Youngstown and Mahoning Ohio Salvation Army assistance programs.

Residents who are at risk and/or struggling in the greater Youngstown Ohio region can turn to the Salvation Army. The non-profit organization will do what it can to help the less fortunate, people who are at risk of homelessness or malnutrition, and low income families. Everything from free food to Christmas gifts, school supplies, rent or heating bill help, and more is available in Mahoning County. Case managers and staff who work with the organization are dedicated to serving women, children, and men who need help.

Everyday they provide assistance in an effort to elevate individuals up from despair. The organization tries to offer some form of assistance or hope to the less fortunate and poor. Some direct financial assistance may be offered as funding and donations allow. In addition, case managers and social workers provide individuals and families with an opportunity to maximize their spiritual, physical, and emotional well being in an effort to effect life change and self-sufficiency.

Assistance Programs and Family Services offered include below. The goal is on meeting basic needs of all Mahoning County families who come seeking help. Or referrals are given in some instances.

Food is one of the needs that can be met. A pantry may offer free groceries, canned goods, or maybe even fresh foods. While more limited, specialty items such as baby formula or Christmas meals may be distributed as well to those people who need assistance. With over 10% of children wondering where their next meal is going to come from, the Salvation Army does what it can to meet nutritional needs. Locate more Mahoning County emergency food pantries.

Housing needs can be met from shelter, transition housing, and emergency rental assistance. Salvation Army case workers are committed to preventing and if possible reversing homelessness in Youngstown. A specialist may also offer landlord/tenant mediation in order to keep the resident in their home or apartment. It is much easier for the individual, and cheaper for society as a whole, to keep someone in their home rather than trying to find a new residence for someone who is on the streets.





Other basic needs that may be addressed include clothing, in particular for work or school needs. If you have an upcoming job interview or if you are starting a new position than professional work attire may be offered from a clothing closet. Or clients may be provided a voucher that they can use to shop for what they need.

As indicated above, taking immediate care of some of these basic human needs of rental assistance, food, shelter, clothing and safety is an important step in the development of a more positive life for the client. The resources offered can help encourage a permanent life change in the people from the local community. Other more so softer social programs offered include Omen’s Ministry Group, ESL language, workshops for children and more. Part of the clothing programs are also seasonal in nature, and that is when free Christmas toys for kids or even school supplies for students are given out. As the Salvation Army will hold giveaway events for the less fortunate children in the Youngstown Ohio area.

The Family Store sells low cost items too. Anyone in Mahoning County can use the centers in Youngstown. If the client’s income is low enough, then free items, furniture, clothes, and other goods may be given out. But for people that show there, the Salvation Army uses the money to help fund their operations.

Programs for senior citizens may be offered. Volunteers throughout Mahoning County may deliver meals to the elderly. This can mostly be lunch. Not only will the senior citizen get a free hot meal (a donation is appreciated) but the driver will also be able to offer minimal companionship and really just be able to check up on health and the needs of the senior. Apartments and housing for people over 60 is also scatted across Ohio, and the Salvation Army will have information and be able to help seniors apply.

People of all ages, religions and backgrounds may qualify for any one or more of these programs Participation in spiritual activities will not be required as a condition for receiving assistance.




Salvation Army locations in Mahoning County

Resources vary based on year and funding levels. Not every applicant can be assisted. For more information about the following programs and services, call or stop by the following centers in Mahoning County.

1501 Glenwood Ave, Youngstown, Ohio, dial (330) 746-8403

A location is also at 57 W Main St, Alliance, (330) 823-5188

6431 Mahoning Ave, Youngstown, telephone (330) 270-1751


By Jon McNamara

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