Hinds County Human Resource Agency resources.

The primary focus of the Hinds County Human Resource Agency is on helping seniors, low income families with young children, the unemployed and disabled. In general, the non-profit serves as a great resource for information, referrals, and support. The types of programs administered range from government funded (LIHEAP and Head Start) to more local resources, such as Meals on Wheels.

Grants for paying bills from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEA. This government resource provides low-income families with federal government funded energy assistance by helping them pay their household energy bills and providing valuable tips and information.

Those who wish to participate in the LIHEAP program are scheduled for an appointment with a case manager. This can only occur after they’ve attended one of the weekly orientations and obtained all necessary information that is required on the application. A DCP or HCHRA staff member or case manager will determine eligibility based on their income and information supplied.

The Project Head Start program offered by Hinds County Human Resource Agency (HCHRA), provides quality child development and educational services for pre-school children. They need to come from income qualified families across Hinds County Mississippi. The goal of the program is to help every child get a quality head start in school by equipping them with the social and academic skills necessary for gaining admission into and mastering kindergarten.

Head Start operates in over 10 centers across greater Hinds County. The resource provides assistance to thousands of 3 and 4-year old children and their families. In coordination with Willowood Development Center and also I.S. Sanders YMCA, children age three through grade five can receive either after-school and full-day summer services at the program’s expense. Additional Head Start services from HCHRA include:
-Education programs such as Family Literacy, including for parents.
-Medical Care, free Dental Health, Mental Health.
-Food, including general Nutrition items and Snacks.
-Parent Involvement.
-Social Services, including referrals to government assistance and Disability Services.




Another option is the Early Head Start program. This offers year-round, comprehensive child and family development assistance. it is for younger children. It can aid low-income Hinds County Mississippi pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers. Children under the age of 4 receive free quality child care while parents obtain educational services and resources at one of the several centers located in Hinds County.

To be eligible, the program provides support and assistance to infants, newborns and toddlers up to 3 years of age. It also supports young pregnant mothers with priority given to pregnant teens and families of children with disabilities. To qualify, families must be prepared with information such as present proof of child’s age, total family income and proof of residency in Hinds County. Pregnant women must also provide a verification form and medical records from their doctor.

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) provides low-income families in Hinds County with all the assistance they need to lift themselves out of poverty and poor living conditions. The assistance that is provided by Hinds County Human Resource Agency includes job training, referrals to charities, employment skills guidance and health information. Some programs, resources and services offered are Education, Health and Safety; Affordable Child Care; Nutrition; Emergency Aid and Services, Housing, Transportation and Employment, Income Management.

Food is from the regional Congregate Meals Program. It provides both seniors and disabled individuals with the opportunity to get together and enjoy a low cost healthy and nutritious meal. the service occurs at so called “sit down” fellowship style meal sites. The goal of the program is to both reduce senior isolation, address nutrition and promote independence. These meals are organized at their Neighborhood Service Centers at three different locations in the county, Edwards, Fannie Jackson and Terry Service.

Disabled individuals and seniors and above are eligible for the program provided they reside in rural Hinds County (including Edwards, Terry, Raymond, Utica, Bolton). The spouse of the eligible person may also be eligible for a meal, regardless of their age. Disabled persons under the age of 60 who reside in the home of the eligible participant may also eat at the congregate site provided that they are accompanied by the eligible participant.





HCHRA offers free of cost assistance to low-to-moderate income working to help them determine if they are eligible for a refundable income tax credit. This is known as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program and it helps Hinds County citizens save more money by showing them how to keep their entire tax return. Volunteers with the local Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program are Internal Revenue Service trained and certified. HCHRA and the volunteers that participate offer on-site assistance with saving, budgeting, credit repair, opening first-time savings accounts and preparing tax returns.

Home Delivered Meals, also known as Meals on Wheels Program, delivers nutritious meals Monday-Friday all year round, to rural Hinds County residents who are elderly, disabled or homebound. The meals, including around the holiday, are personally distributed by Agency Staff and local Volunteers

To qualify for this home delivery program from HCHRA, individuals must be residents of rural Hinds County (Terry, town of Edwards, Raymond, Utica, Bolton, etc.) and be at least 60 years of age and/or they need to be homebound. This is offered when the disabled person resides at home with the older eligible participant.

Rides may be offered from the Section 5311 Rural General Public Transportation Program. This provides low-income citizens living in rural areas of Hinds County Mississippi with safe, efficient, reliable, and accessible means of transportation so they can attend to their daily living needs.




All income eligible residents of rural Hinds County, including in the towns of Bolton, Byram, Clinton, Raymond, Terry and Utica Mississippi can avail of the convenient and affordable transportation from HCHRA. There is special emphasis placed on serving the elderly in the community and the disabled.

Or look into the Title XX Transportation. This helps elderly income qualified Hinds County residents maintain their independence by providing them with affordable, convenient and accessible transportation to do all their shopping, medical appointments and other necessary chores.

For more information, the Hinds County Human Resource Agency is located at 258 Maddox Road, Jackson, Mississippi. Or you can dial 601.923.3930.


By Jon McNamara

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