PTEH housing assistance programs.

Anyone that is struggling with their housing in Central Mississippi, including Hinds and Rankin County, can turn to the non-profit known as PTEH. There is a wide range of services for low-income families or the currently homeless in the region, mostly as the result of a service known as Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing.

The programs that are administered by Partners to End Homelessness  include emergency shelter, transitional, and permanent supportive housing. There is also support for first time buyer as well as information for the elderly on affordable, senior housing assistance.

The belief held by the team is not just to help struggling families during a housing crisis but to work with them to resolve the issues and barriers in their lives that led to homelessness. Partners to End Homelessness will work to address the reason that lead to instability in the first place. Many of the services offered address family problems around employment and budgeting. They also tackle other issues, working toward long term resolutions.

Grants from Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing as well as the Emergency Shelter Program (ES) is offered to the following clients. There are accommodations for single women or parents with children. ES can also assist two parent households with children. The local Jackson Mississippi shelter can house a number of individuals at a time while offering days worth of healthy meals and access to various support services to help them get back on their feet.

Many of the life issues that often lead to homelessness are worked on by PTEH during a client’s stay at the shelter. This is done by facilitating programs such as GED preparation and job readiness training. Affordable housing, such as low income apartments, are also made available to guests as soon as possible, once they have regain stability.

Finding steady and long term employment is one of the goals of the Homeless Employment Program. This service helps working poor or unemployed individuals by serving as a job-training provider and an employment agency free of charge.




Each formerly homeless client enlisted in the program is assigned a case manager who helps them focus on setting personal goals and then establishing action plans to achieve them. All people who participate attend Job Readiness Training classes and work individually with an Employment Specialist to help them secure a steady, full-time job. Once a job has been secured, the participant will have access to financial aid for a security deposit or other forms of assistance.

When there is a lack of affordable housing in a community, the entire Central Mississippi region is affected. Homelessness can grow quickly in an area when people cannot afford their rent on a monthly basis. The staff from PTEH works to find affordable, safe and stable housing for its homeless clients.

In addition, to assisting with living options, clients have access to various supportive services that meet their needs such as transportation to a job, childcare assistance, budgeting workshops and other life-skills classes. In order to do this, Partners to End Homelessness Housing Services places low-income, homeless families in their own apartments which are safe and secure. These homes are made available from partnerships with non-profits and public housing authorities (PHA) throughout the County.

Short term rental assistance is available for at-risk, struggling clients through many programs offered at Partners to End Homelessness. The program also works with local landlords to help people find safe and affordable housing.

As part of this service, the applicant and staff tour available housing in the community. They assess potential locations to see what will best meet their needs. The non-profit PTEH acts as an advocate for its clients in many forms including procurement of rent and security deposit funds, acquisition of home furnishings and education of landlord/tenant rights.

Referrals from Partners to End Homelessness

All of the following can be provided by local agencies. Staff from PTEH will link a qualified low income family to these or other services.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, struggling families may not be able to afford a holiday meal. This is also very true of the homeless or those people that are behind on their mortgage or rent.  Through generous donations from the community, there is an annual Thanks for Giving food drive for working poor families. Through this period of time, families are able to enjoy holiday traditions in their homes free of cost.





Basic living items called the essentials are available to struggling, low income families. This is offered through Partners to End Homelessness partners, such as the “Essentials Toiletry Pantry Ministry.” Home essentials like toiletries and personal hygiene items are offered to clients who cannot afford them or those who receive section 8 vouchers or Food Stamps. There may also be furniture or used appliances for their new home after it has been established.

Local area churches in Hinds and Rankin are asked to hold an annual collection drive to keep the center well stocked. Items for donations that are needed include toothbrushes, men’s and women’s deodorant, furniture such as beds or couches, shaving cream, shampoo, toilet paper, laundry detergent, microwave ovens, bedding, dish detergent, and bar soap.

A Thrift Shop run by local charities will have a wide array of items available for people from the community. The store may sell clothing for cribs for new babies, men, women, children and infants, beds, small household items, knick-knacks, books, etc. All the items for sale at the Thrift Store are prepared, such as washed and cleaned, before it is placed on display.

Building employment skills is a program specifically for homeless clients with a history of mental illness or substance abuse. Partners to End Homelessness set this up as a recovery service focused with on the job training for its eligible clients. Those people who participate in the program have a chance to develop marketable job skills and a steady work history by doing work at local non-profits or charities.

In some cases, the person will also also earn wages. However they will definitely learn skills to live a sober and productive life. Other services available through the job programs in Hinds County include working with a substance abuse counselor, work supervisor and an employment specialist. Once a client secures a full-time, secure job, they will be eligible for housing as well.

The agency supports several counties, including Hinds, Rankin, Copiah and others. For more details, the address is 360 Comet Drive,  Jackson, MS 39206. Call  (601) 213-5301.



By Jon McNamara

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