Jackson Mississippi Good Samaritan Center assistance programs.

Most of the services from the Good Samaritan Center are offered in the form of referrals and information on local financial assistance programs. The locations are really a type of clearinghouse that provides information and advice to the needy and low income families in the area. They handle requests, offer emergency assistance and support the local churches in the Jackson area.

Assisting individuals facing a crisis is what the organization does. The staff from the Good Samaritan center focuses on helping families who are experiencing an unexpected emergency situation that is beyond their control and was not caused by them. The case managers and staff from the agency also strive to make a long-term difference in a clients life. Sometimes a part of that may be short term, emergency financial assistance. The main office is at 114 Millsaps Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi. Call 601-355-6276.

The team works with clients to supply them with information and make appropriate referrals to credit counseling, government benefits, and local charities. The workers at the Good Samaritan Center will usually possess a very thorough knowledge of what emergency services, grants and funds are available throughout the community and region, including Hinds, Rankin and nearby counties They advocate for clients. They also partner with those local Mississippi churches in an effort to help the community.

Another focus of the case managers is to work with clients and determine the basic cause of their emergency or hardship. This will help the client make appropriate changes in the household and their lifestyle. This will help prevent a reoccurrence of the crisis in the future as it puts into place a solution.

The Good Samaritan clothing program is a non-emergency program that is open to anyone from the counties who has a need. However the focus of clothing, vouchers, and basic needs is on people impacted by a burglary, fire, and local shelter residents. As resources allow, at most people can use the clothing bank only twice per year.

Emergency Food Assistance is for families who either have a verifiable crisis or in the process of applying for SNAP food stamps or government benefits. When qualified, a church in Hinds or Madison County, or the Good Samaritan Center, will provide ongoing food assistance for the entire length of the clients need. The pantry can be used as needed while the person is qualified and enrolled. The center will offer cleaning and personal care supplies, meals, and other basic needs on a case by case basis to the needy. In some rare cases furniture or household appliances are available as well to this with a very unusual crisis.




Financial aid for paying rent or utility bill may be available by referrals. The Good Samaritan will usually have information on other agencies in Mississippi that have funding. That is if anyone does have resources, as the demand for this is high.

Good Samaritan Center will generally have information on many different financial assistance programs, such as for water bills, electricity, or housing/rent. In some cases medical needs or prescriptions can be provided.

The emergency programs are designed to help those from the region that have had a short-term financial emergency that has caused them to apply for assistance. If an applicant has no other resources available to them, then in some cases the center or a church may have direct funds for your bills or rent. When this occurs they will generally have at most one month worth of payments.

When someone has an unusual emergency, then aid may be available too. Examples of this may be for local transportation, money while someone is waiting on SSDI or social security benefits, furnace repair or water heaters, bus tickets, or interview clothes.

Non-local families can look into Traveler’s Aid. They need to have a verifiable emergency beyond their control and they need to be stranded in the Jackson Mississippi area. There may be funds to pay for gasoline, food/clothing, Bus tickets for Greyhound), housing/shelter, or maybe even an occasional car repair.




Representative Payeeship is for the disabled and seniors in Jackson Mississippi. The Good Samaritan Center helps people that receive a government check (such as SSDI or SS) as they believe that everyone is entitled to income without harassment and undue requests for a percentage of that income. Staff will work with clients to ensure that they receive everything they are entitled to, are guided in paying all necessary bills or rent in a timely manner, and that they can budget their income properly.


By Jon McNamara

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