Mahoning County assistance programs.

Find how to get financial help, as well as where to apply, in Mahoning County. There are government agencies, charities, and churches that provide cash grants, loans, and other support. The funds can help pay heating or utility bills, assist with rent, pay for prescription drugs or a free box of food. Other resources in Youngstown range from gasoline vouchers to case management and permanent housing placement services, among other assistance programs.

Rent, prescription, mortgage, utility and food assistance

Two of the primary organizations that provide assistance in Mahoning County and Youngstown Ohio areas include Catholic Charities ((330) 744-3320) and St. Vincent de Paul Societies ((330) 746-4004).

Catholic Charities helps tens of thousands of families with emergency assistance. For example, in 2008 3,837 families received assistance with food and food vouchers, over 8,200 people received help with paying utility bills, 1,006 received free drugs or prescription assistance, and over 700 families received clothing assistance. In addition to these programs, about 650 people received other types of emergency assistance, such as counseling, advocacy and information and referral services. A number of emergency financial assistance programs and social services are offered. More on Youngstown Catholic charities assistance programs.

First Step pregnancy aid and support program

Almost 5,000 people received help from this Catholic Charities program. First Step is an assistance program that links lower and middle income pregnant women and families who have children that range in age from birth to 3 years old with material assistance, including case management services as well as other community resources available to address the family needs.

Housing services

You can also receive help with housing, including foreclosure counseling, rental assistance, case management, home mortgage assistance, free housing counseling, home down-payment assistance, and they can also help with housing search and information.





Children’s and Family Services in Mahoning County

This agency, which can be reached at (330)965-7828, has received a federal government grant that will be used to provide various forms of help, including mortgage, rental, utility bill, and case management assistance to hundreds of local households. The Office of Housing and Community Partnerships also provides financial assistance, cash grants, and technical assistance to units of local government and nonprofit organizations in Ohio for project activities which benefit low- and moderate-income Ohio citizens.

Save money on energy bills

The Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership runs a program known as Home Energy Services. The program starts with an energy audit of your home or residence. The non-profit agency will test your furnace or other heating appliance, and they will also see how much heat escapes your home by reviewing your home's insulation. The check on how efficient your windows and doors are to determine if they're letting heat escape from your home.

They also may be able to perform various energy conserving weatherization services on your home, including installing new floor, attic, and wall insulation. Since this energy bill conserving program began, MYCAP has weatherized over 9,000 homes in Youngstown and Mahoning County. In addition, depending on its current condition, your furnace or other heating appliance may be replaced or tuned up. (330) 747-7921.

Senior Services and assistance programs are also offered, which include energy, free food and clothing, and transportation assistance, as well as home visits, problem-solving services, etc. for seniors and low income.

Utility and heating bill assistance

In addition to the energy program mentioned above, Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership (phone (330) 747-7921) also runs programs that provide cash and grants for paying utility and heating bills. The different programs include Regular HEAP Program (Home Energy Assistance Program), Percentage of Income Plan (PIP), as well as the Emergency HEAP program. All of these are options for qualified homeowners.




Social services and general help

You can learn about local charities, non-profits, and both federal and Ohio assistance programs from the Help Hotline Crisis Center, Inc. 1-800-427-3606. They are a great resource to learn about Housing Assistance Program, Senior citizen programs and help line. Homeless outreach program, victims assistance program, and who to call for help with bills and debts.

The Salvation Army oversees and runs several programs and services that will help meet basic human needs and it provides social services. Learn about, or get help, with rent, prescriptions, free food, and heating bills. In addition, they also provides social development, educational, and recreational programs for children, youth, and adults in the community. Many residents of the county also call them for referrals and information on employment programs in Ohio. 330-746-8403, or read more on financial assistance from Youngstown Salvation Army.

Associated Neighborhood Centers offers a number of non-financial programs. The non-profit provides youth and teen program, senior, social and health programs, family education and support including health and wellness programs, computer classes, financial budgeting and food pantry. 1649 Jacobs Road, Youngstown, Ohio 44505, call 330-744-4377.

In addition to the resources indicated above, the non-profit Youngstown and Mahoning County Community Action offers other support services. The organization can help low income qualified clients enroll into Head Start or the unemployed access job training from WIA and other tools. Some of the other aid from MYCAP can include referrals from the Ohio Benefit Bank, financial help or loans for rural members of the county, and maybe even emergency, short term rent or security deposit help. Continue Mahoning Youngstown Community Action.

Mahoning St. Vincent de Paul provides a number of support programs to the poor and less fortunate. All assistance is confidential and is mostly offered one on one. Contact the charity for basic needs and information.

Some of what may be available from the Saint Vincent church in Mahoning County, often by referral, is free food, meals, shelter, and financial aid for housing expenses such as rent or energy bills. They are based in Youngstown Ohio but cover the entire county. Dial (330) 746-4004, or more on Mahoning County St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Free holiday assistance programs in Mahoning County help the low income, poor, single moms or dads, children and others. Many charities, including as part of Toys for Tots, ban together to provide free Christmas gifts, meals, and more to the less fortunate. Find details on free holiday and Christmas help in Mahoning County.

Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. offers free legal assistance and advice to low-income families and individuals with a wide range of critical civil legal problems. 1-800-998-9454

Interfaith Home Maintenance provides for free any necessary emergency home repair for low-income homeowners, in particular seniors in Youngstown Ohio. Telephone 330-743-7800.

Find Mahoning County funds for paying rent, security deposits, and transitional housing programs. Whether it is a church, charity, or Job and Family Service Department, many homeless prevention programs are available. Clients can be given everything from a government grant to other charitable money to help with back rent and rehousing. Find rent help in Mahoning County.





Food bank provides groceries and free food

Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley (contact 330-792-5522) provides food to hungry individuals as well as directly to relief organizations including church pantries, non-profit agencies, shelters for battered women, distribution centers, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters in Mahoning County Ohio.

Food pantries also operate across the county and city of Youngstown. There are several for families to call upon. Assistance is available for people facing a short term crisis, and many of the pantries also have staff on site that can help residents apply for SNAP food stamps and other benefits. Find clothing, holiday meals, and even items such as school supplies from a non-profit food pantry. Read more Mahoning County food pantry.

Community clinics in Mahoning and Youngstown Ohio

Some of the healthcare clinics located in the Youngstown Ohio are include. Or find out more information on free health care centers. Note that some of the centers may charge minimal fees for their services if you have some form of income or insurance. However the Mahoning clinics will try their best to assist everyone and not turn anyone away, regardless of their income. They are part of a network of free clinics for the low income.

  • Hubbard Immediate Care (330) 259-0788 - 730 N Main St, Youngstown, OH, 44514
  • St Joseph Health Center - Marketing/Public Relations (330) 480-3346 - Youngstown, OH, 44501
  • Maxim Healthcare (330) 783-3134 - 4927 Market St, Youngstown, OH, 44512

By Jon McNamara

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