Mississippi energy bill and utility assistance.

Several assistance programs are in place that can help Mississippi families and individuals pay their utility and energy bills. The programs focus on the low income, disabled, unemployed, elderly, and working poor in the community and region. Below you will find where to apply for aid or how to get more information on the Mississippi assistance programs as well as who to call for help.

In addition, if you can’t find your utility provider below, or if for some reason they can’t provide you with assistance, click here for additional energy assistance programs.

Alcorn County Electric Power Association – They offer a donation program that may be able to provide donations to qualified individuals. The program may be able to provide emergency funds for those individuals or families that need emergency help for paying utility and energy bills. The assistance program is currently being administered by the Corinth Welfare Association. To apply for help, phone or visit CWA located in City Hall, 300 Childs Street, or you can call them at 662-287-5157.

Atmos Energy – This Mississippi utility company runs the Sharing the Warmth assistance programs. This can help people pay their gas bills. The gas bill assistance program is administered locally by community action agencies as well as the Salvation Army in MS. To contact the nearest energy assistance or charity agency in your area of Mississippi you can feel free to dial 1-888-286-6700.

Centerpoint Energy provides financial assistance, referrals, and other support. Some programs and fund raisers are held in partnership with non-profits, such as the Salvation Army in Mississippi. Other grants and aid is offered directly by Centerpoint Energy. Continue.

Columbus Light & Water runs for its customers the Share One program. Emergency cash grants and funds can be used for families and individuals who show a temporary need because of job loss, medical emergency or other demonstrated inability to pay their monthly energy or utility bill. Applicants to the program will need to have their pay history will be reviewed prior to receipt of assistance from this service. In addition please note that those low income Mississippi customers who qualify for the state’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance program are not eligible for this resource. Otherwise, Helping Hands gives first consideration to the low income elderly, persons with disabilities, and families below the federal government poverty line. If you want to apply for assistance through Helping Hands call 662-328-8301 to apply or learn more.





Entergy Mississippi runs the Helping Hands assistance program. The assistance program has an annual goal of weatherizing 100 homes in its Mississippi service territory with techniques such adding insulation, providing weather-stripping, caulking and/or replacing old doors and windows, and plugging up drafts in home. Entergy Mississippi provides both the supplies and resources that conduct the work. Call 1-800-368-3749.

Entergy, which can be called at 1-800-368-3749, offers the following energy bill assistance programs. Energy Concern is a program funded by donations and it may be able to help the low-income elderly and disabled in the community. Another assistance program known as Beat The Heat may be able to provide fans to qualified customers throughout its 45-county service territory. To ensure the assistance program reaches those low income individuals who need it most, Entergy Mississippi partners with community agencies and the Salvation Army, among others, to identify eligible participants. Those are just a few of the resources offered. Find additional Mississippi Entergy assistance programs.

Low income grants and conservation programs - The state of Mississippi administers the federal government funded LIHEAP low income assistance program as well as the energy bill saving weatherization service. They can provide qualified families with grants to pay their utility bills. Continue with Mississippi LIHEAP.

Mississippi Power – They provide a resource that may be able to reduce the monthly base charge and in effect will waive the fees, which is equivalent to $0.46 per day. The assistance is for qualified elderly and/or low-income and elderly customers who are receiving SSI or AFDC. Call 1-800-532-1502

Mississippi Power administers the Project Share program, which may be able to provide emergency energy bill assistance to the disabled and elderly who need help with paying their monthly utility and energy bills. Project SHARE is administered locally by the Catholic Charities (1-855-847-0555) and funded by electric utility customers who donate through their monthly electric bills. Interested customers may be able to apply for assistance at the American Red Cross.




Those are just two of the primary services offered by Mississippi Power. However they can offer qualified low income customers a number of other financial assistance programs. Learn more.

Tupelo Water & Light offers customers the Tupelo Cares. This is a program that can be used to help people facing energy bill woes. The disabled, elderly, the working poor, and/or low income or people who face financial stress because of job layoffs or illness may qualify for help. A household could get as much as $150 in cash grants to use for assistance with paying an electric bill, during a 12-month period. Call 662-841-6470


By Jon McNamara

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