DuPage County assistance programs.

Get financial help, and learn where to apply for grants or loans for paying bills. Funds from charities, the government, and even churches in DuPage County can help struggling families with their rent, energy bills, medical costs, mortgage, and more. Everything from job programs to bus or gas vouchers, day care, and other financial aid is offered. Or try a charity in the region for free basic items, whether that is school supplies or educational materials, school lunches, Christmas gifts, or clothes for kids and seniors. Many resources are listed below.

Food, rent, and mortgage assistance

The People's Resource Center, which is located in Naperville, provides a variety of assistance programs to families in DuPage County and Chicago. They help immigrants, families in poverty, and those in a financial crisis among others.

The center offers largest food assistance program and pantry in the northern Illinois region. They have a free clothes closet, provide mortgage help and rent assistance, and also offer homeless prevention services so that people in need do not lose their housing. Find additional mortgage assistance.

But the list goes on. They offer literacy and basic education assistance programs. They also have programs to help empower people who have some sort of barrier in their lives, such as late bills or lack of education, that keeps from being able to get out of poverty. They even offer such aid by refurbishing donated computers and distribute the free computers in the community. They provide job assistance and training programs. Last, but not least, they also provide programs to assist both adults and children with expressing themselves as they work towards long term self-sufficiency. Phone (630) 682-5402, or get details on programs from People's Resource Center.





Health and medical care services

If you can’t afford to pay for your health care and do not have health insurance, or have a poor insurance plan, Access DuPage is a partnership that was created to provide access to medical services and health care to those people who live in DuPage County, IL. The program focuses on those patients who lack healthcare access because of economic reasons or a short term hardship.

If you do not have access to health care and meet the eligibility criteria and are found to be qualified, Access DuPage and its participating nurses, physicians and other medical professionals will try to provide you with medical services and general health care. 630-510-8720

Another option is Access Community Health Network (ACCESS). They are the DuPage areas largest free health care clinic. They provide low cost or free medical and dental care to thousands of patients per year. Patients can get access to comprehensive community-based health care for the under served who live in the region. Dial 1-866-882-2237

The DuPage Community Clinic, which can be reached at 630.682.0639, is a free healthcare clinic that provides specialty medical care to low income, medically uninsured residents of DuPage County. You must be accepted by Access DuPage (see above) to use the clinic.





Additional health care may be coordinated by the following.

  • Access DuPage (630) 510-8720 has referrals to clinics and public health care options.
  • DuPage County Health Department Community Health Services, Wheaton (630) 682-7400
  • DuPage Health Care-Medical Community Clinic in Wheaton (630) 690-0639

If these centers can help, then are other ways to get medical assistance. This includes medications, counseling, and other support services. Find how to get free healthcare.

Crisis assistance programs

The DuPage County Catholic Charities runs several assistance programs that can both help people pay bills, and also provide long term support. Call them at 630.495.8008.

  • Financial assistance - The organization provides free food; financial assistance for prescriptions; travel vouchers; rent assistance; clothing and furniture vouchers; mortgage assistance, and information and referral to other community resources as well as Illinois and federal government programs.
  • Counseling - Receive access to resources and services including case management, budgeting, debt reduction programs, independent living skills training, access to employment support, foreclosure help, money management, financial literacy training, parent training, specialized counseling, and behavioral health services.
  • Transitional housing - For those DuPage residents who need shelter, housing, or case management, this assistance program may be able to help.

Other resources include money management, Head Start, and immigration programs. Click here for a comprehensive listing of Catholic Charities assistance programs in Dupage County.

Salvation Army: Suburban Service Extension offers numerous services and programs. Access Crisis Intervention Services for help paying rent, providing free food, and other aid. Other services include Counseling Program, Senior Services, Case Management, and information on other local charities and non-profit agencies in DuPage County Illinois.

Basic needs are also met by the Salvation Army. There will be transitional housing/shelter for the homeless, free back to school supply events, hot meals, a low cost thrift store and the Angel Tree Christmas toy program among other Family services. Call (773) 275-6233. Or click more DuPage Salvation Army.




The local community action agency, Dupage County Community Services (phone (630) 407-6500) has as it goal the mission of aiding residents who are low income, the unemployed, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, people in an unexpected crisis, and those temporarily in need of financial assistance or help for paying bills. Virtually all funds offered by the agency go to direct assistance for people in need, and the money can help pay for a prescription, rent and housing costs, medical equipment, lab fees/medical bills, housing assistance, heating and utility bills, and more.

Those people who are usually receiving DSSA funds are those individuals who are often falling through the cracks in qualifying for other services and assistance programs. The funds and cash grants provided by the program also help expedite assistance and aid to those in emergency situations and a crisis. The services they offer include

  • Energy bill help - Utility bill assistance (LIHEAP), weatherization program
  • Health care - The county agency provides financial assistance for medical fees, dental fees, eyeglasses, prescriptions, eye exams and supplies
  • Rent and mortgage help - Receive access to limited financial assistance for paying rent and mortgage expenses.
  • Several other resources are offered as well, such as SNAP food stamps, TANF, and others. Get more details on public aid DuPage County.

The Quad County Urban League is yet another resource. If you are facing an eviction, foreclosure, or utility disconnection, the Emergency Assistance program offered by the agency can help qualified individuals and families pay for and satisfy their outstanding housing mortgage, rent, heating or utility bill obligation. Applicants may qualify for cash grants and financial assistance that will be payable directly to a utility company, landlord, mortgage servicer, or lender. Learn about how to get help directly from your bank or lender as well, such as Bank of America assistance programs. Call the Urban League. Phone 847-289-8701.

Vision of Restoration - This is a local non-profit organization (phone (708) 344-3774) based in Maywood Illinois. They provide a variety of programs, and can refer people who need help to local charities, federal government programs, and more. They also work with legal firms, and learn about such programs as attorney debt settlement.

Some of the services they either offer or can refer people to include prescription drugs, rental assistance, utility and heating bill assistance. They also offer career development and job training. Credit repair, budgeting, and other financial counseling is also offered. A big focus is on Youth Development, helping ex-prisoners, veterans, and other less fortunate residents. More on help from Vision of Restoration

Addison Township - Dial (630) 530-8161. The town offers general assistance and emergency assistance with paying for food, rent, heating and utility bills and medical problems.

Bloomingdale Township - Get access to general financial assistance and emergency rental assistance information and referral to County shelters, clothing to the homeless. Assistance is also available with free food, housing and rent expenses, utilities and medical expenses are also available. Call (630) 529-9993

Downers Grove Township - Call them for General Assistance or Emergency Crisis Assistance. (630) 968-0451. They offer general assistance and emergency assistance with free food, rent, utility, heating and water bills, and medical problems.





Lisle Township - Phone (630) 968-2087. This particular town administers general assistance and a free Food Pantry for eligible clients, provides rent and housing subsidies in emergencies and shelter for one or two nights in local establishments and hotels. Learn more on food assistance programs.

Milton Township - Apply for financial  and emergency assistance with paying for rent, free food,  utility and medical problems and medications. (630) 668-1616

Basic needs, such as clothing and furniture. Vouchers may be offered for the lowest income and others can acquire low priced goods.
Calvary Church - (630) 585-3231
Goodwill Store - (630) 357-6258
Northern Illinois Food Bank works with local pantries, (630) 443-6910
Dupage County Salvation Army Centers - (630) 629-4948
West Suburban Community Pantry, phone (630) 512-9921
Sharing Connection, Downers Grove (630) 971-0565
Illinois Hunger Coalition Hotline 800-359-2163
Hands and Feet Outreach, main number is (630) 832-5580
People’s Resource Center - Call (630) 682-5402

Naperville Township - Low income may be able to receive emergency assistance with free food, rent and housing costs, utilities and approved prescription medication. Read more on LIHEAP crisis program.

Wayne Township - Call (630) 231-7140. It may be possible to get general financial assistance and emergency assistance with rent expenses, utilities, food, rent, prescriptions and medical problems.

Winfield Township - Emergency assistance is available to help pay for basic needs. The applicants eligibility will be based on total household income. In addition, a homestead and senior tax exemption is offered through the Assessor's office. (630) 231-3591

Elmhurst Illinois Walk-In Ministry supports only people from that general area. Most of the assistance they administer is in the form of referrals to charities or churches such Saint Vincent de Paul. They also partner with clinics. Services may be help with car repairs, clothing, funds for heating bills or deposits, and more. Continue with assistance from Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry.

The non-profit Community Action Agency is part of the community services division. Numerous assistance programs are offered, however many of them are done by referrals. For example, staff can refer residents to homeless prevention services. This can can include emergency funds or loans for paying rent, eviction prevention advice, or funds for security deposits.

They also process applications for weatherization and LIHEAP in DuPage county. Other resources from community services includes scholarships, medical bill assistance and the Family Self-Sufficiency case management tool. Read DuPage County Community Services.

York Township - The Township has a food pantry for the low income, and provides transportation for seniors. Also general aid and assistance and emergency assistance is available to alleviate threat of eviction using the local non-profit Love, Inc. or Salvation Army funds. (630) 620-2400





Naperville Loaves and Fishes - They offer food, referrals, and more. The main focus of the charity is on meeting nutritional needs, so a food pantry, soup kitchen, and baby formula is available. Other services include  applications to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance / SNAP and LIHEAP in Illinois, computer classes, job training, free school meals and supplies, and much more. The non-profit is focused on the very low income and poor in Dupage County and Naperville. More information on Loaves and Fishes in Naperville.

Outreach Community Center - They refer the low to moderate income and the unemployed to various local charities and non-profits. Call (630) 260-7600. Services include budget and debt counseling, referrals to local agencies and non-profit, and information on medical bill programs.

Dupage County Department Of Human Services - The following towns and cities are covered. Aurora, Bartlett, Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, Hanover Park, Hinsdale, Keeneyville, Lemont, Lisle, Naperville, Ontarioville, Roselle, Warrenville, Wayne, West Chicago, Westmont, Wheaton, Willowbrook, Winfield. This non-profit charity organization assists with rental payments, can provide mortgage help, funds for utilities and security deposits. Wheaton Illinois. Dial (630) 407-6500.

DuPage Community Development Commission - Get help with paying rent, credit counseling, eviciton prevention, and other housing aid from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). (630) 407-6600

Locate Christmas and Thanksgiving programs, most of which are run by volunteers. Charities as well as churches in DuPage County provide free toys to children, offer meals or food baskets during the holidays, and even deliver goods to senior citizens. Find how families living in poverty can get gifts and other help. More on DuPage County free holiday assistance.

Churches and Love Inc. operates a clearinghouse and referral service for qualified, low income families in DuPage County. While the charity will normally link residents to nearby services, in some cases they have their own financial assistance available. Examples may be grants to pay for car repairs if it is needed for work. One time rent or energy bill help is sometimes available. Toy Express can provide free Christmas gift and holiday aid to children. More details on emergency help from Love in DuPage.

The cost of housing continues to go up in Dupage County. Both rent, mortgage, and utility costs increase, making properties un-affordable. There are a number of resources for low to moderate income residents. Find a list of housing assistance programs to apply at.

Volunteers of America (VOA Illinois) works to address housing issues, offers assistance for veterans, children, and the homeless. What is offered in the state, and DuPage County, can include affordable housing and referrals to emergency rent and security deposit programs. They operate shelters, transitional housing, and low income apartments, including for seniors. Free meals, school supplies, information on home loans programs and more is offered. Click here VOA of Illinois programs.

Employment and Career Services. Get help in locating a job in Illinois.
Community Career Center offers various services and guidance. Call (630) 961-5665
English Tutoring is available at Literacy DuPage (630) 416-6699
WorkNet DuPage,  (630) 955-2030

Emergency rental assistance from non-profits - Individuals and families in DuPage County who are faced with eviction, who need help paying first months rent or security deposits, or who need case management and advice have several non-profit organizations they can call that focus on housing issues. Find numerous regional DuPage County rent assistance programs.

Hope’s Front Door supports only a small area of the county, such as around Downers Grove, Westmont, and nearby towns. For a family facing a one time crisis, there may be emergency funds to help with a partial rent or utility bill. They also offer advice from Illinois Financial Planning Association, discounted prescription medications, and medical care. Continue with Hope Front Door.





Each and ever town and local municipality will offer some sort of support to residents that qualify. If they can’t meet your needs, then referrals may be provided. The focus is on help for utilities (LIHEAP), free food from pantries and SNAP, housing, general assistance, and transportation. The various townships in DuPage County are as follows.

  • Addison Township (630) 530-8161
  • Naperville Township - call (630) 355-2786
  • Bloomingdale Township - dial (630) 529-9993
  • Downers Grove Township, telephone (630) 719-6610
  • Lisle Township - (630) 968-2087
  • Wayne Township (630) 231-7140
  • Milton Township (630) 668-1616
  • Winfield Township - Call (630) 231-3591
  • York Township - Main phone (630) 620-2400

The population of Dupage County continues to age. Many seniors and elderly struggle to pay for burial, cremation, caskets, or funeral costs. the price can be very high and too many people lack adequate savings or insurance. the are charitable and government programs. Learn how to get assistance with funeral costs.

Housing Assistance is offered by these non-profit, and the DuPage County Community Services can provide referrals.

  • Bridge Communities run Transitional Housing programs, dial (630) 545-0610
  • Catholic Charities -  (630) 495-8008
  • Community Housing Advocacy & Development, phone (630) 456-4452
  • 360 Youth Services (630) 961-2992
  • DuPage P.A.D.S. can be reached at (630) 682-3846
  • Family Shelter Service (Domestic Violence) (630) 469-5650
  • World Relief –DuPage (630) 462-7566

Referrals, financial aid in DuPage County, and general emergency assistance may be offered by these government agencies or non-profits. All funding is limited and is only for qualified applicants.

  • For heating bill help, call LIHEAP (Heating & energy assistance) at (630) 407-6500
  • Catholic Charities, Lombard, call (630) 495-8008
  • Senior Citizens should dial 800-942-9412
  • Naperville C.A.R.E.S.,  (630) 369-0200
  • Veterans Assistance Commission of DuPage County 630-407-5655

Emergency eviction help and long term rehousing services assist tenants and the homeless. The federal government Department of HUD offers grants to non-profits. They then offer this money to provide everything from legal aid to rent help or funds for water bills. Other support is arranged too. More on DuPage County eviction and rehousing assistance.

DuPage County residents can get help from state of Illinois programs and agencies

These programs can help people in Wheaton and the greater DuPage County Illinois area.





Rent and mortgage help

Lazarus House is a charity type organization that provides several housing programs. One of the main ones is a program that is funded by grants and government funds, and the program provides rent, mortgage and heating and utility bill assistance to qualifying households. They also offer eviction prevention, homeless shelters, and counseling. Call (630) 587-2144, or read more on Lazarus House housing assistance programs.

If the agency can’t assist. there are other resources available. Of particular focus is on preventing foreclosures in the area, which can lead to homelessness. More on Illinois mortgage programs.

Free legal aid and advice

If you need access to legal help, the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights is a partnership of law firms that provide free legal advice and consultations. They focus on civil legal cases, such as fair housing, foreclosures, evictions, utility disconnections, and other similar cases. (312) 630-9744, or click here for more information on Illinois free legal programs.

Foreclosure help in DuPage County Illinois

DuPage Homeownership Center - Contact them and speak to a HUD-certified housing counselors. They will provide homeowners with services including pre-purchase and mortgage default counseling, first-time homebuyer seminars, and special mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs for low-income home buyers. They can also refer people to non-profit credit counseling agencies. In addition, AARP certified reverse mortgage counseling also available for seniors. Wheaton Illinois. (630) 260-2500

Another option is the People’s Resource Center. They focus on homeless prevention, and offer both rental and mortgage assistance programs. Anything it takes to keep people in their home or apartment is what this non-profit will focus on. More on foreclosure help DuPage County.

Employment services

Community Career Center helps people find a job. People who are seeking a job can conduct an effective and successful job search, so either land a new job, or get off the unemployment rolls. Volunteers and highly trained staff are located on site and offer a wide range of technical and practical job search assistance to those seeking work. They also offer support and encouragement to anyone who is underemployed, unemployed, or seeking a career change. In addition, volunteers provide one-on-one assistance with Career Counseling, Resume Review, Interviewing, Job Search, and Computer Skills. 630-961-5665

Free food and meals

A number of food banks and pantries operate across the region. For example, stop by the Disciples Food Pantry if you help providing for your next meal. The agency provides food, groceries, hot meals, Thanksgiving or Christmas baskets, and other nutritional programs. Learn more on government CSFP food programs. Or dial the pantry at (630)833-7262.





In addition to that location, there are number other churches, charities, and centers that can help the needy. Or click here to find information on dozens of other Dupage County free food pantries and non-profit agencies.


By Jon McNamara

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