those individuals can also open an account or take out a loan if they join the Financial Fitness Association.

Not only do they provide financing, savings accounts, products such as signature loans and more to consumers, but the lender also works with other non-profits and charities. San Diego County Credit Union  works with dozens of local groups such as the Humane Society, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, San Diego Blood Bank, and also the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. There are sponsorships, activism, and volunteerism that take place in the region.

Financing and loan options from SDCCU

For customers that need funds at a low interest rate, they have options. Some of the leading products from the lender are noted below.




Personal loans can be used for a number of different bills or expenses, and there are no restrictions put into place by San Diego County Credit Union. The funds can be used to pay for unexpected bills like car repairs or medical costs. Some people use them to pay for their rent due to timing issues. For example, maybe they will get paid by their employer next week, but the rent is due today. For those types of situations, a personal loan can be an option.

There are different options offered by SDCCU. They include unsecured signature loans, those that are backed by a saving account, or a so called certificate secured loans. There are also special offering for teachers and some other professions.

The Signature Loan will allow a qualified customer to borrow up to $20,000. This will of course depend on conditions being met. This may be the most flexible offering, and can be used for any different types of expenses. While the interest rate may be a little higher, it is still much better than a payday loan and the funds can be used for anything, such as home repairs, utility bills, or even a vacation.

The Share or Certificate Secured Loan from San Diego County Credit Union is when a borrower uses their savings for collateral. This will have low finance charges and people can still earn interest on their savings.

Teachers in the counties can use Class Cash. This is a short term, interest free loan in which teacher can use it to buy supplies or needed school items.

Used and/or new auto loans are also available. Residents of the region, including Orange, San Diego and the Riverside region, can even refinance their existing auto loan and maybe receive a lower rate and therefore save money. These products have allowed by SDCCU customers to save significantly on their monthly car payments.

For more information on any of these loan products, dial (877) 732-2848.




By Jon McNamara

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