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Income based apartments and housing near you.

Find where, and how, to get income-based housing near you. A number of charities or churches, such as VOA, Mercy Housing and others help struggling families find a place to live in which the monthly rent is based on the household’s income. In addition to non-profit programs, the federal government provides several income based programs including section 8 vouchers to help people pay for an apartment or home. Learn more on how to get apartments or a home based on income.

Many of the income based housing units are for disadvantaged or very low-income families. This can include veterans, single moms, seniors, medically ill such as cancer patients, disabled people and others. Most of the tenants are low-income and/or struggling to pay the rent. The goal of the charities and government programs, including section 8 vouchers, SSVF for veterans, Section 201 for seniors and single moms units is to help these low-income families find a home, townhome, condo or apartment to lease in which the rent payment is based on their monthly wages.

Government income-based housing programs near you

States and the federal government have many different housing assistance programs. Most of them are based on the tenant’s (family, individual, etc.) total household income. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) partners with states, non-profits, charities and local PHAs near you to offer these programs to qualified low-income renters. The main options for include the following.

  1. Section 8 income based apartments and homes – These are available for low-income renters. Many single parents (moms or dads) use the HUD section 8 voucher program to help them afford a place to live. This can pay for townhomes, an apartment (ranging from studio to 3 or more bedrooms). In general, section 8 rental rates are 30% of the household income.  More on apartments with section 8 near you.
  2. Senior housing near you based on income from Section 202 – This federal government program is for people over the age of 50; senior citizens, retirees, the elderly, and others. Find details on income based housing for seniors.
  3. Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) – The federal government provides an apartment based on income to qualified low-income families. TBRA is like section 8, however the tenant is able to move to different homes or housing units. Continue with Tenant Based Rental Assistance program.


  4. Income based homes or apartments for the disabled – People with a disability (mental, physical, medical issue, SSI recipients, etc.) can get government housing assistance. The main income based programs include Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), Certain Development program,  Designated Housing vouchers, and others. The Social Security Administration as well as Aging and Disability Centers can provide referrals. More on housing for people with a disability.
  5. Veteran housing programs – Veterans, as well as their immediate family members, have a few Veteran Administration (VA) as well as other government programs to apply to for housing based on their income. They include HUD-VASH, Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), and others More on VA housing and rental assistance.
  6. Rapid Rehousing income-based housing, homes and apartments – The HPRP program goes by different names in different states and communities near you. Many government agencies near you provide short term rent assistance, grant money, and moving help to a new apartment based on the families income. Continue with re-housing programs.
  7. USDA Rural Housing Services – This USDA housing program is for families in rural states, cities and towns. Privately rented homes will be based on the family’s income. Continue with USDA income based rental programs.

While each government administered housing program has different rules, application criteria and conditions in place, in general the tenant will need to pay 30% of their income towards the cost of the housing. There will also generally be savings and asset limits for those who apply to low-income based housing from the government.

Low-income apartments for rent at charities near you

Several local and national charity organizations operate income-based housing programs. These homes, apartments, transitional units and other houses tend to be for people in certain situations, such as veterans, domestic violence victims/survivors, the elderly, formerly homeless, refugees and others. Each charity is limited in what they offer, and many rely on government funds or donations, but the following organizations may assist.





  1. Mercy Housing – They are a national non-profit that offers affordable, income based housing in most states, and a location is bound to be near you. The organization also gives tenants Health and Wellness programs, transportation from the housing, after school for kids and more. Read about Mercy Housing income requirements.
  2. Salvation Army income based housing programs – The Salvation Army has multiple assistance programs, including Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) as well as Silvercrest for seniors among others. They operate low-income apartments near you to rent. Locate Salvation Army housing assistance near you.
  3. National Church Residences – The faith based charity offers various programs. They include Assisted Live Homes, income based apartments for seniors, and re-housing into a permanent home for the chronically homeless. Locate places to lease at National Churches Residences.
  4. Catholic Charities income-based apartments – The homes and houses are located in many major cities. They assist DV victims, veterans, immigrants or refugees and other in a hardship, and the rent charged is based on the tenants income. More on Catholic Charity churches that help with housing.
  5. Volunteers of America (VOA) – Income based housing is for the elderly, disabled, veterans and people with no money/homeless. They have tens of thousands of income based apartments they lease out in almost every state. Continue with Volunteers of America rent and housing assistance.
  6. Family Promise / Interfaith Hospitality Network – The national church-charity has homeless shelters, income based apartments, transitional housing programs and much more. Various assistance programs are provided as well as housing solutions. Read more on Family Promise housing.
  7. YWCA – Women, single moms and females can get access to no or low-income based housing near them. The charity has hundreds of apartments, townhomes, private houses and other units to lease, including to women with no income as well.. More on YWCA housing assistance programs.
  8. United Church Homes – They managed about 100 income based housing communities. They provide supportive services for senior citizens in the properties as well, and tenants rent will be set at 30% of their income. Read more on United Church Homes.
  9. YMCA – This national charity is for men. They have thousands of income-based rooms for rent in many cities in the US. Some apartments may be offered in some cases as well, based on income. Continue with YMCA housing programs.

Non-profit and charitable income based housing is limited. Most of the organizations near you will depend on donations, United Way or other grant programs, corporate sponsors and more. Charities often give priority to the most vulnerable when it comes to placement into the housing based on income assistance programs.




Additional low-income based apartments or housing programs

Shared housing programs are provided by local non-profits as well as charities. In general, someone who needs a place to live can move into a shared housing service. All tenants and homeowners are screened and have background checks. The rent may be either free or the housing will be an income-based payment plan.  Learn about Homeshare.

No-income based housing is available too. Some charities offer it as noted above. There are also HUD housing programs. In general, this type of no-income based apartments or homes is for single moms, the disabled, and certain people in a financial hardship. More on free rent.

Many transitional housing programs are income-based. In general, the individual (pr family) that is staying at the property will need to contribute towards rent, housing costs, maintenance/cleanliness of the property and meet other goals. Learn about how to get into transitional housing.Income based housing

Income criteria and bottom line on housing

There are other resources as well. The income based housing programs, whether a home, apartment, or another unit do have various application requirements. Charities and government agencies the income approach, both in how much an applicant can earn and how much they will pay for their monthly rent. In general, most programs require families (or individuals) to pay 30% of their income. Find more details on HUD requirement, which apply to many of the agencies and housing based on income programs above.


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