Mahoning County Youngstown Community Action Partnership assistance programs.

Whether you need a job or short term financial aid, the Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership is an agency to contact. They administer a wide range of services and emergency assistance programs, with a focus on developing the self-reliance of clients. Not only that, but they do have information on government benefits such as LIHEAP heating bill assistance, workforce investment act job training, and other support.

Computer literacy classes are available in centers and schools. They are for those who want to educate themselves and improve their overall employment prospects when it comes to computer related skills. The program offers basic introduction to computers, which include learning about systems, differences between hardware and software, and the proper use of Windows.

As an example, one class is Microsoft Windows for Beginners. They also offer education on the Internet where applicants and students will practice basic searching techniques using web directories and search engines. Or learn about applications such as Excel.

The Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Winter Crisis Program is available at The Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Agency. The government administers assistance to low-income qualified residents of Mahoning County through the HEAP Winter Crisis Program. The program provides short term heating bill assistance to eligible clients during the critical winter months.

Financial aid is for those that are faced with gas or electric disconnection or that are out of heat or fuel, for those that are already disconnected or that have less than a 10-day supply of bulk fuel.
Both the Youngstown and Sebring Ohio MYCAP offices receive applications for financial assistance from the community. Eligible clients who are struggling to pay their energy bill must call and make an appointment. Call the following.

  • 1-866-223-1125 - Youngstown office
  • dial 330-938-6166- MYCAP Western Mahoning County office

Residents who are without utility service or heat can visit office too. The main address for the Youngstown office is 1325 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Broadway Ave. and Fifth Ave., Youngstown. Or the Western Mahoning County office is located at 305 North 15th Street, Sebring Ohio.




In addition to the Winter Crisis Program mentioned above, there is a HEAP component for paying cooling bills. The agency offers the Summer Crisis Program to low-income Mahoning County residents as well. The program provides assistance during the summer months with paying cooling bills, especially for the elderly or ill.

Federal funded weatherization program offers free energy efficient improvements and education to eligible low to moderate income clients. It tends to be an option for those who are having trouble with heating their homes in the winter and cooling during the summer. Or it can assist those who have breathing conditions due to lack of weatherization of their households.

The number one goal of the program is to help enrolled applicants save money on energy bills through improvement, safety checks and consumer education. The Weatherization program offers following services to enrolled clients including heating system repairs or replacements, diagnostic testing for air leakages, and extra attic, wall and basement insulation, blower-door and more.

Additionally, low-income clients are offered help with health, any safety issues and comfort-related housing problems through this program. The services are available to both homeowners and renters who meet eligibility requirements.

Percentage of Payment and Home Energy Assistance were designed to provide public benefits, applications, and home energy audits to the less fortunate. The goal of the MYCAP programs is to help enrolled low-income clients lower their overall electric consumption.

The assistance with developing an energy conservation plan is available through Energy Efficiency Education. Homebound residents of the county who are unable to come to the offices and complete applications receive help by staff that makes home visits.

As indicated above, low-income residents of Mahoning County Ohio who have had their electric service terminated, face the threat of disconnection of their power or have less than a 10-day supply of bulk fuel, are eligible for the HEAP grant programs from MYCAP. It will provide a one-time payment per heating season to income eligible clients.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program from Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership is a form of help to eligible low-income families and individuals. Advice is made available through the government organized program. Staff from the non-profit help with tax preparation and this is offered by trained and IRS-certified volunteers.





One of the goals of the program is introducing the residents of Mahoning County to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which is a federal tax credit that can substantially reduce their total government tax obligation of low-income families and individuals.

Rural Services are for eligible low-income residents of Ellsworth, Berlin Township, Lake Milton, Smith, Sebring, New Springfield and Goshen. The agency offers a number of resources that include the Head Start Enrollment, applications for disability, HEAP services, Senior Transportation Services, section 8 vouchers and other support. The agency operates in partnership with other agencies in order to implement services atcertain locations. The partners are Sebring Unit of the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and the Mahoning County Jobs & Family Services.

Find referrals from the OBB - Ohio Benefit Bank. As a full fledged member of Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) Network, the Mahoning County Community Action groups offers free use of computers to the public and referrals to these benefits.

The goal of the information shared is to make the details on these government programs available to low-income families and individuals in order to provide them with additional resources or services. OBB also helps veterans through the Veterans Education & Training Program, which includes finding specific resources. There is support for the disabled and unemployed too. Additionally, help with application forms for low income housing, tuition fees, books, scholarships and training is also available. Please call 330-747-7921.

Household appliances can be addressed from the Electric Partnership Program. Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership helps eligible low-income clients check if their electric appliances (such as refrigerators or freezers) are energy efficient in order to determine which measures could be taken to reduce energy consumption.

The program enables enrolled applicants to get help in reducing their utility bills by replacing old light bulbs with the new compact fluorescent bulbs. Or it works by replacing some appliances like refrigerator and/or freezer with a brand new Energy Star Model that is top notch and efficient.

The WIA Workforce Development Program is designed for participants who are unemployed or are seeking new skills. The classes are free and will be held at the regional Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership (MYCAP) office.

The Early Head Start program offers educational and health care services to children 0-3 years of age and their families. It is a comprehensive resource that provides enrichment and to enrolled children with the aim of preparing them for long term success from the learning process. In addition to health and educational services for children, MYCAP provides assistance to pregnant women, providing them with support and education to assist them on their journey.

The Early Head Start provides services that will improve the child’s intellectual, emotional, and physical skills. It is for infants and toddlers. The objective is to help them develop skills that will make them success in school and in life.

The program also ensures that all children and students enrolled in the program receive proper, healthy yet free nutritious meals necessary for healthy growing. The sponsor of a nutritional program is the SSDA as well as the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Child and Nutrition Services. The goal of the program is to offer them snacks, fruits, and more in an effort to help children establish healthy eating habits.




Mahoning Youngstown Community Action also offers classes to children with disabilities and other special needs as well. In fact, they often get priority. These children are eligible to attend school with their peers and receive special services.

Finally, enrolled students, children and more important their parents families receive necessary referrals to other agencies and their financial services. This is all done through the Family Service staff at the local Head Start center or school.

The non-profit Mahoning Youngstown Community Action Partnership has a couple main offices in the regon. they include the following. There i a center at 305 N. Fifteenth Street, Sebring, Ohio 44672, phone: (330) 938-6376 as well as 1325 Fifth Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44504-1702. Dial (330) 747-7921.


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