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Assistance programs Richmond and Henrico County.

Find financial assistance programs for Richmond Virginia area families as well people in Henrico County. Locate charities, churches, and government grants from social services that help with electric bills, rent, mortgages or provide access to low income housing. Get financial help near you in Henrico County.

Free items are also given away to low-income families, single moms or seniors. Find free school supplies, furniture or Christmas toys below. In addition to immediate financial aid, get assistance with budgeting or case management. Or locate free stuff for homes in Richmond or free groceries from pantries.

There are also other social services for low-income families available in the region, whether it is United Way rental, utility or deposit assistance or free job training or placement or gas vouchers. There are also free furniture banks in Richmond Virginia as well as loans from non-profits as well as credit card debt assistance programs.

Grant money from Richmond area Community Action

Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People (CAPUP) offers free government grant money, case management, free basic needs or stuff and more. This is the local community action agency, and they offer several programs and social services.

  • The Cars-to-Work Program - Provides low and moderate income people with a free donated car to help them find a job, or commute to their job. The donated automobiles go to individuals and families persons who have formerly lost a job or been on welfare. Single moms and the unemployed starting a new job in Henrico County can apply for a vehicle. The free transportation is for those who have secured employment, insurance, and a driving license. More on free car applications.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance Services - This will help low and moderate income Henrico County and Richmond area residents with paying their rent as well as mortgage or utilities. There is also free medical assistance, dental care and prescription medications, emergency food and clothing, transportation, or firewood. Or find heating oil, and other services necessary to prevent homelessness, hunger, suffering, or loss of employment. Find other programs that can provide foreclosure assistance.




  • Employment Assistance Program - This resource works closely with individuals in the City of Richmond and Petersburg. It will assist with training, job placement, or career development. there is also training referrals and job maintenance. Clients of the Employment Assistance program will benefit from mock interviews, job placement, resume critique, and work etiquette training. There are also resources for finding unclaimed money in your name.
  • Housing - Contact the Richmond Virginia community action agency to learn about emergency funding that can be used to pay rent, security deposits or housing expenses. There is no wait list apartments and second chance housing as well for the past evicted. They can also help a tenant deal with a landlord trying to evict them.

The Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People (CAPUP) can be reached at (804) 788-0050. Read more CAP UP assistance  programs.

Henrico County emergency financial assistance and free items

Central Virginia Legal Aid society covers the entire region. This pro-bono and volunteer driven organization provides free legal advice, representation in court, lawyers to the low-income and counseling. Their service area covers the cities of Richmond and Petersburg, and the entire county of Henrico. Legal Aid of Central Virginia provides low and moderate income people as well as the elderly with help in civil matters.

They handle cases involving foreclosure, housing, evictions, divorce, custody, spousal, adoptions, consumer debt and counseling. There is also assistance in applying for public benefits/welfare, food stamps, or government programs such as Medicaid. Also find help from debt collectors, social security, elderly, unemployment compensation, rights of the handicapped and advice on completing wills. Call (804) 648-1012.. The address is  101 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220.





Commonwealth Catholic Charities of Richmond helps struggling residents. This charity organization offers emergency assistance as well as vital human services to all people, especially the low income, immigrants and the most vulnerable, regardless of faith. Catholic Charities of Richmond Virginia will assist families and individuals with a variety of programs, resources, and services.

  • Some of what they offer includes debt management plans as well as rent assistance. There are also adoption services, therapeutic foster care, or free emergency food as well as general financial assistance from the Richmond Catholic Charities.
  • Other support is also arranged by the Catholic Church groups. It includes pregnancy as well as mental health counseling. Locate free therapy for the uninsured.
  • There are free grants for paying energy bills, home care for the elderly and disabled, guardianship services, or referrals to other government programs.
  • The churches also offer assistance for the deaf and hard of hearing, services for refugee minors, domestic violence programs and help for the homeless and those facing an eviction.
  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities also provides longer term help including Case/Care Management. There is also Debt Counseling as well as advice on housing issues. Learn more about debt assistance programs, including credit hard hardship programs.

All these Catholic Charity church programs in Henrico County can get other support too. This can be combined with Financial Aid, including for Utility/Fuel. Or inquire into Homelessness and Eviction Prevention or free Legal Advice/Representation. The address of Commonwealth Catholic Charities is 1601 Rolling Hills Dr, Richmond, VA 23229. Dial (804) 285-5900 or (804)285-5986.

  • Henrico County Churches - Several locations across the region work with and are part of Catholic Charities. They offer several emergency financial assistance programs, however a focus is on credit counseling and housing issues. Work with a specialist in improving your financial condition. Some funds or grants can also be paid out for rent, utility bills, food, or more. Click here Catholic Charities churches in Richmond.

Salvation Army Family Services Assistance Program will assist families and individuals in Richmond as well as across Henrico County with meeting basic human needs. They focus on a few specific areas including rent, housing expenses, utilities, medications, free stuff like food or clothes. They also help the homeless with free hotel vouchers or gas cards for a job. The Salvation Army in Henrico County also gives seasonal items, including free school supplies.

  • The programs from the Christian charity will also provide financial assistance as available based on the sales of goods at the thrift store. There are also free Christmas toys as well as school supplies and Thanksgiving turkeys. Funds can help with mortgage and rent assistance, groceries, household items, and furniture vouchers.

The Henrico County Salvation Army offers other support for the low income, with a focus on those facing a crisis. In addition to the resources listed above, a few dozen other emergency assistance programs are available, some by referral. The main address is 2 W Grace St, Richmond, VA 23220. Call (804) 225-7470, or read more on Richmond Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Eastern Henrico FISH Inc. offers short-term emergency and crisis services for paying bills and making it through the days. Services offered by this charity and that are provided include emergency food, financial assistance for bills and expenses, and free clothing. There will be free furniture, couches and more. Dial  (804) 652-1450 or (804)257-7730 to get more information on this Richmond and regional church based group. Or read Eastern Henrico FISH emergency aid.





Church Hill Christian Wellness Center (phone (804)780-0053) provide fuel and heating bill assistance for people in Richmond. The free vouchers or fuel is for people who need who have either exhausted or do not qualify for federal or state of Virginia assistance programs.

Low income families can get free wireless or cable Internet service from the government. The assistance is generally for Henrico County families with children or students in school. A combination of rebates, help from providers such as Comcast and other services are available. Find free government Internet programs for low income households.

Richmond Virginia based Interfaith Services of Henrico is another place that offers assistance programs and they serve the greater Henrico community. The charity offers many resources, and they assist by providing emergency financial assistance and cash grants to those in need.

Based on funding levels, financial help from Interfaith may be available in emergency cases for paying energy bills, prescription medications, utilities, and even housing and rent costs. For assistance from their offerings, client must have an eviction notice, and/or doctor's statement, or a disconnection notice for utility service. Dial (804)501-5294, or more on Interfaith Services assistance programs.

Cash assistance - The County administers a number of government and public benefit programs for the low income, seniors, and disadvantaged. Several different resources may be offered, some examples of which are below.

  • Free Christmas and holiday assistance - Includes toys, gifts, meals, and other items.
  • Utility bill assistance - Money for paying heating and cooling bills, as well as fans for summer heat.
  • Free food or grocery boxes - This includes applications for programs such as SNAP food stamps.
  • Health care - The local Henrico County offices provides medical care such as Medicaid, indigent health care, free prescription medications, and more.
  • Referrals to nationwide resources, and find public assistance near you.
  • TANF and cash grants for basic living expenses.
  • Emergency rental assistance - Funds are offered for people in the Richmond area who are faced with a crisis, or those with a newborn baby or senior living with them.
  • Click here for the address and phone number of public assistance in Henrico County.Henrico County VA assistance programs

Richmond, Virginia Department of Social Services – Runs an emergency assistance program. It can help low income households, the unemployed and poor with utility and electric bill costs. Components of the social service program include:

  • Crisis Assistance - Helps and can provide emergency assistance for paying bills when other resources don't meet the need.
  • Fuel Assistance - Helps with the cost of paying home heating and cooling bills.
  • Cooling Assistance – If you are faced with extreme heat may help with air conditioning, get a free fan or cooling bills.
  • Weatherization Assistance – Save money on energy bills from free energy efficiency and air infiltration programs.
  • Henrico County Social Services – Government runs the Cooling Bill Assistance Program, which helps eligible households with their cooling bills and needs. Provides cash payments to fuel vendors and utility companies for qualifying emergency repairs to cooling or heating equipment.

There are several other programs run as well. Some of them include subsidized and low priced day care, TANF cash assistance, SSDI application and Medicaid. Social Services can also help with housing needs in Henrico County, including information on low income apartments and emergency rental or eviction prevention programs. The location is 801 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, call (804)726-7000, or more on Henrico County social services.

Felons and people with a record have resources available, including grants, free stuff, food, and financial help to get back on track. Grants, job re-training, housing and more is offered. Government and charities programs exist, and more on felon assistance programs.

St. Vincent de Paul Henrico County also many services as part of their VRF (Vincentian Relief Fund). One is emergency financial help, and that may be for utilities, rent, housing, or medications. There is also counseling, referrals, and a free food pantry. A bargain thrift store sells cheap stuff too. Micro loans are another option from SVDP, and those can be used to consolidate debts or in place of payday loans. More on Henrico County SVDP assistance programs.







The Capital Area Agency on Aging Richmond - Senior Connections - Persons who are age 60 or older who are facing temporary financial crisis may qualify for limited financial assistance. The address is Richmond, Virginia 23219, call (804)343-3000. There is Medicare, housing programs, and other social services such as rent help, often in partnership with the United Way. Or get free meals on wheels delivered. More on United Way rental or deposit assistance.

Transitional housing and emergency homeless shelters in Richmond and Henrico County can help those facing eviction and the homeless. Qualified residents can find an apartment or home to live in. Case managers will also work with the family to help them find a job, locate permanent housing, and maybe apply for emergency deposit or rent programs. More on transitional housing assistance in Henrico County.

Free clothes, school supplies, furniture and household goods are offered from non-profits such as clothing closets as well as free furniture banks. The centers are located across the greater Richmond region and can provide low income families and children with school supplies, work clothes and school uniforms. There are also general clothes as well as furniture such as beds, tables, or couches. More moderate income people will often buy low cost goods at Henrico County thrift stores. Read more on free clothes, school supplies and furniture in Henrico County..

Saint Joseph's Villa runs the Flagler Housing & Homeless Services program. This includes rapid rehousing, help with finding a new home in Henrico, employment training, or budgeting. There is also security deposit assistance for an apartment, and landlord/tenant education. Follow up is provided too along with possibility of rent assistance. Address is 8000 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227. Call (804)553-3258.

Henrico County HPRP - This is the state and federal government funded homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program. It addresses housing needs, whether late rent or utility bills along with foreclosures too. Human services and charities provide grants and other support to families living in poverty or that have an emergency. Learn more on homeless prevention and rapid rehousing in Henrico County.

Funds for rent and housing are available in Henrico County. A focus is on tenants with an eviction notice that are facing a one time crisis, and agencies may issue loans or other forms of assistance for back rent and paying housing costs. Legal aid and mediation will also be arranged. In addition, get information on Richmond Virginia rental assistance agencies.





Richmond and central Virginia area charities offer Christmas and holiday help. Several charities partner together, including the Salvation Army, to provide free gifts, toys, and meals to the less fortunate. Find information on the application process, and learn more on Henrico County Christmas and holiday assistance.

Free food assistance in Henrico County

FeedMore - This non-profit charity organization offers anyone who needs help in the community free food, school or work clothing, diapers, and baby formula, among other resources. If they run out of supplies, or if you need additional help, they can also refer individuals to other local organizations. Dial ( (804) 521-2500 for information.

There are additional non-profit and church based free food banks and soup kitchens locations in the region. Assistance ranges from a free Christmas or holiday meal to emergency boxes of groceries. Some of the centers are also application sites for public benefits, such as state of Virginia food stamps. Find more Henrico County and Richmond free food pantries.

Free or low cost dental and medical in Richmond VA area

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry has multiple free, community health centers in Henrico County. The locations are people. People with no insurance or money, or Medicaid insurance, will get free or low cost care. There are tooth extractions, physicals, immunizations, free dentures from dentists and more. Free behavioral health and OB/GYN services, telehealth and care for kids or adults are offered as well to low-income families.

  • Address: 108 Cowardin Ave, Richmond, VA 23224. Phone: (804) 655-2794
  • 8600 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond, VA 23229. Dial  (804) 655-2794

Capital Area Health Network is another free, federal government qualified health center that is a non-profit. The low-income, homeless and Medicaid will get free physical exams, preventative health service as well as health risk screenings. There are STD checks, TB skin tests, PAP Smears,  free eye screenings or glasses as well as diabetes and high blood pressure management. Dentists also take Medicaid or offer free care too. The address is 2740 Bensley Commons Blvd, Richmond, VA 23237. Call  (804) 780-0840

Free health care from Health Brigade. Patients can get Free health care, dental cleanings and medical services. There is help for the low income as well as uninsured at the health care clinic. Programs are provided through multiple day and evening clinic sessions each week. Over 10,000 people receive health care services every year.

Some of the services offered include general medicine, free prescription medications, as well as gynecology. There are also resources for pediatrics, primary care, and family planning. Medical services are provided free of charge by volunteer doctors, medical professionals, nurses, and others who are also assisted by community volunteers and support personnel. Dial (804) 358-6343, or find other free community clinics for medical in Virginia.


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