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Financial assistance programs for Entergy bills in Mississippi.

There are several financial assistance programs offered by Entergy in Mississippi. They include The Power to Care, LIHEAP, weatherization, negotiated payment plans, and budget billing. The goal is to help low-income families, seniors, disabled and single moms pay their Entergy bills. Or money will help them pay a utility deposit to turn on service. Find utility help from Entergy in Mississippi.

Each of these options has pros and cons, and you can learn more about and apply for these programs, and more, below. The goal is to help low-income families keep their power, light and even air conditioning running. Entergy also works closely with non-profits across the state of Mississippi, such as community action agencies.

Funds from Entergy in MS to help pay electric or light bills

A special fund created by Entergy, its customers, and its employees is known as Power to Care. All money distributed to low income customers is the result of donations from the local community. So Power to Care can not only help the less fortunate pay their utility bills, but it is also a great way to give back to the state and the area, and this can be done by donating money which will go to help members of your local town and community.

The resource is administered by the Mississippi branch of the Salvation Army and other non-profit and charity organizations. They accept applications, determine eligibility, and distribute cash to the low income and needy. Money is used from the fund to help pay the electric and energy bills of qualifying low income and senior customers. As indicated, they are always looking for additional tax deductible donations as well, so feel free to contribute if you can.

Receive cash grants to pay Entergy bills from the LIHEAP Program, which is also known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Money is offered to qualified low income individuals and those facing poverty. Funds are paid out so families can pay their Entergy utility and electric bills, as well as address other energy related expenses.

Community action agencies across Mississippi accept applications for LIHEAP. However they do receive funding from the federal government. All resources are intended to help people pay their electric bills, and keep their service on. If you are faced with a disconnection notice from Entergy, then a crisis component of LIHEAP can help pay bills too. Or learn more on what to do for shut off notice for an electric bill.




Bill extensions, payment plans, and negotiated settlements may be possible from Entergy. An extension can fairly easily be obtained through an automated system. Qualifying customers can automatically receive additional time of up to four more days to pay their electric bill by calling Entergy’s automated answering system. The phone number is 1-800-368-3749. Or they can log into their account using the online system. Or you can dial an Entergy customer service representative to discuss and enter into some form of payment plan. All of these options are only offered for qualified customers.

  • Entergy realizes that sometimes customers, whether low-income or not, may need just a few extra days to pay their utility bill, so they do what they can to help these customers. The fact is that if sometimes people have a few extra days to pay a bill, that short period of time can make the difference between being disconnected and getting back on track with monthly payments. So these solutions may be able to help.
  • One of the big users of these payment extensions for utility bills are people who live on a fixed income, such as seniors or disabled people in MS. Or an Entergy payment plan can help those families in Mississippi whose bill arrives outside of their paycheck cycle. Sometimes your payday or date of a fixed income check are not in sync with the due dates on your utility bills, so these services can provide a few extra days to get on track.

Entergy Payment options and arrangements are robust, The assistance is offered as Entergy Mississippi knows that people may have an unexpected hardship or emergency come up from time to time. So they are committed to working with customers on payment options that can help people get back on track, and ensure they stay current in the future.

Mississippi Entergy free programs to save money

Level Billing (or Budget) will bill a customer the same amount every month. So families can budget their money much better as they will not need to pay for unexpected spikes in the amount of their monthly utility bill. Basically each bill a customer needs to pay will be an average of their previous 12 months of expenses. Many people on fixed income also use this service, which is offered to all Entergy customers, regardless of your income. Learn more on budgeting tips for low income families.

Conserve and save money from the Entergy Weatherization Assistance Program in Mississippi. It is a free service for qualified low income Entergy customers, with a focus on elderly, disabled and low-income families with children. Community action agencies across Mississippi run the weatherization program for the state.





Contact information

A number of emergency financial assistance programs to pay Entergy Mississippi bills, conservation services and more is offered. There mis a toll free number for customer to call. At first, qualified individuals will receive an energy audit of their home or details on their hardship. This will determine how people can save energy, and therefore save money or get a grant to pay utility bills.

If the audit determines that improvements can be made or money is needed to pay an Entergy Mississippi bill , then weatherization will pay for energy efficiency measures and conservation. As indicated, all of this is offered to homeowners at no cost to them. Dial your local community action agency, or call 1-800-421-0762 or 1-800-368-3749.


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