South Central Mississippi Community Action Agency programs.

The South Central Community Action Agency provides qualified low income families with access to several different assistance programs, both short and long term. The non-profit provides coverage across the region, including in the counties of Hinds, Lincoln, Copiah, Madison, Pike, Rankin, Walthall and Simpson.

Much of the funding for their resources comes from the Community Services Block Grant, however private donations may be used too. The bottom line is that resources are limited, however South Central Community Action does its best to provide activities and services that are designed to increase the clients overall self-sufficiency levels.

Staff from the agency offer case management, support in obtaining and paying the rent on adequate housing, information on affordable health care services, nutrition, and assistance to receive adequate education or employment as part of CSBG.

Financial help

A very highly in demand program in counties such as Hind is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. LIHEAP, as it is often called, provides one time financial assistance or cash grants to income eligible households. The government originates the funding and the money is used to pay for a portion of a family’s home energy bills, including heating or cooling.

The exact amount and type of benefits paid out will vary based on many factors. They include income levels, the number of family members, and the funding that is made available to the South Central Community Action Agency.

The South Central Community Action Agency can direct clients to other low income grants. This will be a referral process. There may be charities or non-profits in the region, including Hinds, Madison, and Lincoln County that offer money for paying bills, buying medicines, rent, and more. Locate grants for low income families.





After successfully applying, low income households may qualify for the Energy Crisis (Emergency) Intervention Program (ECIP) or the regular LIHEAP assistance. Funds will be used to pay for bills such as natural gas, electricity, wood, liquid petroleum propane/butane gas, and other related energy costs.

Last, but not least for energy resources, is the Weatherization program. This is provides funding to low income families, including the elderly and disabled. The money is used to make the homes of eligible homeowners healthier, safer, and of course more energy efficient. It can address heating or cooling systems, add insulation, and in general help clients save money.

Employment and educational services from South Central Community Action

A program targeted at the youth in Hinds, Rankin, Claiborne and Madison County (among other areas) is the Adolescent Opportunity Program, or AOP. The goal is to address, and lower, the number of at-risk youth being placed in state custody. There are multiple months (or even yearlong) sessions for high risk teenagers and youth. It can help them overcome their challenges and get on the right path to stability, such as employment or enrolling into school.

Transportation is arranged in southern and the central part of the state from LogistiCare of Mississippi. They work with thousands of local businesses and transportation providers to serve specialized groups of people, such as the seniors or disabled. The rides can be arranged by the non-profit community action for those who require all kinds of personal mobility solutions.  Most of the rides will come with some price that is due from the client. The service is for non-emergency appointments too. 1-866-331-6004.

A number of senior citizens struggle with transportation in counties including Hinds and Rankin. They often need rides to a doctor appointment, food pantry, or senior center. The community action agency offers help as far as that goes. It can also help in an emergency, and find transportation for free for seniors.

An Educational Center can help with job training, employment needs, and education services. South Central Community Action Agency creates an improved way to gain new skills and find self-sustaining wages in the region, including Rankin and other areas. They also partner with colleges and high schools in the region. Another option is free college overseas, and the agency can direct students to those programs.





The community action agency SCCAA serves persons who are disadvantaged, low income, disabled, and those that are seeking their GED and pre-employment preparation. It can also provide supplies or materials to aid in studying for the ACT and the MSAT. The job center also houses a computer lab, resource materials, and the center contains a variety of books and other information that will be helpful to the general public.

Teenagers and the youth can also benefit from the Summer Enrichment Program. This is available at multiple sites in Rankin, Pike, and Simpson Counties, among other spots. It will offer students and youth math, reading classes, and public speaking. It will help keep students on the right path during their breaks from school or summer months.

Locations and offices of the Community Action Agency in southern Mississippi

The Community Action Agency of Southern and Central Mississippi can often provide other support too, such as linkages to non-profits, applications for public aid, and more.

SCCAA main office is at 110 Fourth Street, D’ Lo  Mississippi 39062, dial 601-847-5552
Rankin County is at 1545 Government Street, Brandon, MS  39042. Call 601-824-8844
Simpson County center - 110 Fourth Street, telephone 601-847-5552
Madison County, 168 W Center St, Canton, Mississippi 39046, 601-855-0511
Copiah, Lincoln, Pike and Walthall Counties are all supported by one office. 519 Brookway Blvd., Brookhaven, MS 39601. Phone 601-833-4312


By Jon McNamara

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