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Free Ensure.

There are a number of charities and companies that provide free Ensure drinks to low-income seniors, elderly people who live on a fixed income and people in need. The drinks provide nutrition to older adults, people who are sick or recovering from medical conditions and others. Find how to get Ensure for free, including from programs and agencies near you.

The options are extensive. There is assistance from Abbot, who makes Ensure. Charities also provide free food, meals, and nutritional products like Ensure to low-income senior citizens. There are also short term options, such as free sample from companies (like Abbot or other distributors) or clinics or doctors that provide Ensure drinks to the elderly. There are other ways to get free drinks as well, as noted below.

Free Ensure from charities or non-profits

Free samples of Ensure from clinics are given to seniors, people on Medicare, the uninsured or even those recovering from a medical condition. There is free stuff, and care as well as Ensure, from Healthcare Providers. This includes clinics, doctors, surgery centers and other places. Some healthcare providers or dietitians have free samples of Ensure that they provide to patients for free. If a senior citizen is under a doctor's care and Ensure is recommended, they can ask their healthcare provider for help. Find free medical stuff from a health center near you.

Free Food Banks and Pantries offer healthy products, including Ensure, food, vitamins and more. Some churches and soup kitchens also give away nutritional supplements. Free charity and church run food pantries often carry nutritional supplements like Ensure, Boost and others. Many are open today or offer emergency help. Find local food banks and pantries, such as Feeding America, or look here for a free food pantry for senior citizens.

Charity Meals on Wheels is an option too. Similar to the free pantries, there are various non-profit organizations that help senior citizens get the resources they need. Meals on Wheels, for example, may provide nutritional drinks like Ensure as part of their meal delivery service. Or in a rural area, free Ensure boxes may be sent in the mail. Sometimes local community centers, churches, or other religious organizations have programs to assist senior citizens or those in need with getting items like Ensure. Continue with Meals on Wheels.




Free or cheap Ensure may be available at Patient Assistance and Discount Pharmacy Programs. Some patient assistance programs or pharmacies may cover the cost of Ensure, or provide big discounts, if it is prescribed as part of a medical treatment. Check with programs like NeedyMeds or the Partnership for Prescription Assistance for more information. Or look here for Patient Assistance Programs that help seniors.

Senior Centers are a great resource. The elderly, retirees, senior citizens, people over the age of 65 can use these free centers to get help. There is information on where to get free Ensure or other supplements, such as vitamins or Boost. Or learn about financial help, free USDA approved meals and more. Find a senior center near you.

Government programs that pay for Ensure

Government assistance programs near you may pay for Ensure. There are numerous benefits for low income senior citizens, the disabled or elderly people on a fixed income or social security. Public aid that may provide nutritional supplements like Ensure, or the means to purchase them. These include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), and local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) programs. Try SNAP benefits for low income elderly people.

Medicare and Medicaid may pay for ensure, but this is state specific. In certain cases, Ensure may be covered under Medicaid by a state, as Medicaid rules have some flexibility. In general, free drinks are only offered f it is medically necessary. It's important to speak with a healthcare provider about this option.

  • If you're enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, contact your provider or care coordinator to discuss whether Ensure is covered under your plan. If it's medically necessary, your doctor may need to write a prescription or letter of medical necessity.





Companies and Abbot provide free Ensure discounts or coupons

Many large pharmacy chains like CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart have discount programs, samples or store brands that may be cheaper than Ensure. But they will also partner with charities and medical providers to give out free coupons or rebate to buy Ensure. Visit the pharmacy in person or check their website for information for sample Ensure products, or find free samples in the mail.

Abbot, which is the Manufacturer of Ensure, has low income programs. They sometimes offer free coupons, samples and discounts on its website or via email. Most of the assistance from Abbot, or free Ensure drinks, is for low-income seniors, those on SNAP food stamps or SSI, or others in a hardship. Signing up for their email list or rewards program may also provide discounts or coupons directly to your inbox. Visit the official website of Ensure at

There are other places to get free manufacturer coupons, including for printing at home or by mail,. They include free coupons, vouchers, and rebates for Ensure or other products. Everything from a website to a smartphone app, Sunday paper insert or other tools provide coupons for Ensure and other food items. Find how to get free manufacturer coupons by mail.Free Ensure - Ensure Nutritional drink

Get free Ensure online as well, including from website or from an apps. There will be occasional Online Giveaways. Seniors may find free giveaways of Ensure or nutritional drinks on sites like Craigslist or Freecycle, or on social media sites. The free Ensure will be sent in the mail as well. However, please be aware that these should be approached with caution, as not all such offers are legitimate, however Freecycle is. Find more details on Freecycle near you.

Conclusion - Low income seniors or disabled people can get Ensure for free

Remember to contact each program or agency to inquire about the specific process and eligibility criteria. Also, keep in mind that while Ensure is a popular brand, there are other brands of nutritional shakes that might be available for less cost or for free through similar channels.


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