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Hinds County assistance programs.

Numerous charities, non-profit organizations, churches and other agencies provide assistance to Hinds County and Jackson Mississippi residents. Find ways to get rent help, grants and funds for utility bills, foreclosure counseling, mortgage assistance, free food, and more. Learn about your options, including government assistance, as well as who to contact for help.

Charities also provide free stuff. This may be furniture, school supplies, medications, and Christmas gifts. There are also many medical bill assistance programs in Hinds County for both the low income as well as uninsured in the region.

Emergency rent, housing, utilities or mortgage help and assistance program

Some of these agencies, such as the Hinds County Human Resource Agency, provide short term relief and funds to help individuals make it through a crisis, while at the same time offering resources to ensure people become self-sufficient over the long term. For example, you can get education and employment assistance, and they also offer free debt counseling and budgeting skills. These type of services will ensure people are self-sufficient over the long term.

Examples of services, including free grants, are below. Hinds County Human Resource Agency is the local non-profit agency that offers people in need several resources and services. They include:

  • Housing Assistance and Income Management: This is an option for people who are looking to buy a home, improve their finances, need foreclosure help, or who need to prevent an eviction from their apartment. Counselors can help people get out of debt by providing counseling and information on hardship and other programs. A mortgage specialist can also work with the homeowners lender to try to prevent a foreclosure. Last, but not least, apply for a grant to help pay rent. Find other debt help resources.




  • Employment and Education Assistance: This job program will help people find a job, acquire new skills and training, as well as support people as they try to improve their educational ability.
  • Tax preparation: They also have volunteer professionals who will help people prepare and file their state and federal income taxes for free. This service is partly funded by the United Way.
  • Much of the assistance paid out from the Hinds County Human Resource Agency is from the Community Services Block Grant. This may have short term financial assistance for bills, but more importantly access to job trainings, referrals and assistance for low-income and poor families.
  • Remote jobs - The Hinds Community Action Agency helps workers find remote jobs. This can be moms or seniors re-entering the workforce, or people who can’t relocate. Therefore find call center work from home jobs.
  • Head Start is an educational and developmental program that is available for children from young pregnant women, toddlers, and infants.
  • Other food is offered from the Congregate Meals Program and Meals on Wheels. Most of this aid is for senior citizens and their spouses or the homebound and disabled citizens.
  • Weatherization and the government funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) are options to control utility costs. Grants can help pay utility bills or weatherization can help people save money on those expenses.
  • Other services can include transportation for seniors, applications for public benefits such as food stamps, and ongoing case management.





The local community action agency, which is Hinds County Human Resource Agency, administers the LIHEAP program. Find their phone number below as well as additional information. This government funded program will provide people with free cash grants that can be used to pay utility and air conditioning bills. There is a emergency component, which provides immediate funding if someone faces a disconnection, as well as an ongoing part of the program which provides regular monthly payments. (601) 923-3925.

Call the Hinds County Human Resource Agency and Jackson community action agency at (601) 923-3930. Or clock here information on Hinds County community action agency.

If a crisis has occurred in your life, and you need some immediate short term assistance to make it through a hardship, The Metro Jackson Salvation Army may be able to help. They offer a variety of services and programs that provide emergency utility, food, rent help, housing assistance, and referral services to residents of Hinds county.

As an example, if you or your family is facing an eviction, the Salvation Army may be able to provide you with limited funding to pay your rent. Sometimes they may even have money available to help pay a mortgage payment. However, one of the most common requests is from those who need help paying an utility bill. They may have grants for that as well.

They also help low income around the major holidays, including passing out free back to school supplies, turkey dinners at Thanksgiving, and Christmas toys for kids. Contact the Jackson Mississippi Salvation Army at 982-4881. Or read Hinds County Salvation Army.

Another agency to contact is the Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance. The phone number to this Jackson agency is (601) 352-4503. They provide food, shelter, and may have limited funds (or direct people to agencies that do) for rent help, utility assistance, and medications. Find information on Hinds County Catholic Charities.

PTEH Inc is a key homeless prevention agency in Hinds County. For those facing eviction or that do not have a place to live, an intake and assessment process will occur. Based on the result, while funding is limited, there may be referrals to emergency food, rent help, utility assistance, and possible mortgage aid to qualified low income individuals in Jackson and Hinds County. Dial (601) 213-5301, or read Partners to End Homelessness programs.

Housing Education and Economic Development - This is a non-profit organization that assists and counsels homeowners to help prevent foreclosures. They are a Mississippi HUD agency that councils homeowners to prevent foreclosure, information on government mortgage programs, provides rental assistance, and landlord/tenant mediation. Jackson MS (601) 981-1960.





Lutheran Episcopal Services in Mississippi runs the Homeless Prevention Rapid Rehousing Program which offers rent help and eviction prevention assistance. Jackson Mississippi. (601) 352-7441.

Gateway Rescue Mission is located at 328 South Gallatin Street, Jackson, MS 39203. The faith based charity may have free food, meals, and shelter for the very low income and homeless. Other aid may include information on job training. When ready to move from the shelter, referrals may be available to programs for paying a security deposit or first month’s rent. (601) 353-5864. Or read more Gateway Rescue Mission in Hinds County.

Society of St Vincent de Paul is made up of local churches. They can help address basic needs, such as housing, meals, and shelter. Financial aid and free items are available. The charity also works with other Hinds County Mississippi groups to help the poor and least fortunate. 601-969-3125, or find details on Society of Saint Vincent Hinds County programs.

Clinton Community Christian Corporation - Provides basic services and assistance. Get help with transportation, financial assistance for rent and energy bills, free food and support services. Call (601) 924-9436.

Jackson County Office of Housing and Community Development - Get help paying rent from the Homelessness Prevention Fund. The program can also prevent advice and support to people to prevent an eviction. Call (601) 960-2155

South Central Community Action Agency, Inc. also administers the CSBG Program. Funds and services are intended to increase self-sufficiency. Receive assistance and receive adequate education, help in maintaining adequate housing (including rent), job training, food, and health services. Many other resources may be available for those that qualify. They have referrals to federal government aid too, such as SNAP food stamps or grants from TANF.

Or apply for the Weatherization program, which can help make the homes of low income families more efficient. A focus is on the elderly, disabled, and households with young children. This is often offered along with LIHEAP in Hinds County. (601) 847-5552. Click more South Central Community Action Agency.

Jackson Good Samaritan Center - Local churches and charities make up this agency. Most of the resources available are referrals, however in some occasion there may be cash or financial assistance provided. Examples of services include clothing, funds for rent or electric bills, food, shelter, information on SSDI, and more. The churches will help regardless of religion, as long as other requirements are met by applicants. More details on assistance programs from Good Samaritan Center.

Free furniture banks, thrift stores and free non-profit clothing centers can provide free goods to the low income and poor. Many clothing closets as well as free furniture banks will offer vouchers or gift certificates for income qualified families. Others may be able to shop for lower priced goods.

The Hinds County centers may have school supplies, coats, shoes, diapers, personal hygiene goods, and other items for the general public. Furniture banks may have beds, mattresses, free computers, desks and other goods. Some provide holiday assistance too. Click here free clothes, furniture and school supplies in Mississippi.

Episcopal AIDs Committee - The AIDS Committee provides grants and emergency funds for HIV and AIDs patients primarily for medications, food and transportation. All referrals for financial assistance must come from Hinds County social workers, medical professionals and clergy, or physicians. Post Office Box 55803, Jackson, Mississippi 39296, dial (601) 713-0540







Jackson area charities provide free Christmas gifts, holiday meals, and other support. Children from households living in poverty often benefit from these services.

A combination of charities and churches participate in Toys for Tots as well as Adopt A family. Programs include Christmas and Thanksgiving turkey meals, holiday gifts, and more. Continue with free holiday help in Hinds County.

Rent and deposit help - If the agencies above can’t help, find more information on places to get housing help. Locate non-profit rent assistance and agencies that focus on rent and housing assistance. Click here rent assistance Hinds County.

Referrals or direct aid may be offered by these non-profits. The locations may have information on food pantries, zero interest loans, rental assistance, utility bill programs or government benefits.

  • Operation Shoestring can be reached at 601-353-6336
  • Stewpot Community Services - Telephone 601-353-2759
  • Genesis Food Bank - Groceries, information on holiday meals, and more. 601-354-3663
  • United Methodist Church in Galloway - Call 601-353-9691
  • New Dimensions - Call 601-969-9856
  • Cornerstone Church - 601-420-4840
  • Good Samaritan - Call the charity at 601-355-6276

Emergency shelter for women is available. Matt’s House, which is located in Jackson and can be reached at 353-2759, is an emergency shelter that is available for homeless women and children. People who who have no other place to go for help or shelter are invited to contact this agency. Residents of the shelter will be assisted with obtaining necessary licenses and other paperwork and they will be assigned a counselor so they can find long term housing as well as employment. In the meantime, they will also be provided health and medical care, as well as transportation and other forms of assistance.

Homeless prevention (for tenants and homeowners) as well as rapid rehousing is offered in Hinds County. This comes in many forms and fashions. The options include (1) ESG grants for paying rent, mortgages, or utility bills; (2) free legal aid, including homeowners and tenant mediation for low income tenants or homeowners in Hinds County; (3) free motel vouchers or transitional housing; and so much more. Various non-profits administer this. More on homeless prevention and rehousing Hinds County.





Hinds County assistance programs that are also available across all of Mississippi

These statewide programs can help Jackson and Hinds County Mississippi families get help and financial assistance.

There are many other anti-poverty and very low income programs offered in the region. They can help struggling Hinds County residents. The programs are run by national and state agencies. Find a list of low income assistance programs.

Debt and housing counseling

United Way supported CredAbility (formerly CCCS) is a non-profit agency that provides financial literacy workshops to clients at United Way partner programs and agencies in Hinds County Mississippi. Access such services as free debt and foreclosure counseling. Phone (601) 362-0928. Find additional Mississippi mortgage programs.

Many other resources are focused around money management, budgeting, and saving. Hinds County residents, ranging from single moms to minorities, often have workshops and classes they can attend for free. As an example, read more on medical debt settlement.

Free health care in Jackson and Hinds County

The number of uninsured, and people who struggle to pay medical bills, is very high in Hinds County. There are a variety of healthcare resources. Everything is addressed, such as medications, immunizations, diabetes and so much more. Call a free community clinic below, or find other information on health insurance plans that are affordable.

Jackson Medical Mall Foundation/United Way/Voice of Calvary is a partnership between Voice of Calvary Family Health Center and the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation. Together they provide primary medical care and prescription medications to traditionally underserved residents of Central MS and Jackson. Phone (601) 982-8467

The Jackson Free Clinic is a primary health care provider that provides free, high-quality medical care and health services for Jackson residents who have inadequate access to medical care or health insurance. The facility also offers professional training and advice for medical students. (601)355-5161

Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Medical Clinic offers a variety of health care and social services including; Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Diagnostic lab and X-ray, Dental Care, EPSDT- Medicaid Screening, and Health Education. the center also has Free Eye Exams, Social Services, Nutrition and WIC, Pharmacy, Women's Health, 24-Hour Emergencies, and Transportation Assistance. (601) 914-1789

Other community clinics and health care centers to contact in Hinds County are include Bolton Family Clinic ((601) 866-7733) as well as St. Dominic's Health Services ((601) 944-0091).







Free food or hot meals

Mississippi Food Network, which is based in Jackson Mississippi and can be reached at 601-353-7286 runs a food pantry, day care, and emergency shelter.

Collegehill Baptist Church Food Pantry of Jackson Mississippi runs a food pantry. (601) 355-2670

Crossroads of Life Church ((601) 373-6230), Emmanuel Baptist Church ((601) 371-8855), Turning Point Mission Center ((601) 372-1080) and Genesis Food Bank ((601) 354-3663) are just a few of the other locations to contact for free food or other non-financial aid.

Many other distribution centers (such as free emergency pantries and soup kitchens) can offer meals or boxes of groceries. Or they can help families living in poverty apply for public aid programs. Find more Hinds County free food pantries.


By Jon McNamara

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